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A product launch case by

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1 A product launch case by
Centrum Vitamintz Launch Case SPMK 4014 Sports Marketing George Brown College A product launch case by

2 Centrum Vitamintz Launch Sponsor GoodLife Fitness
GoodLife Fitness is the largest Canadian fitness organization aiming at giving every Canadian the opportunity to live a healtier, happier life and feel better about themselves through its philosophy of «caring».* GoodLife Fitness promises its members to meet people sharing their values such as the love of health, fitness and life itself by joining them.** «Caring» about people’s health and well being, GoodLife Fitness is the perfect sponsor match to launch Centrum Vitamintz which proposes to strengthen the immune system in an innovative way bringing along a fresh breath. GoodLife Fitness’ sponsorship would hit the bullseye, as our primary target market is composed of diet conscious, mostly white-collar professionals which also have families and are aspiring to live healthy, while exercising regularly and attending sports and cultural events in urban centres of various provinces. * **

3 “GoodLife Fitness healthfully asks:
Integrated Marketing Communications Theme “GoodLife Fitness healthfully asks: Did you have your Vitamintz Today?”

4 IMC Strategy : Advertising
Social media uses: Facebook groups and side bar ads, launching GoodLife Fitness’ new membership campaigns also on twitter, baring the logo of Centrum Vitamintz, Circulation of vans showing ads with HD screens on both sides around city downtowns in various provinces, during morning and evening rush hours, especially in business districts, Distribution of sample packs in sponsors’ gyms, while also offering members free towels and water bottles, with logos of the sponsor and the sponsee’s printed on, Free pack distribution near subway locations during rush hours, while offering two gym memberships for the price of one, if registration to GoodLife Fitness is completed at the giveaway booth, Creation of a survey about Vitamintz, accessible through the link at the sponsor’s web page about Vitamintz and offering a one-year free gold GoodLife Fitness membership to every 200th participant.

5 IMC Strategy : Retail Centrum Vitamintz going to be sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart, Engaged customers who follow the questions marks to be placed on the floor will reach the limited 5 pack edition of Vitamintz, and will be paying only the price of 3, while the remaining amount will be donated to The Children’s Wish Foundation*, For shoppings exceeding $150 (including 2 packs of Vitamintz), customers will be gifted a free one-month trial at GoodLife Fitness and get a 10% discount in case they decide to register for a one-year membership later on, while instantly donating 10$ to The Children’s Wish Foundation and earning 250 Optimum Bonus Points, Green bags on which are printed various photos of children realising their wish will bare GoodLife Fitness’, Centrum Vitamintz’s and Shopper Drug Mart’s logos at both bottom sides. These will be sold at the cashier for 5$ : 3$ for the charity, and 2$ for Shoppers Drug Mart. *

6 IMC Strategy : Events & PR
EVENT 1 : «You can run and you can hike» A sporting event as an urban walk (e.g. The Don River Valley in Toronto). Participants and families will be provided with free Vitamintz samples, towels, water bottles and free t-shirts with logos on during the event. At the finish, a GoodLife Fitness info and registration booth will be placed. EVENT 2 : «Take a fresh breath to wish !» A sporting and charity event in Queen’s Park. Participants and families will bring their mats and exercise outside. Children involved with the Foundation and charity’s representants will also be present. Aside the giveaways and GoodLife Fitness registrations, the booth will have a donation section. Childrens will have fun while they contribute to fundraising for making other children’s dreams achievable. EVENT 3 : « GoodLife is in a fresh Vitamintz breath!» A prize and sporting event. The lucky purchaser of Vitamintz finding a GoodLife Fitness logo under its cap will earn a one week deluxe golf holiday at Fairmont Chateau Whistler (Whistler, BC) for two with all travel expenses included.* *

7 IMC Strategy : Grassroots
GoodLife Fitness is an ideal sponsor for Centrum Vitamintz regarding the considerable primary target market intersection they have, Leveraging is mainly based on free sample giveaways, special offers of the sponsor, prizes and outstanding special events, Advertising is aiming at making a difference by not being based solely on sample giveaways or traditional advertising tools. It effectively uses social media and innovation tools through urban visual mobile ads in addition to sampling, Market entry barriers concerning store policies are broken to an extent by the question mark application and is creating a major gateway to donations, Retailer is guaranteed by various policies some minimum level of profit including raising customer loyalty, Events are targeting active individuals and their families aspiring to live healthy, and do sports in order to focus on the target market. Charity is introduced in an outdoor event to raise awareness aside collecting donations and make the day of the children involved.

8 «GoodLife Fitness healthfully asks :
Did you have your Vitamintz today?» Advertising Retail Events & PR Cause Social media uses : Facebook, Twitter.. Innovative mobile advertising vehicles Giveaways : sample Vitamintz, free towels, free water bottles, free T-shirts, Exclusive offers of GoodLife Fitness, Big prize hidden under the cap of a Vitamintz pack. Vitamintz to be sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart, «Question Mark» application aiming at breaking the store policy of Shoppers Drug Mart as a market entry barrier, Shoppings including two product and exceeding 150$ rule’s ratio : providing a guarantee of minimum profit accompanied with creating some customer loyalty, Green bags also aim at providing Shoppers Drug Mart some profit with free ad. 3 events : 2 outdoor activity and 1 sports holiday prize, Mainly planned to differentiate and include activity while keeping it «urban», Charity element is actively included in one core outdoor event, Exclusive holiday prize is indirectly a sport event for 2 persons as a golf vacation. A truly meaningful cause : The Children’s Wish Foundation, 5 pack product to be reached by question marks is the first component of donations, Another considerable in-store donation amount is due to shoppings that exceeds $150, Green bags with children’s photos target raising awareness, while offering again the retailer a guarantee.

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