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How to register for and create a fundraising page for HMEA’s 14 th Annual Independence 5K Run, and Walk, Roll & Stroll Teams DO NOT register to run and/or.

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1 How to register for and create a fundraising page for HMEA’s 14 th Annual Independence 5K Run, and Walk, Roll & Stroll Teams DO NOT register to run and/or walk. Only individual members of a team can register. Teams DO NOT have ‘fundraising pages’, only individual members of a team can establish fundraising pages First person registering to walk or run is automatically made the Team Captain. This designation can be changed if necessary. However, that first person who establishes the team during the registration process would give the team a name and that would then be the team ‘other’ team members would join. After establishing the team, s/he would then establish an “INDIVIDUAL” page…do not establish a ‘team’ page. Instruct others who will be joining your team what the team name is and ask them during the registration process to join the team. They too will have the opportunity to establish an individual fundraising page for your team. Here are a few rules to remember… READ ALL THE WAY TO THE END TO LEARN ABOUT AN EXCITING NEW INCENTIVE PLAN…

2 Go to On the right hand side of the non-profit page you’ll see HMEA’s 14 th Annual Independence 5K/Run OR HMEA’s 14 th Annual Independence 5K/Walk…select which event you and/or your team will be participating in (see screen shot below). The two events are separate, so if someone is running and someone is walking there will have to be a Team page made for each

3 Now you will see a screen that talks about the particular event, click on the “Join Now” button just under the logo (see screen shot) DON’T FORGET READ TO THE END TO LEARN ABOUT THE INCENTIVE…

4 A small block pops up that says “Register Now”. You will put the number of people you are registering in the block. (REMEMBER, if you are registering others you will need ALL their information to complete the process, as they will have their OWN fundraising page. They can however, register themselves and join your team…you’ll see how in a few minutes)

5 Once selected you will come to the registration page (see screen shot). Type in your address If you had registered and/or had a fundraising page last year once you enter your address this box will pop up. If this box shows up just put in your password and you’ll then go to sections of the registration form that need to be completed, make sure you complete the information as requested. IF you did not register or had a fundraising page just complete the Registration Form from the beginning (see the above screen shot) KEEP READING…ALMOST THERE!

6 Once you have completed the registration process hit the “Next” button. It will bring you to “Join a Team” page. IF a team already exists you simply click on that team to join. IF you do not want to join or start a team and simply want to register and/or start a fundraising page, click the “Next” button at the bottom. If you want to start a new team you click on “Would you like to start a new team?” (see screen shot below).

7 If you are the first person to register and start the team it automatically makes YOU the Team Captain, but that can be changed if necessary. In the pop up box type in your Team Name, and if you want a short description of your team. Click “Create Team”

8 After you’ve joined or started a new team, click Next. That takes you to the “Create page” screen

9 This is your Individual Page…Your page name will appear in the Page title box, and you can upload pictures or use a default picture if you choose. We have provided a “default” paragraph about the event to help get you started. You can use it or you can write your own. HOWEVER, there is a sentence (circled below) that asks you to tell YOUR story, such as why you are participating in the event, something about your program, etc. We ask that you DO write something, however as this will help people you are asking to donate understand your involvement. IF you choose not to write something PLEASE delete that sentence.

10 At the bottom or your fundraising it will ask you how much you want to raise, this is your personal goal, type the amount in the box. It also has a “Best Practice”, which is to make the first donation to your own page, this is optional. You can also opt out of creating a fundraising page. When completed click “Next”

11 You are now directed to the Donation/Payment screen(s). A $10.00 Registration fee shows up, but as staff you do not need to pay this. If you choose not to pay the fee write the word STAFF in the box below “Discount code”* and hit apply. It also asks if you want to make a donation to the nonprofit, this is optional. If you choose to make a donation complete all the required information and hit the Submit button,. A receipt will automatically be generated. Print that out for your records. *If you are setting up a registering or setting up a fundraising page for an individual we support, you would type the word “INDIVIDUAL” in the Discount Code box.

12 Once you complete this page hit the Submit button. This screen will appear. You are now Registered to Run or Walk. YOU’RE THERE…NOW IT’S TIME TO OPEN THAT PAGE… BUT FIRST SEE WHAT YOU CAN BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN!

13 IT’S INCENTIVE TIME… To help get HMEA’s 14 th Annual Independence 5K off to a rousing start we will be offering an exciting incentive for all participants who open a fundraising page for the event. The incentive prize is: A one week “TimeShare” accommodations to ANYWHERE in the world wide system (maximum point value of 11 – RESTRICTIONS APPLY) To qualify for this incentive you will need to : Open a fundraising page at This page has to be an individual page (you can belong to a team, however the “Team” fundraising total will not be eligible for the prize). and; your page to family, friends and co-workers and ask them to support your efforts to help children and adults with developmental disabilities, and; Raise $500 in donations to your page between now and April 27th, Anyone who meets the criteria listed above will have his/her name entered into a raffle to win that prize! The winner will be notified by no later than April 30th Now who doesn’t need a week’s vacation right about now?????

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