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The Royal Ontario Museum Brand Property SPMK 4014 Sports Marketing George Brown College A case by.

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1 The Royal Ontario Museum Brand Property SPMK 4014 Sports Marketing George Brown College
A case by

2 The Case Background The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) recently announced a new brand property in a press conference. In honor of ROM’s new associate sponsorship deal with the Canadian Hockey Association, the brand property will be implemented from January to March 2013. Hockey, being the transcendent myth for Canadians, ROM is proud to embrace the moments that support that myth. * Entitling the brand property as “The Eh!, B, C’s of Hockey”, the ROM will host a limited edition “Canadian hockey history exhibit”. The timing of the exhibit coincides with the core months of the NHL season and CBC broadcast of games. “The Eh!, B, C’s of Hockey” will take pride in opening its doors to invite distinguished visitors to the contemplation of «Canada’s Game»’s history glorifying the fact that it’s enough to scratch a Canadian to get a hockey story. ** * «The Meaning of Puck», Bruce Dowbiggin, p. 15. ** «The Meaning of Puck», Bruce Dowbiggin, p. 22.

3 ROM - Eh!, B, C’s of Hockey Brand Architecture
Positioning : A unique venue in Ontario striving to communicate history aiming at engaging people in admiration of history and cultural change. Promise : One and only Canadian home in Ontario striving to communicate history , culture and nature. Characteristics & Personality : Engaging, exclusive, trustworthy, illustrious, welcoming, trailing, adventurous, breathtaking, attractive and knowledgeable. Key Features & Associations : Proud Canadian and world citizen, striving to embrace curious sophisticated individuals and families at the the engaging heart of Toronto, Ontario. Target Market : Distinguished middle and hign income adults enjoying outstanding cutting edge events with and/or kids having little or no acquaintance with hockey

4 Title Sponsor for the ROM Brand Property Labatt Blue
Founded in 1847 by John Kinder Labatt, Labatt Blue is as legendary as hockey is in Canada. * Promising a clean, refreshing pilsner with a distinctive hoppy aroma, a delicate character, and a slightly sweet aftertaste, Labatt Blue genuinely reflects the unique taste and passion Canadians enjoy in hockey. ** Being present in support of hockey in history, the brand is the perfect fit to launch a welcome to hockey’s history. The # 1 selling Canadian beer in the world, Labatt Blue is as unique as hockey in the representation of the Canadian culture and lifestyle. Placing 1st in the World Beer Competition back in 1958, Labatt Blue represents the passion for success as the target market sustain in their lives. *, **

5 Brand Connections ROM Canadian Hockey Exhibit and Labatt Blue
Pride in being Canadian Creating and contemplating Canadian success Desire and passion to reflect the Canadian culture Reflecting the past, the present and the future of Canada Enjoying challenge and competition to reach out perfection Sharing a Canadian legend

6 “Cheers to our big boys in our big leagues ”

7 “Cheers to our big boys in our big leagues ”
Advertising Events & PR Retail Presence Grassroots Exhibition tickets: $25 for adults,$10 for kids Jerseys, CHA licensed pucks will be sold at the RMO Gift Shop Touch screens questioning and rewarding will question visitor’s knowledge about hockey rules while creating awareness and knowledge The visitors who take pictures of themselves in the exhibition and tweet them will receive a limited edition 6 pack Labatt Blue just by showing the saved screenshots. A red carpet launch ROM A party with the theme «Cheers to Our Big Boys » will be Harbour Sports Grille Exhibition promotions such as limited edition pucks and hockey sticks with the logo of ROM printed on Free condensed Canada Official Rules to be distributed bearing basic hockey rules. Engaging distinguished Canadian swith or without kids to a complete brew of Canadian experience Creating and raising awareness of hockey by expanding the acquaintance in terms of Canada’s game. Leveraging the Canadian history of hockey through Labatt Blue’s success as a proud Canadian. RMO website, link and RMO Journal, RMO Blogs, RMO Podcasts, RMO newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Tumblr will be the tools to be used properly, considering their various features, Print ads, local newspaper ads, Logo display on exhibition signage and way-finding signages, Special invitations to exhibition opening, Media partners :CBC, CTV and Radio-Canada.

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