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Macaroni and cheese By: Bhavish Cheese, dry macaroni, bowl, gloves, water, pot, milk, stir, pan, stove. Get your materials. Get some cheese. Pour on to.

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2 Macaroni and cheese By: Bhavish Cheese, dry macaroni, bowl, gloves, water, pot, milk, stir, pan, stove. Get your materials. Get some cheese. Pour on to the dry macaroni. Get a bowl and two gloves. Put water into the bowl. Put it in the pot. Then pour milk in. Put it on the stove. Next, put it in the pan. Last, put it in the oven. You will get it!

3 Warm Chocolaty Chocolate Chip Cookies By Devin Eggs Chocolate chips Sugar First, get all materials out. After that, crack your 2 or3 eggs in the bowl. Next, pour the sugar into the bowl and mix it. After that, throw some chocolate chips in the bowl. And then mix it. Then, set the oven for about 12 minutes. Last, take out the cookies. When they are ready. Wait until they cool down a little and then start to eat those yummy cookies.

4 Mr. Peanut’s Double Cheesy Crab Fries By Kelly Foods: Materials: Cheesebowl 3 potatoes microwave Food oil fryer Old Bay2 little cups First, set the fryer for 550 degrees. Cut the potatoes. Put the potato slices in the fryer. Next, grease the potato slices. Put Old Bay crab seasoning on the fries from the potatoes. Then, put the cheese on a plate. Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Last, let it cool. Pour the cheese into your little cups. Put the crab fries in your bowl and Enjoy!

5 The Chocolatest Donate With Aqua Sprinkles By Justin Chocolate fudge bowl Sugar spoon Eggs pan Flour oven Aqua sprinkles (optional) mixer 1.First,get all your materials. Crack the eggs. 2.Next,mix the flour in with the eggs. 3. Then mix the sugar. 4.After that, put in a pan and bake for 1-2 minute(s). 5.Last, cut a hole in the center and put the chocolate fudge with aqua sprinkles and There is your donate.

6 Warm Baked Potato Soup Daniel bowl spoon microwave Mixer potato’s Cream carrot's First you get your materials ready. Put the cream in the bowl in the microwave. Next you take the bowl and put the carrots in. Then put it in the mixer and mix it for ten minutes. Last you put in the potatoes and in joy your meal.

7 Strawberry Smoothie By Maggie 1 bag of strawberry’s Blender Water bottle Straw Ice Ice cream First, get the strawberry’s out of the refrigerator and the blender out two. Next, get the ice cream out put them in the blender. Then, start it and you have to stop it. Last, pour it into a cup and put the straw in the cup and drink it.

8 The Greatest Cupcakes In The World By: Miranda Bowl, Sugar,Batter Spoon, Milk,Eggs, Pan Cupcake holders First, get all your materials ready to go. Next, get out a bowl so you can crack open the eggs in the bowl. When you crack open the eggs don’t forget to pour the milk in. Then, mix. Put sugar and the batter in then mix. After that, pour milk in with the batter. After you pour the milk in the batter you mix them in one bowl. Then, get your electric mixer and mix again. Last, dump your batter in a pan you put it in the oven. Let it bake for about 15 or25 minutes. I love making cupcakes!

9 Ethan’s Hevenenly Monkey Bread Ingredients cinnamon flour suger butter. Utencils molding Pan cutting board oven gloves. First, get the utencils [molding pan, board and oven gloves]. Then, get the ingredients [flour cinnamon and sugar]. Next, make the batter. Then, roll it in cinnamon and butter or margarine. Last, have a good meal !!!

10 Sweet Light Delicious Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie By Bailey Two very ripe bananas 41/2 spoons of peanut butter Blender water bottle straw First, gather all of your ingredients. Put the two very ripe bananas in the blender. Next, set the blender at two for one minute. Check if there are any chunks of banana left. Then, put the peanut butter in the blender. And Then, pour the bananas and peanut butter in the Water bottle. Last, sip a smoothie of sweet.

11 Bryce Warm Crab Fries One Tbsp. Of crab seasoning. One bag of fries. Pan. Put in oven.1. get out regular fries. 2.Set oven to 3.50 degrees. 3. Put the seasoning on the table. 4. Put the fries in the fries in the oven. 5. When the oven beeps take out the fries. 6. When they cool down put the crab seasoning And you can eat. on.

12 Lushes Lemon Conga Squares By Stephanie Lemon juicebowl Flourpan Milkbeaters Butterstove or microwave Sugar Cake mix First get all your materials. After that pour the flour and the milk in the bowl. Next mix the ingredients together. Then add some lemon juice in. And add some water. Then mix some eggs in. Remember to mix well. After that add some cake mix. Make sure it’s just the right amount. Last add some sugar to it. Then mix and bake in the oven and enjoy!

13 Warm Crab Cakes By Dolores 1 Jar of crab Tbsp of mayonnaise Tbsp of Mustard. Tsp of old bay. 3 tbsp of bread crumbs 1 bowl 1 pan 2 hands to mix altogether 1.Pour the jar of crab in a bowl. 2.Pour the tbsp of moa, mustard and old bay in the bowl of crab, then mix the mixter in a electric mixer 3.Take a hand full of the mixter and roll it out into a ball and smush it and keep on smushing every hand full you take out. 4. When you’re done and have them flat, put all of them in the oven and keep them in for about 6:30 to 7:30.

14 How to make crunchy potato chips By Jeffrey Potato Fryer Knife Oven First, get your materials. Take a knife and cut the potato. Next, fry the potato in the fryer. Then, wait for the potato to get warm. You should wait for about 10 or 8minutes. Last, You take the potato chips out of the fryer and you have crunchy potato chips!

15 A Delicious A Pizza By Luke bread, cheese, pizza slicer, pepperoni, hot sauce, and sausage First, get a plate and put the round bread on top of the plate. Put the tomato sauce on the bread and the cheese too, you could put sausage. Next, you put the pepperoni on the pizza with the cheese. Then bake the pizza in the oven for a hour so it can be nice and hot While it’s cooling down put the extra cheese on the pizza. Last put on the hot sauce and eat a delicious pizza.

16 Mint chocolate Chip Ice cream By Michael Mint Chocolate chips Milk Cream Sugar Bowl Electric mixer Freezer First you mix sugar, milk and cream into a bowl. put mint in too. Next, add the chocolate chips. Stir it with an electric mixer and put it in the freezer. Then take it out of the freezer and make sure it`s cold. Last get a bowl put it in the bowl and eat.

17 The Most Colorful Noodles In The World. By Drew Here are some materials that you might need: food coloring Noodles Butter Pot Salt more food coloring First pour a half a cup of water into the pot. Let it boil for 15 minutes or 20. Next you pour the noodles in the pot. Put some food coloring in but not all of it. Take a little taste. If you think it is not done then keep on cooking. Then put a little bit more food coloring. Then it will be done. Take all the noodles out of the pot then put it in a bowl. Last clean up and enjoy.

18 Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies by Michael First you set the oven to 150. Pour the chocolate chips in the pan. Next place the pan on the oven. Watch the pan until the chocolate chips have melted. Then get out peanut butter. Mix the peanut butter with the chocolate. Freeze the mixture. Then bake the brownies. About 25 minutes later take the brownies out of the oven. After that spread the mixture on top of the brownies. And then cut yourself a brownie and get a glass of milk if you want one. Last enjoy.

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