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What are some reasonable class rules?

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1 What are some reasonable class rules?
“Mrs. Groggins” What are some reasonable class rules?

2 Create the following Graphic Organizer
Each of you will have one square in which to respond. Save the middle square for your group response.

3 What are some realistic class rules?
Individually, write class rules that are important to you in your square. (5 minutes) Example: Raise your hand to speak. With your small group, discuss your rules and check the ones that you and your group mates have in common. (5 minutes) In the middle square of your graphic organizer, write the rule that you all agree is the most important. (2 minutes) Select one group member to write that rule on the front board. As a whole class, share these rules.

4 What Does an active listener look like?
Discuss the expectations of active listening. Listen carefully as I read “Mrs. Groggins” aloud. What is the difference between Mrs. Groggins’ expectations and the rules that we discussed as a class? Be ready to discuss these differences. Mrs. Groggins’ Rule Our Expectations

5 “Mrs. Groggins” Imagine having Mrs. Groggins as your teacher this year. How would you feel?

6 “Mrs. Groggins” homework…due tomorrow
Read “Mrs. Groggins” and circle the words that you do not know. If a word is in bold print, write its definition and part of speech in the margin of the story. If you can find context clues, underline them. If the affix (prefix, root, or suffix) of the word helped you understand its meaning, circle the part of the word that was helpful. Complete the vocabulary word chart after you read. Do the prediction column only. Example: unendurable un = not endure = means “lasting” able = means “able to be” and makes a word an adjective Therefore, you can predict that unendurable means “not being able to last or be tolerated.” 3. Be prepared to discuss the vocabulary and to answer questions tomorrow.

7 Vocabulary Review… “Mrs. Groggins”
Bold Print Words Possible Meaning Based on illustrations, Background Knowledge, Context Clues, or Affixes Puckered A closed, wrinkled, tense looking mouth (adj) Think of sour. Brittle Easily damaged; easily broken (adj) Think of peanut brittle. Menacing Annoying or threatening (adj) Think of Dennis the Menace. Unendurable Not bearable or tolerable (adj) I used affixes for this word. Ruthless No pity or cruel (adj) Context clues – gaze and frightened. Stunned Shocked or amazed (adj) Think of a stun gun; it would shock you! Maniacal Raving or crazy (adj) A maniac is a person who acts insanely. Diabolical Wicked or devilish (adj) Context clues – intimidation/raked nails hysterical Uncontrolled emotions (adj) Context clues – helpless/shrieking frantically hideous Very ugly; frightful to the eyes (adj) Context clues- nightmare; I also used my background knowledge.

8 Vote With Your Feet… “mrs. Groggins”
What day was described in the story as “the worst day of the year”? The last day of school The first day of school The day of the school’s Halloween party The last day of summer vacation.

9 b. The first day of school

10 Vote with your feet… “Mrs. Groggins”
How did the children know that Mrs. Groggins wanted their attention? She yelled at the top of her lungs. She asked the students to “Give Me Five.” She raked her fingernails across the blackboard. She quit her job.

11 She raked her fingernails across
the blackboard.

12 Vote With Your Feet … “Mrs. Groggins”
Which adjective best describes the way the children felt when it was time for recess? Confused Disappointed Exhausted Relieved

13 d. relieved

14 Vote With Your Feet… “Mrs. Groggins”
Which sentence from the text shows that Mrs. Groggins felt great relief after she wrote her letter of resignation? a. Then drawing her robe tightly around her sticklike body, she nearly danced up the stairs, jumped into bed, rolled in the covers, and dropped into a deep and peaceful sleep. “Silence!” she wailed. “I require silence!” But if anything, the decibel level in the room increased. The first prickling of hysterical tears stung her eyes. She began to sway on her narrow feet, certain that her head was about to explode… She sealed the letter in an envelope, stamped it, and dropped it into the mailbox on her front porch.

15 Then drawing her robe tightly around her sticklike body, she nearly danced up the stairs, jumped into bed, rolled in the covers, and dropped into a deep and peaceful sleep. Please return silently to your assigned seat; “Vote with Your Feet” has commenced.

16 Citing Text Evidence…You must do this!
Did you notice in the last question that we proved that Mrs. Groggins was very happy about her decision to retire by using a quote from the text? This year, you must prove your answers by either citing the text directly, by paraphrasing it, or by summarizing it. We could say, “Mrs. Groggins was happy that she had resigned from her teaching position because she ‘nearly danced up the stairs, jumped into bed, rolled up in the covers, and dropped into a deep and peaceful slumber.’” (Direct Quotation/Citation) or Because Mrs. Groggins had shown frustration in her classroom dream yet almost danced upstairs into a peaceful slumber after writing her resignation letter, the reader knows that she was happy with her decision to resign. (Summarizing and Inferring)

17 Now You try… Cite the text to answer questions
How do we know that Mrs. Groggins did not like the looks of her new class? Explain what the students did to bring about Mrs. Groggins’ retirement? How do we know that Mrs. Groggins was angry with her students? Some might say that Mrs. Groggins was lazy. What actions can you find to support this claim? Rephrase the question in your text cited response.

18 Mrs. Groggins’ creed Here is all you must know to succeed in my school. I have only one simple, unbreakable rule: (I hope you’re all listening, especially you boys!) Be quiet. Be silent. Don’t make ANY noise. You will zipper your lip from September to June. Don’t whisper a word or hum a small tune. Don’t rustle. Don’t wiggle. Don’t let your chair squeak. If you laugh, you’ll be put on detention all week. You will stifle each sniffle and cancel each cough. If you feel a burp coming, you must choke it right off! So eliminate giggles, forget about snuffling. Finger-tapping’s forbidden and so is foot-shuffling. Don’t move and don’t talk, and don’t think about sneezing. In fact … I’d prefer that you even stop breathing!

19 “Mrs. Autrey’s Creed” Here is what you must know to succeed in my class, There is no need for fear, so sit back and relax. Now listen up girls; put away combs and gel, And, boys, wear deodorant; we don’t want you to smell. When you enter my room, you should silence your phones; Get after your bell work – on this work alone. Then jot down assignments and know the day’s goal, And please pay attention, for learning’s your role. Assignments are due the next day – that’s a rule; Not doing your homework is simply not cool! We’ll work as a whole class, individual, and group; Feel free to ask questions; you’ll need the whole scoop. When I need your full silence, I’ll hold up my hand, And begin to count backwards – it’s an easy command. We’ll work bell to bell, for being lazy’s a crime; No packing up early; let’s wisely use time. So enter with joy – I’m delighted you’re here. 6th Grade is a magical, wonderful year!

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