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Welcome to Stanley Elementary 2014-2015. Kindergarten Team.

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1 Welcome to Stanley Elementary 2014-2015


3 Kindergarten Team

4 Dismiss to Rooms



7 Terri Goodlett Attendance Clerk/Registrar Office Times: 7:55a.m. – 3:55p.m. Monday – Friday Office: 281-234-1405 Fax: 281-644-1865 Email:

8 Registration April 8, 2014 9-11a.m. OR 1-3p.m. What do you need to bring? Registration packet and required documentation You may also complete the online registration at Click on the parents tab – then registration

9 Requirements for Katy ISD Registration Child must reside in Katy ISD If attending Stanley Elementary, you must live with in the Stanley attendance zone. Child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2014

10 Documents needed for Registration Child’s birth certificate (original copy with watermark or seal) Child’s social security card Child’s immunization records Photo ID of parent registering the child Proof of residence (current gas, water, or electric bill; HUD statement; or contract and pre-approval letter from your lending firm with an approved Katy ISD student transfer request

11 Registration forms located online at Each registration packet includes: Documents necessary to complete enrollment process Parent/guardian/adult initiation of enrollment process Enrollment card Home language survey Texas ethnicity and race questionnaire Student residency questionnaire Employment survey Request for food allergy information General student questionnaire

12 Enrollment Card

13 Home Language Survey BOX #4: If your child has never been in a public school, the entry date to a U.S. school would be 08/25/2014 (their 1 st day of school)

14 Attendance Always notify the front office if your child is absent 281-234-1400 Report child’s name, teacher, grade, and reason for absence. If you do not call, please send a note the following day

15 Excused vs. Unexcused FEA regulations Compulsory Attendance When your child is leaving early, always send a note with date, time, and who is picking the child up. Tardies: Students need to be in class and seated by 8:20a.m. Absences

16 Front Office Ladies Mrs. Revay, Principal’s Secretary Mrs. Waterman, Textbook Clerk Mrs. Goodlett, ADA – Registrar Mrs. Brehm, Financial Clerk Mrs. Nannini, Receptionist

17 Damita Proffitt, R.N., B.S.N. and Theresa Gambrell, clinic aide

18 Damita Proffitt, R.N., B.S.N. Office: 281-234-1425 Fax: 281-644-1866 Email:

19 Immunization Requirements


21 IMMUNIZATIONS AND HEALTH CONDITIONS FOR KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP We are governed by state mandated requirements regarding immunizations, not district rules. By law, students are to be as up to date medically feasible with complete shot records or current exemptions. If a student has a health condition that I need to know about, please see me prior to the first day of the school year to have things ready.

22 Welcome to the Stanley Stampede!

23 KINDERGARTEN Round-Up Spring 2014

24 What every parent wants to know… READINESS: Cognitive Social Emotional Physical Parental

25 What do most kids know? Most kids can… Recite full name. Write first name. Identify most letter names and sounds. Identify basic shapes. Identify the basic colors. Count to 20. Identify numbers 1-10.

26 Cognitive Readiness Shows an interest in books and learning. Colors and “writes”. Interested in numbers and counting.

27 Social Readiness Can share toys. Can play with a variety of friends. Can follow simple directions. Can take turns. Can share adult attention.

28 Emotional Readiness Can separate from mom and dad for 7 hours. Can function without a nap. Can communicate needs appropriately.

29 Physical Readiness Can hold and use a pencil or crayon. Can cut straight lines. Can use restroom independently. Can put on shoes and coats without help.

30 Parental Readiness Can leave child at door without emotional breakdown. Can live without child for 7 hours a day. Can endure peace and quiet for 7 hours.

31 A Typical Day in Kindergarten Kindergarten is a fun, busy, learning filled day! Expect your kids to be happy, well educated, and a bit tired from all of their learning!

32 Calendar Time About 30 minutes Calendar Math Counting to 100 Ordinal Numbers Even/ Odd Numbers Identifying Patterns Songs and Fingerplays

33 Large Group Language Arts About 45 minutes “Read Aloud” Introduction of concepts through literature Integrated with Science/Social Studies

34 Small Group Guided Reading 15 minute Rotations through Literacy work stations which includes a small group time with the teacher Grouping to meet needs at each child’s level Practice with phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, decoding Reading and comprehension

35 Recess 30 minutes every day of physical activity outside on playground.

36 Lunch 30 minutes each day Children get own trays Prepay is encouraged Guest table available

37 Writing Interactive writing Writing mini lessons Independent journaling

38 Math Whole group lessons Small group activities Hands-on with manipulatives Games

39 Developmental Centers 30 minutes each afternoon Time to practice social skills, motor skills, creativity Dramatic play, blocks, art,puzzles/games, discovery, computer

40 Snack Time Children bring a snack and water bottle from home each day. All snacks must be ready to eat. No refrigeration or heating of snacks provided. Your child’s teacher will give guidelines for the types of snacks at the beginning of the year. 10 minutes daily Peanut restricted campus

41 Specials 50 minutes daily Art Music Physical Education Digital Art Rotating schedule

42 Transportation Teachers supervise children during dismissal. Please try to keep the mode of transportation consistent day to day. Children get stressed when it changes!

43 Is your child school bus ready? Knows first and last name, home address and emergency contact number Knows parents first and last name Can your child remember this rule, “If unsure of his/her bus stop, tell the bus driver and do not leave the bus.”

44 The First Day of School As it nears: –Talk about going to school in positive terms. –Encourage your child to ask questions and share their feelings with you. –Begin bedtime routines several days in advance. –Reinforce healthy habits such as hand washing. –Read “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn On the big day: –Arrive on time, but not too early. –Leave cheerfully. Don’t linger. –Keep a positive attitude. If you look forward to the first day of school, your child probably will too.

45 Parent Questionnaire Please return with your registration papers.

46 We are looking forward to learning, having fun & making memories with your children!

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