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Getting Ready for Kindergarten Everett Public Schools 2015.

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1 Getting Ready for Kindergarten Everett Public Schools 2015

2 Welcome to

3 A Day in Kindergarten

4 Arrive at School How do children get to school? o Walk o Parents drive o Bus for some areas

5 Beginning of the Day Put coat & backpack away in personal cubby or locker Beginning of the day routine Breakfast program available

6 Welcome Time

7 Welcome Time Concept Development Information about the day Read aloud Modeled writing

8 Welcome Time Songs & Finger plays

9 Math Numbers Counting objects Patterns Forming groups Shapes Measurements & graphs Solving problems

10 Literacy: Oral Language Listening and understanding Expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas Learning and using new words Retelling familiar stories Taking turns in classroom conversations

11 Literacy: Learning how stories work Telling about a memory that includes: What happened Who was there Where did it happen How did you feel What did you say

12 Literacy: Beginning to Write Telling and drawing one’s own stories Sounding out and writing letters and words Using writing in a variety of ways - Labels - Children’s stories - Lists - Journals

13 Literacy: Beginning to Read Read aloud Teacher modeled reading Small group reading instruction Letters, sounds, rhyming, and beginning sight words Center activities

14 Science Learning about living and non-living things Asking questions Making observations Using tools to solve problems 3 units per year - Balls & Ramps - Wood & Paper - Animals 2x2

15 Social Studies Social skills Understanding emotions Working in a group Classroom & school community

16 Social Skills Following routines Sharing and helping others Recognizing feelings Interacting with more children and adults Managing self in a classroom and other parts of a school Taking on challenging tasks

17 Recess & Outdoor Play Physical activity Time to play with other children Learning to cooperate, take turns and solve problems

18 Technology in the Classroom Supporting development of math, reading and writing Developing beginning computer skills Imagine Learning English for students learning English

19 Specialists Music

20 Specialists Library

21 Specialists Lessons with the Counselor

22 Specialists Physical Education (PE)

23 Your School Main OfficeHealth Room Cafeteria

24 Food at School Breakfast available before school Lunch for Full-Day Kindergarten Snacks vary by school & teacher Know Student ID number to go through food line Free or Reduced Lunch applications available in September

25 Self-Help Skills Independently use the bathroom Zip & button coat Blow own nose Put on and take off backpack Clean up small spills Put away materials Ask for help Wash hands

26 Supporting Your Child’s Success

27 Family Involvement Reading with your child daily Sharing family stories Helping with class projects/work Family events Parent-Teacher Conferences Volunteering PTA

28 Important Things to Remember Being at school on time, every day is important Children learn new things each day Important information and skills are taught throughout the entire day All children start school at different skill levels

29 Important Things to Remember You know your child best. If they are too sick to attend school please keep them home Check your school’s guidelines

30 Before the First Day… Review the “Kindergarten Readiness Guidelines” to see what you and your child can work together on over the summer Choose a few things to do each day Repeat the same items until your child can do them easily and feels successful Make it fun!

31 Before the First Day… Develop a home routine Help your child learn their personal information and how to care for him/herself Get supplies ready and labeled (see list for your school) Visit the school playground over the summer Practice drop off and pick up

32 Visit the district Early Learning website

33 Additional Support If you have concerns about your child’s development or readiness for kindergarten, please contact: Your School Principal Special Services o 425-385-5250 Early Learning Curriculum Specialist, Lynn Lahey o 425-385-4089

34 Spread the word about Kindergarten Registration is happening now It is important to register in the spring Tell your neighbors, family & friends Final information on classes in August

35 Questions? Check with your school’s principal

36 What is WaKIDS? The Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills is a process for: ● Welcoming students and their families to kindergarten ● Assessing students’ strengths ● Engaging the state in a conversation about the characteristics of children’s development and learning that will enable them to be successful in school WaKIDS is a partnership supported by state, federal and private funding


38  Cedar Wood  Emerson  Garfield  Hawthorne  Jackson  James Monroe  Lowell What elementary schools are participating in WaKIDS? Full-day kindergarten programs at:  Madison  Mill Creek  Silver Lake  View Ridge  Whittier  Woodside

39 The first 3 days of school have been set aside for teachers to meet individually with each child and family. Children and family members are invited to a special one-on-one with a kindergarten teacher during one of the first three days when other students have begun school. The appointment will be scheduled in advance. Family meetings will be held at your student’s school. How will WaKIDS students’ first day of kindergarten be different?


41 When will school start in the fall? Family connection meetings are held during the first three days of school. Your family will be scheduled on one of these three days. The first full day of kindergarten for all WaKIDS students will be the following Monday. When is my appointment? Your school will inquire about times that will work best for you. This information will be used to schedule your family connection meeting with your child’s teacher. Questions and Answers

42 Where can I get more information about WaKIDS? Visit to learn more.

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