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1 Quarterbacks

2 “Every quarterback can throw a ball; every running back can run; every receiver is fast; but that mental toughness that you talk about translates into competitiveness.” -Tom Brady

3 Leadership 1. Goal of the QB: Make 1st downs! 2. It’s not about you. You must buy into every aspect of the team! Do more than just throw in the off- season. Work with centers on snaps and running backs with exchanges. 3. Play with great passion 4. Time is not on your side. Each play averages 60 seconds. 60 plays per game. 10 games. Total of 1 hour to show what you can do. Prepare for that 1 hour with passion. 5. Earn the respect of your teammates. Be approachable and helpful. Take care of your offensive line.

4 Warm-up (“Ignition”) Drills
1. Soft Toss High Release Drill 2. Last 6 inches Drill (extend up and out at target, nose of ball up and to the right) Under the Chin Drill (extend up and out at target, nose of ball up and to the right) Small Circle Elbow Drill Chicken wing I 3 Move Drill (zero, through, finish) 7. 4 Move Drill 8. Full Circle Elbow Drill 9. Push-Pull Drill High Release Knee Drill (extend, reach for ground in front) Chris Rix discusses QB warm-up Quarterback Drills - The Secret to Avoiding Sore Arms

5 Stance, cadence, and center exchange
a. Feet shoulder with apart-less wasted motion, quicker b. Weight on balls of feet c. Slightly pigeon toed- weight forward automatically, sets pivot, can’t false step, center has less access to feet. When staggering the stance with one foot slightly back, the toes are still turned in (ensures no false steps) d. Back straight. 45 degree angles between back, legs and knees. If the QB is in a good stance, he can swing his arms and they will slightly touch knees. e. Head up and on a swivel f. Cadence loud and commanding g. Left thumb in right thumb slot (receive middle of ball) h. Pressure on center with bottom hand Drop hips 6 inches on “Go”-helps keep hands under center and puts QB in better position

6 Mechanics Throwing Mechanics
1. Nose must be slightly up at release because the ball will fly in an arc. 2. Throw down 18” hallway (throw in right 9, step in left 9) Grip 1. Pinky must slide into slot, not cross laces 2. Ring Finger over laces 3. Middle Finger off laces 4. All four fingers in complete contact with ball (even spread of fingers) 5. Index finger top knuckle line over long axis stitch line 6. Thumb should make line with middle and index finger Wrist 1. A curled wrist position weakens the finger grip and drops the nose of the ball. 2. A “cocked” wrist position lengthens the wrist snap and increases the spin 3. A “cocked” wrist reduces ball movement and loads the ball for strong release out to the target. 4. A “cocked” wrist brings the nose of the ball up to the proper release point. Pre-Pass position 1. Position ball off back shoulder 2. Make sure front of ball stays lower than back of ball when cocking wrist. 3. Point top of ball at right trap 4. Left hand firmly on ball pushing ball back Elbow 1. The lead elbow must be above the shoulder line to lead the throw. 2. Right elbow must be open and off body in pre-pass position. 3. Both elbows are level below ball and ball is pushed off back shoulder. 4. Ball off body. 5. Elbow should break imaginary plan of glass extended out in front of chest. 6. Lead elbow and shoulder point out to target. 7. Lead elbow breaks plane of glass behind in throw Follow through 1. Extend out to target finishing to the inside of the left leg 2. Keep front arm bent when turning to throw

7 Drills Thumb, Wrist, Elbow 1. Chair Drill a. Sit in chair against wall
b. Extend arm out at target, cock wrist, bring ball back and lay flat against wall Pass ball extending out to target following through and down Same drill standing with feet parallel. Extend arm, cock wrist, lay the ball back to a natural elbow lead position 45 degrees off shoulder. Extend up and out to receiver and at the highest point, turn the wrist over, rolling fingers off ball keeping nose up. *shoot at basketball hoop 3. Finger roll drill Release Drills 1. High Release Knee Drill a. Kneel right knee down and left knee pointing at target. b. Start by extending ball arm to ground with nose of ball on ground c. Raise throwing arm high above the shoulder and at the highest point with the wrist still cocked rotate shoulders 90 degrees so the lead shoulder points at the target (the ball will turn away automatically with a cocked wrist) d. Once you make the turn to throw, collapse elbow sharply to lead position, extend top receiver holding cocked wrist until the last second e. Follow through and touch ground 2. Stationary Feet Drill a. Feet parallel b. Good pre-pass position c. Concentrate on elevating the elbow above the shoulder and extending down to the inside of the left leg

8 Finishing the Throw 1. Open hips fully to target line when making throw 2. Step slightly off target line Drills 1. Target line drill (with tennis balls) 2. Basketball hoop drill

9 Tricep Extension (The key to release power and control!)
Self-Correct Elbow Drop Forearm orbits Wrist Curls Ball Goes Low 2. Wrist Fires Too Early Ball wobbles and/or sails over target Zero Position -45 degree up, out, and forward of the level shoulder-to-shoulder line at rest -On the turn, the elbow must “outrun” the shoulder turn by 6” as it elevates above it. A quick release depends on how fast elbow can get to zero. -The move to zero position occurs on the turn, not before the turn. The first move is with the abs/core. Tricep Extension (The key to release power and control!)

10 Extension Drills Wrist Accuracy Drill - (receiver point to specific eye) extend wrist to target Vertical Extension Drill – Throw ball up and try to have ball land on face Last 6 inches drill – start the ball out past the elbow and don’t let it drop back. Fire tricep then wrist Under the chin drill – Ball starts under right half of jaw straight above elbow. As the ball extends with the wrist cocked keep the nose up through the release. AIM FOR FOREHEAD OF RECEIVER! When you roll the fingers, fire the index and middle fingers together. Drop Extend Drill – Begin same as last 6 inches drill. Drop ball by ear, not behind shoulder.


12 “Elevate”/”Extend” Release Timing Drills: Combining Power and Quickness -The “collapse” puts the ball gliding by the ear on the throw. This is “throwing the ball from the ear”. 1. High Release Knee Drill -elbow collapses with forward driving of chest into throw. Elbow Circle Drills -Short circle elbow drill: Stand with back against wall. Keep wrist cocked as you rotate. Pick elbow up sideways and drop ball to ear. The timing is ELBOW/TRICEP/WRIST. Wait for the elbow to get back under the wrist before the tricep fires to extend the arm. Up and out to target -Full circle elbow drill: Begin with football pulled into the shoulder (back of ball points at shoulder at 45 degrees with chest) and wrist cocked. Use the abs to turn shoulder closed to the target on each circle back and the elbow will elevate easier. While making circle maintain “V” on arm. Elevate elbow above shoulder line. Keep good rhythm.

13 Body: Advanced concepts for feel, consistency and control
“TURN” The Core: Abdominal explosion for transition, elevation, and extension. *The front elbow must clear around body fully and control power transfer from the legs to the upper body & tricep. “DRIVE” The Legs: Lower body acceleration for transition, elevation and extension. *Drive with a sense of “up”.

14 *Step in “left 9” of 18 inch hallway, throw in the “right 9”.
Drop Footwork and Drills: Advanced concepts for feel, consistency and control. Footwork Foundations: Target Hallway, Weight Transfer and Stride Control *Step in “left 9” of 18 inch hallway, throw in the “right 9”. RESPECT THE MIDLINE! -Weight Transfer The Hinge 2. Stride Control – It begins with the heels. Keep the heels up. Must land on ball of foot when striding.

15 Drops and Drills: Footwork Mechanics and Control
1. Sliding 1-step drop (left): Start in regular stance. Slide right foot behind left foot and throw to left 2. Sliding 1-step drop (right): Start in regular stance, lift and turn right foot and set target line, work on ball of right foot 3. 1 step drop for depth (left): first step right foot back, heel stays off ground in transition 4. 1 step drop for depth (right): first step right foot back (quick hop), heel stays off ground in transition. Don’t sweep lead leg across midline step drop (left): strong left foot step first, plant the right foot heel up, hinge and drive. Can replace 1 step drop step drop (right): strong left foot step first, swing right leg around firmly to form back of hallway, keep heels up and hinge, don’t start throw until weight is headed in direction of throw. Don’t sweep lead leg across midline step drop (left) a. 1st step: deep, seat ball just off back shoulder, wrist cocked b. 2nd step: pull heel through, don’t let lead shoulder close, keep chin on shoulder c. 3rd step: short, underneath body, heel stays up and set hallway. Step in “left 9” of 18 inch hallway, throw in the “right 9” step drop (right) b. 2nd step: close toe to allow front shoulder to close to target hallway 9. 5 step drop (without shuffle)-GET TO A DEPTH OF 6 TO 7 YARDS -push hard and deep for 3 strong steps -4th and 5th steps like last 2 steps in a 3 step drop step drop (with shuffle)- GET TO A DEPTH OF 6 TO 7 YARDS -same first 4 steps -big 5th step set target hallway before shuffle step drop (with shuffle)- GET TO A DEPTH OF ABOUT 8.5 YARDS -Get 5 reasonably deep quick steps to get drop started -last 2 steps like last 2 in a 5 step drop

16 Chad Pennington discusses the 3-step drop
Chad Pennington discusses the 5-step drop

17 Shotgun Footwork -receive snap low with left foot slightly in front of right, hands up 1. Sliding 1-step drop (left) from gun 2. Sliding 1-step drop (right) from gun 3. 3 step drop becomes 2 step drop in gun 4. 5 step drop becomes 3 step drop in gun (shuffle and no shuffle) “Any quarterback that understands what the offense is really about is going to succeed.” -Joe Montana

18 Locating Throws on Routes 5 step drop out with no shuffle (10 yards)
ACCURACY Locating Throws on Routes -On all hitch routes the aiming point is the face 3 step Slant route 1. Short stride to target 2. Step to where receiver is going to be, not where he is 3. Keep heels off ground 4. Aim for the upfield shoulder of the receiver, it is the leading edge of the target hallway 2-step fade (from 10 yard line in) 1. Receiver go vertical on route as much as possible, let ball fade him to corner 2. Relatively high entry angle 3-step fade (in open field) 1. Throw the ball above 45 degree apex 2. When hitting 3rd step, drop back shoulder slightly elevating lead shoulder Fade vs. Cover 2 1. Ball on line yards Quick out 1. Step outside hallway to hit target 2. Aiming point is outside hip, allowing receiver to easily run after catch 5 step drop out with no shuffle (10 yards) 5 step drop curl route with shuffle- WR catch ball at 12 yards 1. Keep his down and back straight 2. Aim for face 5 step cross 1. Keep knees bent so to not drop into throw 2. Aim for the upfield shoulder of the receiver, it is the leading edge of the target hallway Post Corner 1. Shotgun (3 steps with shuffle) 2. Cover 2 – throw to outside, taking receiver towards the sideline (medium trajectory) 3. Cover 1 or 3 – Throw on angle of receiver’s route up the field (high trajectory)

19 Throwing Drills and Self-Correcting Common Throwing Errors
Rope Extension Drill 1. Rope should be at shoulder height of QB Quick Release Quick Hands Drill 1. For QB and WR 2. QB throws from high release knee drill position, ball as high as possible 3. WR 10 yards from QB, hands down, move up when comfortable Ball Angle Wall Drill 1. Develop nose up concept 2. Start 5 yards from wall 3. Place trashcan 1 yard from wall and 1 yard to the left of target hallway Goal Post Touch Drill 1. Receiver should stand as close to the back of the crossbar as possible and the arc of the throw should be as flat as the QB can make it 2. Come as close as possible to the crossbar without hitting it. 3. Keep eyes on receiver while extending over crossbar.

20 Throwing Drills and Self-Correcting Common Throwing Errors (cont.)
Goal Post Hallway Drill 1. Work both sides of goalpost 2. Work on throws of different heights 3. Make hallway tighter as you go, always keeping eyes on target Goal Post Grid Drill 1. Throw routes over/under goal post Tennis Ball Focus Drill 1. 5 step drop 2. Coach 1 hops ball to QB making QB move with quick feet to catch ball and throw back to coach Rush Avoidance Drill 1. Teaches QB to not over react to rush Shuffle Clap Drill 1. Take drop, keep feet live, throw ball when receiver claps hands

21 Throwing Drills and Self-Correcting Common Throwing Errors (cont.)
Rapid Feet Drill - Play catch with live feet Offset Drill - Hash to hash about 15 yards apart Line Drop Drill - Drop about 15 yards driving right foot down the line. - Work ball pit to pit. Soccer Goal Drill (Throwing Over the Defensive Line) -Throw routes over soccer goal 2-Man Matrix Cover Call Drill

22 Common throwing errors
1. Throwing off back foot (tell QB to elevate elbow over shoulder) 2. Balls sails over target (wrist fires early) Ball into ground (dropped elbow) * Wrist cocked position allows ball to turn back properly *In pocket, be tall from the hips up, but keep knees bent *Ball must be off back shoulder so that the wrist is in a good position to cock, slightly lift back shoulder

23 Seating the ball a. After getting snap, seat the ball in belly parallel to ground (nose of ball pointing at belly) b. Elbows in c. Get head around before first step hits the ground (faster than shoulder turn) Ball Handling a. Squeeze drop drill b. Basketball ball handling drills (around head, around back, figure 8 through legs, etc.)

24 Inside Running Game Fundamentals (Handoff, Play Action, Sprint Draw, Bootleg)
Handoff 1. Aim for ball at bottom of number 2. Hand off with 2 hands , getting hands deep into pocket 3. Pull stomach side hand to hip flexor 4. Head watches running back’s back after exchange 5. Soft hand off. Absorb impact with hand off arm. 6. Snap head on handoff making sure the running back has secured the ball. Play Action (Sprint Draw/ISO) 1. After fake (same look as handoff), bring ball to hip flexor, laces down, with 3 points of contact: hand, forearm, hip flexor 2. Play action is successful only if previous fakes are carried out. Play Action (Bootleg/Counter/ Zone) 1. Waggle-After sweep fake but ball on opposite hip flexor so backside LB can’t see the ball.

25 Toss Sweep - Seat ball in belly - Pivot off playside foot
- Pull backside foot through in straight line (don’t make a big circle, turn around quickly) - Backside foot must be ahead of where the back is - After pivot, drop ball straight down and let hips ride with the pitch up and out to the aiming point of the running back’s far shoulder - Take one follow step with playside foot - Crossover and boot away “If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a quarterback who thinks playing quarterback is just about passing.” -Bill Parcells

26 Sprint Out Mechanics -Elbow has to get to zero and wrist must extend out to target -When sprinting extend body up (roll the shoulder carriage back) and get feet underneath you (shorten steps/accelerate feet) before throw. -QB should stay on the balls of his feet. If his heels touch, weight transfer stops and elbow support to zero is cut off. -When throwing on move, drive throwing elbow back before throw to help rotate upper body. -Get to depth of 8 yards on sprint outs.

27 Sprint out drills 1. Wrong foot forward a. Put right foot forward
b. Push right elbow back c. roll over right foot on throw and land on left 2. Forward and back (2 QB’s) -10 to 15 yards apart 3. Circle Drill Receiver in middle. QB runs around circle with 15 yard radius and throws to WR in center. Run at receiver (come off circle) before every throw. 4. Line Drill a. 15 yards apart 2 lines b. Receiver accelerates down line in front of QB. Stop after catch and allow other receiver to move in front. c. QB runs down line then runs downhill at receiver before throwing. d. Sideline to sideline

28 Ohio State quarterbacks run through footwork drills
USC quarterbacks run through footwork drills Ohio State quarterbacks run through footwork drills

29 Jump rope demonstrations
Basic Jump Rope Training (Building Rhythm, Speed, Agility, and Mental Toughness) 1. Speed Jumps 2. Shift weight from right to left (both feet hitting ground together) 3. One leg jumps (30 seconds each leg) 4. Jumping jacks / Scissor kicks (front and back) 5. Jump Rope and run in place (get knees up!) 6. Jump Rope and run (get knees up!) Combine all moves Double Jumps Jump rope demonstrations

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