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U9 and U10 Fundamentals Worthington Select Baseball.

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1 U9 and U10 Fundamentals Worthington Select Baseball

2 Receiving a throw: Set up Starting position: - Shoulders square to target - Feet shoulder width apart - Knees bent - “Thumbs Up ”

3 Receiving Throw: Step 2 “ Two hands”: throwing hand on thumb of glove Small step to the ball: Catch the ball between feet

4 Prepare to throw: Gripping the Ball Pointer and middle fingers are on top off the ball Thumb is under the ball, the ball is resting on the interior side of the thumb. The ring and pinky fingers are curled, on the side a the ball.

5 Throwing Technique Throwing-side foot parallel to target Long step with glove-hand foot directly towards target Point glove-side elbow at target as the throwing arm moves back and up - ball is “away from target” meaning the ball is turned away from the target so the fingers are between the ball and target - Legs, stomach, and butt muscles are loaded and ready to release You are now ready to explode towards the target

6 Throwing Technique Continued The accuracy and power of the throw is increased thru proper form and using the entire body, not just the arm Step 1: glove-side elbow pulls down which rotates shoulders and starts the back shoulder towards target. This action will cock and rotate the wrist so the ball is toward the target. start to exhale as the elbow pulls down

7 Throwing Technique Continued Finish the throw As the shoulders rotate and the arm starts toward the target, keep the two throwing fingers “behind the ball” Reach out towards the target, snap the wrist downward, spinning the ball backwards. Bend at the waist, and continue to let your weight move directly towards the target; not to the side. Staying behind the ball and keeping weight moving directly at target greatly improves accuracy

8 “Finishing” the throw Accuracy depends on it Reach out to the target as if you were going to wipe your two fingers off o the target Pull the two fingers down, spinning the ball backwards with the finger tips Wrist should end up down with thumb pointed downward

9 Ground Ball Technique Getting started: “sit” in “Ready Position” as the pitch is released Preparing for each pitch: As the pitcher starts his motion, all infielders take two short steps, throwing side foot first, glove-side foot is last to hit ground,(“Boom, Boom”) and “sit” into the Ready Position. “Ready Position” - Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with weight on balls of the feet. - Knees are bent, thighs are parallel with the ground.(“Zs in the knees”) - Back is upright, arms extended towards the plate with “thumbs down”, back of the glove should be on the dirt.

10 Infield “Ready Position”

11 Ground Ball Technique Attack and read the ball, don’t wait “Don’t get surprised”, expect the ball is being hit to you every pitch. When ball is hit, attack it; don’t wait on the ball to get to you. Setting up: - “Boom, Boom” into ready position, feet and shoulders are square with the ball.(Glove-side foot can be slightly forward; shoulders must not slant) - Field the ball between shoulders, glove inside glove-side foot - Chest is out, butt is knee high, chin is down

12 Ground Ball Technique

13 Fly Ball Technique Fly ball set up is very similar to receiving a throw Set up: - Shoulders square to target - Feet shoulder width part - Knees bent - Always keep feet moving, even when you are under ball. (Tiny chops) Making the Catch: - “Two Hands”, throwing hand on outside of the glove thumb. - Catch ball between feet, glove over glove-side shoulder. Take small step with glove-side foot as you make the catch.

14 Hitting Fundamentals Getting in the box: Get a routine, get set the same way every pitch*. Set up: - Hands near back shoulder and in tight to body - Knees bent, back straight; don’t bend over the plate - Head and eyes are level * Ensure back foot is pointing straight across or slightly turned in towards the plate. The back foot cannot be pointed towards he catcher.

15 Set up

16 Hitting: “Get started” Start every pitch the same way, expect it to hit every pitch and lay off bad ones As the pitcher starts toward you, take a small step forward, keeping your weight back. Keeping your shoulders in line with the mound, start your twist by “squishing the bug” (rotating on the toes of the back foot) Hands are still in tight and near back shoulders. You are now in the “launch position”

17 “Launch Position”

18 Approach to the ball: Launch position thru contact Once you recognize the pitch and commit to swing: Hips are the first thing to go - fire back hip at the ball, this will start to rotate the shoulders which brings the hands forward. - the weight is rotated forward; the back hip leads this. The weight does not slide forward. Hands are in tight and always “inside the ball”; hands go straight out to the ball, reaching full extension on contact. Top hand stays on top of the ball throughout approach. Accelerate the bat thru contact; do not stop swing on contact.

19 Swing and follow thru Legs, butt, stomach, and hands are tight on contact

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