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December 2009 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic. Practice Guidelines Establish your rules for practice: Whistle Blows Everything Stops and People Are Quiet.

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1 December 2009 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic

2 Practice Guidelines Establish your rules for practice: Whistle Blows Everything Stops and People Are Quiet Move Quickly from Drill-to-Drill Have a Practice Plan All Drills Should Be Timed to Keep Practice Moving Break Practice Up 1 st Half Usually Drill Oriented 2 nd Half Usually Strategy: Offense/Defense Emphasize Key Points During Drills If it is not a passing drill that doesn’t mean players should not concentrate and be corrected on passing technique. Cones or Painters Tape on the Floor Help Players Understand Certain Spots or Drills to Follow Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals Dribble, Pass, Shoot, Defend The above four elements should be touched on during every practice

3 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Dribbling -Technique Position of Hand: Finger Pads NOT Tips Dribble: Push the Ball Don’t Slap Dribble Height: Between Top of Knee and Waist Dribble Position: Slightly in Front Of and Outside Pinky Toe Dribble Wrist: Relaxed Not Rigid Dribbling – DRILLS Stationary: 4 Lines – 3 players per line Each Player has a ball 5 quick dribble right into triple threat position. Blow whistle 5 quick dribble left into triple threat position. Advanced: Same drill with each player blindfolded with bandana Advanced: Same drill, but 5 dribble to cross-over to 5 dribbles and then triple threat. Advanced: Same drill then from triple threat add ball pressure movement: Hip, Shoulder, Ear, Over, Sweep

4 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Dribbling – DRILLS Movement: 4 Lines – 3 players Per Line 1 Ball Per Line 2 Times per Player Relay Full Court Down with strong hand/back with weak Suicide Cross-Over Suicide Between the Legs Movement: 4 Lines – 3 players Per Line 2 Balls with 1 st Person in Each Line Full Court Down Forward Back Backward

5 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Passing – Technique Hand Position: Thumbs up with ball against chest Chest Pass: Child steps forward and pushes ball from chest and aims for receivers chest Finish Hand Position: Arms extended and thumbs pointing down. Same process for bounce pass, but kids should aim for a spot halfway between themselves and their teammate. Passing – DRILLS Stationary One row of 6 opposite another row of six Simple back and forth chest pass and bounce pass Drop the ball and pair runs a quick sprint Note: Don’t forget to emphasize how to receive the ball and get into triple threat position.

6 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Passing – DRILLS Movement 3 Player Weave 3 Player Weave Tight Passing within Offense Pass to the Cutter One line under basket One line foul-line extended Player under basket dribbles to foul-line – jump stops – pivots and passes to wing cutter for lay-up (Bounce Pass) Pass to the Post One line on opposite block One line between foul line extended and baseline Player on block flashes across post Passing line gives strong bounce pass to post for drop step lay-up

7 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Jump Stop – Pivot Drill *** 4 lines on baseline, 3 players deep One ball with first person in line Dribble to foul line – jump stop – pivot – strong chest pass to next person in line – run behind pass Emphasis on: Pivot foot staying on ground Proper passing technique Note: Recommend this drill being done everyday at any level. Jump Stop – Catch – Pivot to Lay-Up Two lines One at base line with 6 players (shooting line) One line outside top of key to right of elbow w/ ball Base line player runs to elbow, jump stops, receives pass, pivots and drives for lay-up Passer goes to shooting line, shooter gets own rebound and goes to passer Same drill right and left side and with jump shot

8 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Shooting – Technique Priority #1 is hand position on the ball: Not in the palm Resting on the finger pads Guide hand on the side just along for the ride High finish – Shoot to the ceiling Basic drill for younger kids – Present the ball Ball resting in proper position in shooting hand Child rotates ball and shoots to air – Younger Kids Child rotates ball and shoots to basket from short range – Older Kids For lay-ups all children should be instructed to use the backboard Right hand lay-up dribble with the right shoot with strong hand Left hand lay-up dribble with the left – shoot with strong hand Emphasis is to make the basket

9 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Shooting Drills Jump Stop to Lay-Up (See Previous Page) Jump Stop to Jump Shot (See Previous Page) 3 Minute Shooting 3 players to basket – two balls 1 shooter 2 rebounders Player gets ball on right baseline and goes back-and-forth from baseline to elbow receiving pass and shooting: 1 Minute on Right Side 1 Minute at Top of Key 1 Minute on Left Side Around the World 11 players each with a ball line-up around the perimeter 1 shooter with no ball receives a pass from each spot on the floor and shoots Passer rebounds Shooter goes around the world and back and keeps track of how many shots are made in 1 minute Speed Lay-Up Straight In Across the Lane

10 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Shooting Drills – Situational Pick and Roll Two Lines 1 at foul line extended right with ball 1 at foul line extended left Coach at elbow Player sets screen on coach Player with ball dribbles off screen 1 st Run Through – Screener Opens to Ball, Gets Pass, Makes Lay-up 2 nd Run Through – Screen Opens to Ball, But Dribbler Takes Jump Shot Pass to the Cutter Two Lines 1 at Base Line 1 at Right Wing Extended Coach at Top Of Key with Ball Baseline Player Flashes to High Post Coach Passes Flasher Ball Post Player Catches and Pivots As Post Player Catches Pass, Wing Player Cuts to Basket Post Player Passes Cutter for Lay-Up

11 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Shooting Drills – Situational Catch and Shoot/12 Point Drill Two Lines: 1 on Right Wing 1 on Left Wing – Two Basketballs Right wing flashes to center of lane Left wing passes to flasher Right wing catches, pivots and shoots Same Drill Can Be Done Two Dribbles and Shoot Cross-Over to Lay-Up Post Moves: Two Lines: 1 line on weak side block 1 line between strong side block and elbow Player flashes to just above block oCatches bounce pass Up-and-under Drop Step and Power Dribble

12 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Defending – Technique Feet shoulder width apart Butt low – like an infielder for ground ball Palms up Slide Technique Feet do not cross Kick heels together

13 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Defensive Drills One-on-One Man-to-Man: Zig Zag Partner players up as pairs according to position and ability. One player is on offense with the ball, second player is on defense without the ball Offensive Player is going to Zig-Zag between the side line and the outer lane line of the foul line and defensive player is going to defend Offensive player changes direction at foul line, half- court, far foul line Players switch offense to defense on way back on opposite side of floor Drill Keys: First pass through at moderate speed No stealing - ** No reaching - ** Second pass through players go live after half-court oStill staying on the 3 rd of court Defensive Slide – Close-Out-Slide-Strip

14 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Shell Drill - ***** Two Person One offense and one defensive player on right side One offense and one defensive player on left side Positioned just outside the elbow Coach is in the middle of the floor Coach Starts with ball Defensive players start in proper defensive position guarding their opponent in the “one-pass- away” position Coach Passes Ball to Wing Defender of ball gets up and plays the ball Off-ball defender jumps to the ball in help position oFocus on basket line Pass around the perimeter a few times and then switch offense to defense Advanced: Show how to hedge on a screen or exchange Show how trail player rides the hip on the screen

15 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Shell Drill - ***** Four Person Same Principles as two person, but you add the post players Post defense is played three quarters on ballside post Above when ball is above foul line Below when ball is below Weakside post player is in middle of lane on basket line when ball is two passes away Advanced: Can work on doubling the post with offside post defender Advanced Work on hedging Work on help and recover Add Close-Out/Box-Out 4-on-4-on-4

16 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Close-Out/Box-Out Three Lines Under Basket 1 in Middle with Ball 2 outside the foul line on right and left side Three Players On Perimeter 1 at Top of Key 1 at each Elbow Player in the middle line on baseline throws pass to one of the players on the perimeter All three baseline players close-out to defend the shot Player who receives pass catches and shoots After shot is up, defenders turn and box If defense gets the ball offense runs a sprint, if offense gets the rebound defense runs a sprint Advanced: Offense can swing the ball on perimeter to make defense move Offense can dribble penetrate to make defense move

17 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Additional Drills 3-on-2/2-on-1 – Straight Offensive player in the middle always gets back Emphasize wing cutting angles! 3-on-3 Fastbreak Side Line Break Rebounder Outlet Wing Ahead Run Straight Lay-Up Run Hit the Trailer 120 in 4 Make 120 lay-ups in 4 minutes

18 Morris Plains Coaches Clinic Offensive Sets Teach players to pass and screen AWAY vs. passing and setting ball screens Ball screens should only be a component of a set play Basic Motion Offenses – Against Man 5-man motion 4 Out/1 In 3 Out/2 In

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