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Virtual Early College High School Presidio Independent School District Dennis McEntire and Guadalupe Singh The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

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1 Virtual Early College High School Presidio Independent School District Dennis McEntire and Guadalupe Singh The University of Texas of the Permian Basin Dan Keast and David Watts National Conference on early College High School

2 The Challenge West Texas – Size of Georgia – Vast distances: 230 miles from Presidio to Odessa – Changing demographics Small population: 400,000 Majority Mexican-American districts English as second language Low socio-economic characteristics combined with oil boom. – School districts that underperform Texas – College-going rate underperforms Texas


4 The Early College High School: Remote High Schools Need Not Apply In the past, the ECHS had to be on the post- secondary institution campus or a school within a school or the entire high school near a college campus. – Requires proximity so ECHS students can experience the higher education institution; – College faculty need to be able to commute to the ECHS.

5 Rural Texas 1,265 districts in Texas; 448 are rural (35%). 33 (19 rural) districts in Region 18; 12 (3 rural) in Region 19. Dual credit and Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). ECHS is more than dual credit.

6 Texas Institutions of Higher Education Region 18 l District Midland/Odessa Presidio

7 Online Education U.S. Dept of Education meta-analysis found online instruction more effective than face to face and less effective than blended. Online education is thought to not be effective for young people. Our experience is that high school students can focus and concentrate better with online. Who do you turn to for help with smart phone or computer?

8 Presidio ISD Vision Four Tier Program Options Early College High School Dual Credit base Four Year IHE Partner All TSTEM Pathways available Goal: Diploma and Associates Degree, Designated College Major Early Career and Certification High School Dual Credit and Blended Base Two Year IHE Partner TSTEM Pathways Career Specific Goal: Diploma and Industry Certification, Possible Post Secondary and/or industry training

9 Vision (cont.) General Studies Traditional Class Base High School Stand Alone All TSTEM Pathways Available Goal: High School Diploma and possible post secondary continuation Credit Recovery and Adult Diploma Program All available resources Primary program is self paced computer courses with support Some traditional classes and blended format classes Goal: Diploma or GED

10 The Presidio Early College High School Begin As Freshmen in High School Preparation Begins in the 8 th grade with ACT testing and College writing. TSI Compliant or working on it. All students are eligible; must sign a contract with parents. Key elements are no absence, no tardy, no work accepted late and no discipline issues once in the program, complete parent involvement. All Dual Credit Course are on-line with Presidio Support. Course articulation created by UTPB/Presidio Collaboration. No cost to student Dual Credit Students Meet in Multiple classes each day with staff support Daily Monitoring first two years Before and after school support School within a school format All core courses taken with ECHS designated faculty Dedicated Administration and parent involvement staff

11 PISD/UTPB PARTNERSHIP: WHAT WE DO. Freshmen take one university course per semester online. Freshmen are coached by both UTPB and PISD. – English composition team – Trips to Presidio and weekend workshops at UTPB University instructors are aware of and responsive to differences in the two academic calendars. – E.g., No pass no play

12 What We Do: Summer and Other Bridges Introduction to the university campus Application and testing Faculty and Advising Campus housing and food service

13 What We Do PISD faculty professional development at UTPB UTPB faculty travel to Presidio – Biology faculty – Composition faculty – Dr. Keast: Music course

14 What We Do: Budget, Travel and Staff Presidio Budget Fourth poorest school in Texas 98% Free and reduced lunch 64% true poverty level 74% ELL The budget must be no more than what it would cost to educate mainstream high school students. Must be allocated from existing budget. ECHS population divided by high school total population equals percentage ECHS of the HS population. That percentage of the total high school budget becomes the ECHS budget on a yearly basis. (including Extra curricular, technology, staff, support services) Example: Total High School population: 400 students ECHS Population: 100 Students (25%) High School Budget 2.0 Million ECHS Budget: $500,000.00 The difference is the cost per course and books. this can be offset by a reduction in staff needs over time.

15 Travel Three one day trips per semester for registration, counseling and faculty conferences Two one day trips per semester for extracurricular involvement Three week long summer bridge trips for extension instruction, internships and college experiences. Existing staff and Trained Parents travel with the students minimizing staff costs. The cost of these trips is roughly equal to a high school basketball game trip. (possibly a little cheaper due to the use of parent trip sponsors) Mileage the same, fuel and vehicle the same, food the same, staff cheaper)

16 Presidio ISD Staff Principal Parent Liaison/Secretary Three core teachers (One of them a lead teacher) Two Paraprofessionals (course support) All other faculty and staff are shared with the regular high school

17 Meadows Foundation: Budget, Travel and Staff Meadows Foundation of Dallas, TX provides start-up support. Contributes to travel and staff.

18 Outcome Measures Beginning student numbers Graduating student numbers Number of courses completed Percentage passing rate/completion rate Percentage post secondary begin/completion Number of trips per year Cost per student

19 Hub and Spoke Model UTPB as hub reaching out to remote districts – Presidio- 230 miles – Andrews- 40 miles – Rankin- 67 miles – Balmorhea- 119 miles – Marfa- 176 miles – Terlingua- 232 miles

20 How It Works Blackboard as LMS Train student early on course navigation 5+ face to face visits HS freshmen vs. university freshmen Join us for Jazz, Pop and Rock

21 Contact Dennis McEntire, Superintendent, Presidio ISD Guadalupe Singh, Associate Superintendent, PISD Dan Keast, Associate Professor and Head of Music Program, UT Permian Basin David Watts, President UT Permian Basin

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