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Oxford Schools Early College WHERE THE GLOBOE IS OUR CAMPUS.

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1 Oxford Schools Early College WHERE THE GLOBOE IS OUR CAMPUS

2 Introduction Andrew Hulbert Director Mark Suckley Counselor Katherine Caron Registrar

3 Overview Structure Benefits High School Options College Options Application Process Q & A

4 Structure Five-Year high school Oxford Virtual Academy Oxford High School Up to 60 college credits Rochester College (Partnership) Macomb Community College (Enhanced Dual Option) OSEC OVAOHS Rochester College MCC

5 High School Graduation RequirementCredits Mathematics4 Language Arts4 Science3 Social Studies3 World Language2 Physical Education.5 Health.5 Visual and Performing Arts1 Capstone Project1 Strategies for Academic Success.5 ACT Preparation.5 Remaining Electives4 Total24



8 Benefits High School diploma 60 college credits Continued support Counselor Mentor Teacher College Readiness Curriculum Minimal cost OSEC covers: Tuition Fees Books

9 OSEC Graduates apply to colleges and universities as incoming freshmen This makes them eligible for all freshman scholarships Note: Each college and university transfers college credits case by case Benefits

10 Preparing for College Courses Online Learning Academic Success Preparation for Colligate Studies Global Connections Project Capstone Project

11 High School Options May take all high school classes at OHS May take all high school classes virtually May blend the two May change from year by year and/or semester by semester

12 High School Benefits Athletics No Pay-to-Play Clubs Extra-curricular Activities Dances Etc.

13 College Credits Students must meet qualifying test scores set by the State Students must meet eligibility criteria set by OSEC and the college Up to 60 Credits 6 Credits 2 nd year 9 Credits 3 rd year 15 Credits 4 th year 30 Credits 5 th year

14 College Options

15 Rochester College Private college in Rochester Hills Both traditional campus and online formats Partner Scholarship $7,500 per full-time academic year (Resident) $3750 per full-time academic year (Commuter)

16 MCC Agreement as an enhanced dual enrollment option. Nearly 200 degree and certificate programs See for more.

17 The Application Application form Questionnaire Affirmation Statements Student written essay Transcripts & test scores Three Recommendations Two by a teacher, administrator, or counselor One by a community member (non-relative) Due June 1st

18 Application Process Applications are available: Today at the information table Online at

19 Selection Committee will meet Possible interview with student Students will be informed by mid-June Enroll with Oxford Community Schools Summer Seminar in late August Application Process

20 Questions and Answers

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