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College and Career Ready? Bringing a University to a Rural Campus College and Career Ready? Ava High School Ava R-I Public Schools.

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1 College and Career Ready? Bringing a University to a Rural Campus College and Career Ready? Ava High School Ava R-I Public Schools

2 Ava, MO Demographics Rural town in Southwest Missouri 2,993 town residents 13,684 county residents Only K-12 public school 3 feeder schools (K-8) Plainview, Skyline, Thornfield Buses travel 1,234 miles/day

3 Ava High School Demographics

4 Dual Credit Courses Taken

5 MSIP 5 Data - Standard 3.5 & 3.6: The district provides adequate postsecondary preparation for all students.

6 Our Program Seated and On-line courses Seated classes meet with professor 2 times/week – rest is on-line Online classes will meet daily to work on their assignments via Blackboard. Can be accessed from home All online courses are taught by qualified high school teachers and/or professors.

7 Learning Lab 1 teacher – 4 periods/day Study Hall-type atmosphere Computer Lab Owned by Drury University Ava Campus Used in the evening by DU Ava students as well

8 Cost Comparison Ava High Dual Credit Price $80 per credit hour $5 technology fee per credit hour Books Provided at No Cost Example costs: 1 class per semester $273 2 classes per semester $513 Average Tuition & Fees in Missouri for Two-Year Schools $2,983 (In-district only) SOURCE: The College Board, Annual Survey of Colleges Average Tuition & Fees in Missouri for Four-Year Publics $8,093 (In-state Only) *Over the five years from 2008-09 to 2013- 14, percentage increases in public four- year in-state tuition and fees ranged averaged 5% in Missouri. Average Tuition & Fees in Missouri for Four-Year Privates $25,664 *Privates usually do not charge out-of- state tuition

9 Making It Work Take advantage of proximity to Drury branch campus and its resources Collaborative and relational approach to working with districts

10 Making It Work Specific training for dual credit adjunct instructors Some opportunities to provide instruction from doctoral prepared and/or tenured faculty Use of online medium to help fill in gaps due to lack of credentialed faculty in certain subjects Work with districts to develop customized approach

11 Seated/Blended Classes Offered Seated / Blended Fall 2014 MATH 109 : College Algebra Meet with instructor 1 day per week – online the rest CHEM 103 + Lab: Fundamentals of Chemistry Spring 2015 BIOL 102 + Lab : General Biology Meet with instructor 2 days per week – online the rest

12 Online Classes Offered Math 109: College Algebra ENGL 150 : Composition ENGL 207 : Expository Writing PSYC 101 : Introduction to Psychology PSYC 230 : Lifespan Development PLSC 101 : Government and Politics in the U.S.

13 Online Courses Continued LDST 101/PDEV 289 : Foundation of Leadership Studies HIST 101 : United States History to 1865 HIST 102 : United States History 1865 to Present HIST 107 : World History to 1500 HIST 108 : World History 1500 to Present RELG 109: Intro to Religion CRIM 102: Intro to Criminology – NEW!

14 How does this credit count? Nearly all college degrees require: 124 Credit Hours for Bachelors 62 Credit Hours for Associates 2 English courses 1 Math course 1 Science/Biology course 1 American Government course 1 Psychology course Additionally, you will have the choice of various elective credit in the following areas Humanities and Fine Arts (History, English) Math and Science Social Sciences (Leadership, Psychology, Government)

15 Transferability All courses taken at Drury University will transfer to an accredited university or college after you graduate from high school. Drury carries accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission which is an accrediting body of universities and colleges in the Midwest region of the United States. You must receive at least a C or better to transfer credit from Drury University to another institution. Always check with the registrar’s office to ensure that credit will be received for classes you are taking through dual credit at the college you wish to attend.

16 Past Student Success Since the introduction of the Drury Dual Credit courses to Ava High several students have attained 26 credit hours before graduating from high school. That means they have already completed two semesters of college coursework and will enter college nearly as sophomores. These students are still eligible for Freshman scholarships and will drastically lower student loan debt as a result of taking classes in high school at highly discounted prices.

17 Student Perceptions

18 Thank you for attending! Any questions?

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