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Metro Tech High School An Academic Magnet School 1900 W. Thomas Road Phoenix, Arizona 85003.

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1 Metro Tech High School An Academic Magnet School 1900 W. Thomas Road Phoenix, Arizona 85003

2 Metro Tech History: 1945:West High School Mission: High School Graduation 1979:Phoenix Vocational Academic Center Mission: Vocational Training 1985: Metro Tech Vocational Institute of Phoenix Mission: Vocational Training 1999:Metro Tech High School Mission: College and Career Readiness

3 Who is Metro Tech? ● 1450 Full-Time, All Day Students ● 1070 CTE Dual Students (20 CTE Programs) ● 89% of our Students Qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch ● 75% of our Second Language Learners

4 Who is Metro Tech? ● Attendance Rate: 95.2% ● Annual Dropout Rate:.6% ● Four year Grad Rate: 88.2% ● Students with no Serious Discipline: 99.3%

5 Who is Metro Tech? AIMS 10 th gradeMathReadingWriting ARIZONA608070 PUHSD496854 Metro Tech608563 AIMS 2012 Spring, 10 th Grade

6 Today, our mission is to prepare our students for success in college, career, and life. Metro Tech is an early adopter of the Move On When Ready Initiative

7 What is it? Arizona SB 1451 introduced and signed into law during the 2011 legislative session. Twelve participating schools in Arizona Four participating states under NCEE support Offers qualified students multiple pathways at end of sophomore year (GCD) Designed to increase college-readiness for all Move On When Ready

8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Lower Division Board Examination Systems (different providers available; complete instructional systems) Designed for all students Students continue in Lower Division and retake the Board Exams in grade 11 and 12 if not initially passed Grand Canyon High School Diploma Students can qualify for this performance-based diploma as early as the end of grade 10 Upper Division Board Examination Systems 2 yr Open Admission Institutions Arizona Community Colleges Full-Time Career and Technical Education Study Leading to Industry Certification The Arizona Move On When Ready Strategy in Practice College and Career Ready Options already available to students Board Examination Systems are complete instructional systems designed for all students that comprise a core academic program; systems include syllabi, instructional materials, exams aligned to the curriculum, and teacher professional development.

9 This year we have our first cohort of students eligible for the Grand Canyon Diploma Next year we hope to provide this opportunity to all incoming freshman students

10 How is Metro Tech becoming a truly college preparatory school? 1.Students are expected to achieve high academic standards in a college preparatory curriculum At Metro Tech all students are measured by the ACT test college- readiness assessment at Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years all students are provided the ACT QC curriculum in all core subjects

11 How is Metro Tech becoming a college preparatory school? 2. The school staff is collectively committed to students’ college goals At Metro Tech our staff believes in their responsibility to prepare every student for college, not just those in honors or AP classes all students plot their 4 + 4 plan (ECAP) that becomes a part of their academic portfolio

12 How is Metro Tech becoming a college preparatory school? 3. College is a visual reality At Metro Tech all freshmen spend a day on the ASU campus where they can build or support their vision of the college experience all students see staff wear college t-shirts once a month and they hear college fight songs as sprint bells

13 How is Metro Tech becoming a college preparatory school? 4. Informal and formal communication networks promote and support college expectations At Metro Tech our Writing Center tutoring center is staffed by ASU education majors our parents are invited to participate in the American Dream Academy and our College Parents Council

14 How is Metro Tech becoming a college preparatory school? How are we doing? We started aligning our curriculum to the ACT standards and aiming for ACT results rather than AIMS results two years ago. Since then we have increased the percentage of students who are “college-ready” for math by 12% and for English by 15% as measured by the ACT test: from 2009 -2011 % of students meeting benchmark in math (10% to 22%) % of students meeting benchmark in English (15% to 30%)

15 We recognize that the high school experience is more than just an academic one. We emphasize the social and emotional skills as well. We have added Advisory Classes this year We continue to add new sports programs

16 Metro Tech is a Community where √ Students feel challenged √ Students feel safe √ Students feel valued √ Students feel on-track for success in college, career and life

17 How to reach us: Principal: Kate McDonald (senior grade level) mcdonald@phoenixunion.org602-764-8009 Assistant Principal: Evie Pletenik (freshman grade level) pletenik@phoenixunion.orgpletenik@phoenixunion.org602-764-8004 Assistant Principal: Dennis Gregory (sophomore grade level) dgregory@phoenixunion.orgdgregory@phoenixunion.org602-764-8006 Assistant Principal: Martha Sheffield (junior grade level) sheffiled@phoenixunion.orgsheffiled@phoenixunion.org602-764-8011 Dean of Students: Nikki Powell 602-764-8010

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