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SEO Career Program Overview of Interview Process Elisa Ramos.

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1 SEO Career Program Overview of Interview Process Elisa Ramos

2 SEO Interview Overview Interview Scheduling System Preparation What we look for Tips for Interviewing Agenda 1

3 Phone Screen by invitation only (20 minutes) In-person interview by invitation only (30 minutes) Location: Several major cities Interviewees must arrange and pay for travel and lodging Critical behavior interview & case question Staff, alumni, partner representatives For certain programs there will be a follow-up Interview Overview 2 The interview is most important part of the process!

4  Interview Scheduling System New Appointment – “Click Here” – Choose a new username and password (different from phone screen) when you register Changes/Cancellations – Log In 3 New

5 Interview Scheduling System  Choose a location, choose Find First, select a date/time, register  Changes /Cancellations 4 Spyglass for address details

6 Rescheduling  Go into Time Trade:  Choose my appointments  Cancel/old appt.  Select a new appointment  If the day of: email  Emergencies only 5


8 What To Wear Dress Business formal Conservative colors Light vs. colors Shirts (blue or white) Suits (black or navy blue) Use what you have that conforms these standards 7

9 What To Bring What to bring Photo ID - College or State Resume Pen and paper Recommendation and Official transcript Bring to interview Fax: (646) 402-6693 Mail: 55 Exchange Place, Suite 601, NYC 10005 8


11 The Ideal Candidate Ability Grasps concepts quickly Professional, academic or extracurricular experiences Willingness Drive to understand the industry, roles and responsibilities Demonstrated passion for the business (current events) Fit Positive, professional demeanor Commitment to community service 10 Would you hire you?

12 Tips For Interviewing 11

13 Case Studies Identify problems Analytical skills Problem-solving process Mental calculation ability Ability 12

14 Ability Academics – Relevant coursework and grades Extracurricular activities – Leadership/key responsibilities – Relevant activities Past Work Experiences – How did you add value? – What did you learn? – How do the skills increase your candidacy? 13

15 Willingness  Know the type of personality needed in the program area and be able to discuss how you meet the personality characteristics  Read vault guides,  Contact SEO Alums  If possible, talk to industry professionals  Think about previous experiences in your life that will convey these characteristics 14

16 Know your story Why you want to do the job Know your resume and incorporate details into answers to demonstrate abilities Demonstrate passion Program interest and how it relates to you Transferrable skills from past jobs Personal preferences and how it aligns with jobs Fit 15

17 Fit Be knowledgeable of the Markets Read (WSJ, NY Times Dealbook, Barrons,, Economist, blogs) Be able to articulate financial market trends Express opinion 16

18 Fit  Demonstrate a passion for the markets  Conduct trading simulations  Virtual Stock exchange (  Develop views on stories you are following  Ex. Where do you think gold will be by this time next year and why?  Ex. What is your outlook for unemployment over the next 2 years and why?  Views should demonstrate that are actively reading 17

19 Tips For Interview Be relaxed Approach the interview with a plan Make eye contact Be conversational and make a connection with interviewers Be enthusiastic Use voice inflections Have questions 18

20 Understanding of SEO Research SEO website Contact SEO alums Thorough understanding of Program Interests SEO webinars Contact SEO Alums Research Partner Websites HOW TO PREPARE 19

21 Fit Professional demeanor Ability to communicate in a professional Professional etiquette Ability to communicate with diverse people Examples of dealing with different types of personalities Teamwork examples Ability to resolve differences in order to accomplish goals HOW TO PREPARE 20

22 HOW TO PREPARE 2 types of bad Too Much information – Do not monopolize the conversation Be brief and concise Incomplete – not enough information to make any conclusions about you Hi, I am interested in investment banking 21

23 Good Luck!

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