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Purpose of an Scholarship Interview Workshop

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1 Purpose of an Scholarship Interview Workshop
To prepare students on how to present themselves effectively and in a professional manner during an interview and allow them to practice with their peers

2 Voices of Experience Who are you? What type of students were you?
What type of scholarships and aid packets we got How?

3 3 Types of Interviews

4 One on One Interview The most common interview format.
Traditionally conducted by a direct supervisor.  The interviewer may be directly following a clear agenda, or relying on you to lead the discussion as you answer open-ended questions.

5 Panel Interview A panel interview is conducted by two or more interviewers and is designed to reduce individual interviewer bias. One member of the panel may ask all of the questions or individual panel member may take turns.   Popular with Scholarship interviews

6 Group Interview A group interview is when several candidates for a position are interviewed simultaneously.  Offer employers a sense of your leadership potential and style, and provide a glimpse of what you may actually be like as an employee and how you would fit into the team.

7 Do’s and Don’ts DO Don’t
Don’t think so fashionable, think more conservative DON'T Let Your Clothes Be a Distraction DON'T Pile on the Labels and the Flash NO Jeans of any kind Don't: Check the time or appear in a hurry Do not Swear or use slang words Wear too much perfume or makeup DO Be over than under dressed Research the organization Prepare for A Good Handshake or a good greeting Prepare a List of Questions Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your interview Be Yourself Send a thank you card/ after your interview

8 Attire

9 Some Topics of Discussion
Motivation Commitment Passion and spark! Initiative Ability to work with people Willingness to take responsibility Be articulate Be well informed Sell yourself strongly but not obnoxiously Conclude graciously

10 TIPS RESEARCH the company/org Be EARLY FIRM handshake Eye contact with
EVERYONE Be Enthusiastic (SMILE) No UM’s, LIKE’s or “YOU KNOW” Be SPECIFIC (Tell a story, make them laugh!) Ask QUESTIONS Be CONFIDENT Give a CONCLUDING STATEMENT OF APPRETIATION (even if its just a thank you)

11 Sample Questions Tell us a little bit about your self ?
This question is often used as an ice-breaker Don’t restate your resume, they already know that Don’t be generic. The best answer is when you have told them something that only you can say and is unique to you Don’t just mention your credentials Talk about your hobbies, interests outside the classroom. Paint a picture of the day in the life of you. What makes you an ideal candidate for our scholarship? Mentions skills you have and use your resume to back them up. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Its ok to say you don’t know, but emphasize why investing in you is worth it

12 Why did you select Mason?
Buzz words include location, diversity, degrees, faculty, but think of something unique to you! Why should we consider you for our program? Who inspires you? For many it is your parents because they work hard, but be specific! Tell them examples, stories, descriptions, moments of when they were inspirational to you Give us an example of a time you overcame adversity Details, details, details! Its story time not one sentence! Focus more on the outcome, how you grew from it, and how you overcame it

13 Be Yourself. Break the ice
Be Yourself! Break the ice! Smile, laugh, and be engaging even if on the inside you feel like….

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