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Searching for Music in Cardcat

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2 Searching for Music in Cardcat




6  Access Course Reserves  Place Holds/Recalls  Renew library items  You do NOT have to log in just to search cardcat!


8 There are few variations amongst editions


10 Books usually have one format: BOOK!

11 Score: Miniature Score: Set of Parts And each format has its own keywords for searching

12 One Author One Title Unique Contents One or Two Subjects

13 Two Titles! Title Page Title Uniform Title Two “Authors!” The composer The arranger or editor A special size


15 trauermusik

16 What???? but…


18 The uniform title for Mozart’s Mass in C happens to use the term “Trauermusik!”

19 Title of the piece: Trauermusik Composer: Hindemith Solo instrument: Viola Arrangement with Piano? No!



22 This one is the score



25 There are lots of possible “authors”  Composer  Librettist  Conductor  Orchestra  Chorus  Soloist  Accompanist  Author of Liner notes

26 This CD has over 70 “authors!”


28 Lots of titles! The title on the cover The titles of all the pieces Alternate titles & translations Titles of sections or movements Series titles Uniform title! (of course!)

29 Lots of publication information: Recording label (the “publisher”) Label number Recording date Release date Reissue date(s) Reissue number(s) Timings

30  Combine search terms using Boolean commands  Use “compact” as a keyword  Titles are searchable from “Contents” or Added Author areas as title or keywords  Use “Find on page” to verify the piece is on the disc (Ctrl + F, or Edit  Find)

31 There could be many recording dates There are many titles that may also appear on other CDs The performer is the “author.”


33 Author Title of the Opera Title of the Aria

34 But our CD comes up in the list of CDs with this aria

35 The title could found be in two places in the cataloging record other than “title” or “uniform title” The piece only runs about eight it won’t take up a whole Compact disk Contents (track listing) Added Author-Title lines

36 For this recording, the uniform title is “Orchestra Music. Selections” and the title says “Viola Concertos”

37 trauermusik and hindemith and compact Trauermusik and viola and compact

38 Click on “Details” to verify the piece is on the CD


40 Concerto for ViolinSymphony No. 3Symphony No 3, Op. 55Symphony in E-Flat MajorString Quartet Op. 16 no. 1Mass

41  By nickname  By number within the genre  By opus number  By key  In another language  In a group  In an unrelated title!  “Eroica” Symphony  Symphony No. 3  Symphony Op. 55  Symphony in E-Flat Major  Symphonie Nr. 3 in Es-Dur  The Symphonies  The World’s Greatest Orchestral Music

42 Elements of a uniform title: Genre (plural) Numbering system Key

43 COMPOSERS’ WORKS CAN BE NUMBERED MANY WAYS!  By the number in the genre  By opus number  By opus with internal number  By index (Verzeichnis) number  By scholar’s number  String Quartet No. 6  String Quartet Op. 18  String Quartet Op. 18, No. 1  BWV 1006  K. 465 The uniform title uses only one system per composer. Publishers don’t pay attention to uniform titles!

44  Bach  Beethoven  Haydn  Mozart  Schubert  Vivaldi  Bach Werke Verzeichnis (BWV)  Opus numbers; Woo (Werke ohne opus, works without opus number)  Hoboken (H.)  Köchel (K.)  Deutsch (D.) Shhhh don’t ask about Vivaldi ACK! You had to ask about VIVALDI!

45  RV is the current standard system, but...  Sometimes opus numbers are used: La stravaganza : 12 violin concertos, opus 4  Sometimes titles are used: Cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione. N. 1-4

46 This gets around the problem of uniform titles, symphony nicknames, etc.





51 Language Format Date

52 Russian Soprano Anna Netrebko...singing in Russian...for a whole opera...not just on a CD of excerpts Da Da Tovarich!

53 Opera excerpts Netrebko Russian CD Not




57 In CardCat, recording times are searchable, so for numbers 59 and lower, use ADJ to form a phrase:


59 Amy Edmonds Music Librarian BSUMusicLibn on AIM Jason Smith Music Collection Coordinator (7 a.m. – 4 p.m.) Kevin Blue Music Collection Nighttime Supervisor (6 p.m. – 3 a.m.)

60 We hope to see you soon!


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