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How To Use OPAC. How To Find Books? What is OPAC?

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1 How To Use OPAC

2 How To Find Books?

3 What is OPAC?

4 An acronym for: Online Public Access Catalogue A database used for searching books. Also used for checking your library account, renewal of books and make reservation if the book is on loan. What is OPAC?

5 You can access OPAC at

6 What can be done by OPAC ? Details of books Location of books Status of the books Account information Reserve books Renew books

7 How to locate items using OPAC ?

8 Browse Search - By Title To see if the material is in the library, you may select “Title” search and enter the exact title. Do not key in the articles ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ if they appear at the beginning of the title. Select Title

9 Browse Search - By Author Or, you may select “Author” search. Select Author

10 “Subject” search allows you to search for same materials in particular subject area in the library, e.g. “management” Browse Search - By Subject Select Subject

11 If you know the “Call Number”, you may use “Call Number” search. Browse Search - By Call Number Select Call Number

12 After you have identified the title you want, e.g. “Seven habits of highly effective people”, you will see the “Title Search Screen” as shown above. Viewing Records

13 Click the title to find out more information. Viewing Records Click “item” to view the location(s) of the book.

14 Check the “location” of the items. Viewing Records

15 If the item is “Available” in your faculty library, you may take down the “Call Number” and get it from the shelf. Viewing Records

16 What is Call Number ? Each book in the library has a unique “call number”. A “call number” is like an address: it tells us where the book is located in the library.

17 Viewing Records: Other Information Available copies On hold copies Number of copies checked out Number of people requested

18 If you cannot remember the full title of the book, you may do a “Keyword” search, for example, “seven habits people”, then select “title”. Keyword Search – Using “AND”

19 OR, If you can remember the name of the “author” and a few words of the “title”, you may do a “combination” of “author” and “title” search.

20 Use “OR” to broader a search, for example, “html” OR “xhtml”, you will get books on both “html” OR “xhtml”. Keyword Search – Using “OR”

21 You may use “NOT” to filter out those titles that you don’t want, for example, “html” NOT “xhtml”, you will get books on “html” but not “xhtml”. Keyword Search – Using “NOT”

22 “Anywhere” search allows you to search for materials found in Title, Author and Subject fields. Keyword Search – Using “Anywhere” Select Anywhere search

23 For further information, please contact the library staff on duty from any of our libraries during office hours or to

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