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Port of Hamburg Range of services Port of Hamburg Marketing Bengt van Beuningen Port of Hamburg Marketing Reg. Assn.

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1 Port of Hamburg Range of services Port of Hamburg Marketing Bengt van Beuningen Port of Hamburg Marketing Reg. Assn.

2 Port of Hamburg Definition of International Marketing (1/3) International Marketing is the performance of business activities directing the flow of products and services from producer to consumer in different countries.

3 Port of Hamburg Definition of International Marketing (2/3) A successful performance of the marketing function is contingent upon the adoption of the marketing concept, consisting of a: a customer orientation, b: an integrated marketing organisation, and c: customer satisfaction.

4 Port of Hamburg Definition of International Marketing (3/3) Marketing Management is the execution of an independent or a company´s marketing organisation. Marketing management is assigned decision-making authority over:  product strategy,  communication strategy,  distribution strategy, and  pricing strategy. The combination of these four aspects of marketing is referred to as the marketing mix.

5 Port of Hamburg Port of Hamburg Marketing Regd. Assn. or HHM The „Port of Hamburg Marketing Regd. Assn.“  concentrates itself on the communication strategy.  HHM is an organisation with approx. 220 members, most of them from the Hamburg Metropolitan region.  HHM is a public-private-partnership (ppp).  HHM is in daily business driven by several HHM working groups, were the PR and sales people of member companies realise their input and influence.

6 Port of Hamburg Structure Port of Hamburg Marketing Member Companies

7 Port of Hamburg HHM: vision Our vision is to support all our member companies in that way, that the clients of the port as well as the whole port community considers Hamburg as the best port in Europe. By doing this, we had to secure Hamburgs dominant position as the absolutely No. 1 port in Germany.

8 Port of Hamburg HHM: mission HHM is responsible for global port marketing. For this HHM operates an international network of Port Representative Offices. This is to ensure that our customer are constantly provided with first hand information in due time and if necessary in local language. HHM is responsible to realize the general port Public Relation and market research.

9 Port of Hamburg Port Representative Offices Shanghai Seoul Hamburg Prague St. Petersburg Warsaw Budapest Munich Vienna Dresden Hong Kong

10 Port of Hamburg Port Marketing Organization Chairman & CEO Secretary Controlling Information & Communication Market Research Press Department Exhibitions / Events Publications New Media / Internet Project Developement Local Projects Projects for Members Representatives Europe (8) Representatives overseas (5)

11 Port of Hamburg Market Research  Statistics  Container traffic  Throughput via Hamburg per quarter  Container traffic via Rotterdam, Antwerp and Bremen Ports  German foreign trade divided into Hinterland regions and via Hamburg  Transit statistics via Hamburg  Monthly reports  Research (optional)  Archives  Internet August 2005

12 Port of Hamburg Event Marketing  Programs for Customers and multipliers from Press, Business, Officials, Science and Education  Reports for Export Industries  Workshops, Seminars  Conferences  Annual Port Birthday

13 Port of Hamburg Internet & Multimedia  Company Profiles  Newsletter for our members  Press Services (News Releases, Photos...)  Basic Information on the Port and its various branches  Internetsites for our Members  Presentations for Members and special Events

14 Port of Hamburg Publications & Video  Port of Hamburg Handbook  Port of Hamburg Magazine Connections: Liner Service via Hamburg  Port of Hamburg Magazine  Port of Hamburg Video

15 Port of Hamburg Press & Photo  Regular Press mailings and Press Conferences  Press releases for member companies  Actual photos and photo archiv

16 Port of Hamburg Exhibitions  Port of Hamburg as a platform for HHM-member companies, e.g.  Trans Russia, Moskau  Transport Logistic, München  Intermodal, Hamburg  Break bulk expo + conf., Houston  5 – 7 exhibitions per year, worldwide

17 Port of Hamburg Hamburgs´s USP (Unique Selling Position) =2,533 Mio. TEU Seaport with two seafront sides North Sea / Atlantic Baltic Sea

18 Port of Hamburg Hamburgs´s strategic approach =2,533 Mio. TEU meet your customer at minimum twice “think global, act local“

19 Port of Hamburg Thank you very much for your attention!

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