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‘Navigator for Business’ B2B Network (N4B) started its development in 2009 as agreed in the Protocol of the 4 th Meeting of the Thai-Russian Joint Intergovernmental.

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2 ‘Navigator for Business’ B2B Network (N4B) started its development in 2009 as agreed in the Protocol of the 4 th Meeting of the Thai-Russian Joint Intergovernmental Committee (November 2009, Bangkok). N4B is a multi-language internet platform intended to establish integrated informational business space and promote economic, trade, and investment relations on a national and international level. Since the end of 2010 Navigator for Business is operating in a pilot mode in 6 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, and Thai.

3 Companies- buyers Companies- suppliers Business to Business N4B is a B2B e-marketplace connecting suppliers and buyers based on the state-of-the-art IT technologies.

4 In many Asian countries B2B e-marketplaces supported by the government promote SMEs goods and services at national and international markets. The most successful platforms operate in China and Korea.

5  N4B provides to SMEs very easy-to- use and efficient tools to promote their goods and services on the domestic markets.  Developing this multi-language B2B internet network in Thailand and other CICA countries shall promote economic, trade and investment cooperation between CICA members through the involvement of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into the foreign trade.

6  a modern, intelligible, multilingual business web-site in the N4.BIZ domain and download there its products, services, demand, investment proposals, news, photo and video, etc.  All information at N4B will be indexed in the global and national search engines (Google, Yandex, etc). Using the N4B features SMEs may receive free of charge:

7 And the information would be known to the business communities concerned: potential customers, partners. As an additional service a ‘virtual representative office’ could be established in the countries on interest. This is an effective way for SMEs: - to BOOST the demand, - to find reliable and trusted partners; that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

8 A special role for business communities (chambers, industrial, agricultural, and trade unions and associations) distinguishes N4B from already existing systems.  Competent business communities may give recommendations to its members thus helping them to find clients/partners;  N4B assists in organizing effective work of business communities (including business corresponding and easy downloading documents for both general and inner use, making the one-click- dispatch among the participants, etc.). Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

9 Benefits for regions and cities from using N4B:  attracting investments through the informing business community about all investment projects and investment incentives in the regions;  promoting the regional/local companies’ goods and services to the local and international level;  recommending SMEs from their regions to potential partners all over the world;  one-click informing the whole regional/national business.


11 THAILAND  SMEs, national/local business communities, and regions may start using the right now on the basis of already operating international platform;  The development of the national platform and its promotion in the county will give the maximum effect. This will give strong stimulus to the marketing of SMEs goods and services on the domestic and international markets;  The national Thai platform may work both on national and international level. Navigator proposes the following benefits: NAVIGATOR FOR BUSINESS RUSSIA OTHER CICA COUNTRIES

12 In 2010, to promote the N4B platform in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia and other competent business associations 5 Internet Forums were held attended by representatives of more that 150 organizations. Forums were broadcasted online via internet; all presentations, video, etc are available at the website On 30 November 2010, during the Forum, the online Moscow – Bangkok telebridge was set up.

13 We are looking for the partners both in private and public sectors to localize and promote the N4B in Thailand. There are several options for public-private partnership.  the state (on behalf of ministry, department, etc.) owns the national N4B platform and a private company operates it;  the state leases the N4B platform from a private company and uses its services to promote SMEs and foreign trade;  private company owns and operates the platform with the government support.


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