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Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services University of Central Florida.

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1 Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services University of Central Florida

2  What are the challenges?  What is SASI?  Why are USPS staff members so important?  What are the benefits?  How does SASI affect morale?  Q&A’s

3 What are the challenges?

4 But here’s what we can do to build morale and focus on employee engagement…..

5  SASI - Support All Staff Involvement  Comprised of USPS staff members  Dedicated SDES USPS staff members devoting their time to helping other USPS staff reach their potential

6  Vision ◦ Provide development and enrichment opportunities for SDES staff members to achieve excellence.  Mission ◦ Provide tools for training, networking, and professional and personal development to enhance growth and overall performance.  Goals ◦ Enhance Communication ◦ Increase participation at workshops ◦ Foster healthy life style choices ◦ Encourage collaborative relationships ◦ Embrace the UCF Creed ◦ Promote diversity and inclusiveness

7  “No table on earth stands without legs.” Jimmy Moore former UCF employee  Every USPS employee provides support to their division or college.

8 Employee BenefitsDepartmental Benefits Professional growth Personal growth Values the Creed Interpersonal relationships – networking Inclusion within SDES Promote a healthy attitude Re-energize – bringing value to the division Meeting the needs of students More qualified employees Values the Creed Interpersonal relationship – networking Inclusion with SDES Promote a healthy attitude

9 “USPS staff members in SDES are the foundation, the spirit, and the support that holds our division together and allows us to make student success and learning a priority. We would not be able to make a difference in students’ experience at UCF without your dedication and commitment. USPS staff members add value and are valued in SDES.” Maribeth Ehasz Vice President, SDES

10  Cares about USPS staff members  Focuses on professional and personal growth  Networking, engagement, communication  Assists in achieving highest potential  Encourages employees  Receives training credit

11  Welcome new USPS employees to division

12  A SASI website for USPS staff members is under construction  Information sharing

13  Goal Setting  True Colors  UCF Writing Styles  Annual Wellness Expo  Dealing with Difficult People  Financial Seminar  Email Etiquette  Reflect, Refresh, Refine

14 Making your employees feel they are “VALUED”

15 Can you think of some ways that YOU can make your employees feel valued?

16 A special thanks to the SASI members who dedicated their time to assist with this presentation: Heather Anderson Elizabeth Barrios Patrice Fairweather Karen Nguyen Jeffrey Stuckey

17 Q&A’S

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