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2007 Fall Forum World Café Conversation s New Ideas for Wisconsin 4-H.

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1 2007 Fall Forum World Café Conversation s New Ideas for Wisconsin 4-H

2 The Focus To engage and listen to representative volunteers about new ideas coming forward that will strengthen the 4-H club program The World Café format provides a forum for discussion and feedback

3 Why Look at Change? Priority need from counties to strengthen 4-H clubs Supports retention of 4-H members Recommendations coming from state Work Team who have engaged in researching best practice programs Built on research in volunteer development and organizational development Overall, keeps our focus on the ultimate outcome of a 4-H club experience: Positive opportunities and supports for young people

4 The Process: Each person at the table should have a different color of crayon Select a table facilitator/recorder Listen to the topic and questions presented Following the table etiquette, openly discuss the questions When instructed, move tables You can doodle, take your own notes and make sure you have fun!

5 1. 4-H Club Annual Chartering Annual issuing of the 4-H Charter for each 4-H Club/Unit Insures local clubs/units are able to use the 4-H name and emblem and receive all benefits Clubs/units would still be accountable to the county 4-H staff with financial and educational programming information Encourages stronger common understanding and communication between volunteers and staff.

6 Table Questions What are the benefits of annual chartering? What are the challenges? What should be included in the annual chartering?

7 The Green Guarantee!

8 2. 4-H Clubs Guarantee Youth Opportunities To develop positive relationships with peers and adults be actively involved in their own learning contribute as active citizens through community service and leadership. develop skills that will help them succeed recognize, understand and appreciate others have fun

9 Table Questions What are the benefits? What are the challenges? What should be included?

10 3. Wisconsin 4-H Club Support Tools Documents, tools, promotional materials, etc -- items that could be used by all clubs across the state Eliminate duplication, and send one clear message about 4-H

11 Table Questions What items could be created at the state level that would be uniform and useful by all 4-H clubs in Wisconsin?

12 4. Required Annual Leader Training Annual trainings for 4-H leaders on emerging topics in 4-H Youth Development Trainings would be planned locally, but all counties would be covering same topic, providing a consistent message state- wide

13 Table Questions Who should be required to attend? What topics do you feel would be beneficial? What delivery methods would you suggest for the trainings?

14 Thank You From the Strengthening 4-H Clubs State Work Team An EEO/AA employer, University of Wisconsin Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX and American with Disabilities (ADA) requirements.

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