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Establishing a Healthcare Special Interest Group (HC-SIG) in ASQ Sections.

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1 Establishing a Healthcare Special Interest Group (HC-SIG) in ASQ Sections

2 Today’s Agenda Opening Remarks About HC-SIGs SIG Vision & Mission Statements HCD-SIG Strategic Objectives Establishing a HC-SIG Membership Operations of the HC-SIG Finances Benefits Section and Division Support

3 Opening Remarks Dr Joseph Fortuna, Chair of the Healthcare Division

4 About HC-SIGs Background: On November 2010 we had a Healthcare Division retreat in Milwaukee, where started the discussion of establishing Healthcare SIGs within ASQ Sections. In the spring 2011, we established the first HC-SIG in Atlanta under my leadership.

5 About HC-SIGs ASQ By-Laws allow for the establishment of SIGs, Discussion Groups and Task Forces to meet the professional and leadership needs of ASQ members, its Divisions and Sections. These groups are designated by ASQ as “Best Practices” for providing members more value and also for promoting member retention.

6 About HC-SIGs SIGs are local programming committees supported by the Division and the Section. Promote professional development and leadership opportunities. SIGs serve as a conduit for information relevant to healthcare quality, regulatory requirements and other relevant healthcare issues. Increase Division and Section memberships

7 SIG Vision and Mission Statements Sample of Vision Statement: “To be recognized by our Section members, the local healthcare organizations we serve as a source of information and learning opportunities relating to quality in healthcare. We will support the professional development & provide leadership opportunities for our members”

8 SIG Vision and Mission Statements Sample of a Mission Statement: “To provide a local forum for professionals involved in healthcare quality, patient care and administration… to learn, teach and discuss issues specific to the healthcare industry”

9 HC-SIG Strategic Objectives To establish SIGs nationally and internationally in areas having a concentration of healthcare professionals. To promote relationships between healthcare professionals Provide information and education to our HCD members in an accurate, timely, and cost effective manner.

10 HC-SIG Strategic Objectives To foster a spirit of cooperation and partnership with other industry groups so that members of the healthcare community are given easy access to topics and issues essential to the attainment of individual and organizational excellence. Direct communication between the Division and its members.

11 Establishing a Healthcare SIG (HC-SIG) Conduct a formal or informal survey within your ASQ Section. The Division will provide survey samples. Follow the Process Flow.

12 Process Flow to Establish a SIG INTRODUCE the Idea of Establishing a HC-SIG in Your ASQ Section & Carry-out the Survey RECRUIT at Least 8 Healthcare Division Members Interested in Forming the SIG SUBMIT a Petition to Your Section’s Executive Committee to Approve the SIG Along with a Completed ASQ Policy G61 - Appendix A Form. SUBMIT a Petition to the Healthcare Division to Formally Recognize Your Section’s HC-SIG SELECT HC-SIG Officers: a Chair, Vice- Chair & Secretary as Basic Members FORMAL PRESENTATION of the HC-SIG to the Section Members

13 Membership Only active members of the ASQ Section can hold office or vote for officers. Guests are welcome to attend, and should be encouraged to become ASQ and Healthcare Division members.

14 Operation of HC-SIGs Once the SIG has been established, the leaders on the SIG Committee plan events such as Round Table Discussions, Presentations, Seminars, Tours and Health-Related Volunteer Opportunities. A SIG Committee will often consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary as minimum. The SIG Committee will create other leadership positions as needed to implement the HC-SIG program.

15 HC-SIG Finances The finances of the SIG should be monitored by the Section´s Treasurer. The SIG may appoint a Finance Coordinator to internally deal with financial matters and reports.

16 Benefits High degree of satisfaction Higher level of achievement and awareness both individually and organizationally Networking Good training ground for future Division and Section leadership positions

17 Section Support The Section should provide the following support to the SIG: Space on their website to showcase information, topics, upcoming meetings. Inclusion in upcoming Section leadership meetings. If possible, provide initial financial support.

18 ASQ HCD and Section’s HC SIGs The ASQ Healthcare Division will actively support the Section’s Healthcare SIGs through routine communications. ASQ-HCD will provide the SIGs with suggested annual goals and objectives, and seek SIG participation in national initiatives. ASQ-HCD through its Regional Council(or)s will provide direct assistance to Section SIGs such as welcome packets, newsletters, speakers, training opportunities, tools/techniques to improve healthcare and other specific support.

19 Closing We want to Thank You for your attendance today. Thank to Dr Fortuna for his tremendous support and encouragement. Lastly, our gratitude to Cynthia Nazario for hosting this webinar

20 Closing Q & A

21 Additional Information Contacts: Hamilton Plaza, 770-380-2383 Dr Joe Fortuna, 248-709-6669 In the near future go to the ASQ Healthcare Div website to see the HC-SIG Toolkit

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