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CMSD Aspiring Principal Program

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1 CMSD Aspiring Principal Program 2015-2016

2 Increased life opportunities for children in Cleveland
We believe that skilled and passionate school leadership is the key to educational equity and school transformation

3 Be the change! Transforming school leadership is one of CMSD’s key reform strategies. Strong instructional leaders in every school will help deliver on our mission to prepare every child for college and a career.

4 Aspiring Principal Program
Seeks visionary, passionate leaders eager to assume principal roles and dramatically increase outcomes and opportunities for CMSD students, families and schools

5 APP: Partnership with NYCLA
Innovative-three tiered model Standards-based Cohort model Residency program Experiential Problem-based learning

6 Three Phases Summer Intensive Residency in CMSD School
Summer Transition/First Year Support

7 Standards Based Curriculum Simulation
Summer Intensive Standards Based Curriculum Simulation June 29 – July 31, 2015 9:00-5:00

8 Residency Eleven month school-based residency Mentor principal
Weekly professional development

9 Transition to Principalship
Summer transition Coaching Monthly PD

10 The APP Performance Standards
Personal behavior Resilience Communication Focus on student performance Situational problem-solving Learning Accountability for professional practice Supervision Leadership development Climate and culture Time, task and project management Technology

11 Small Cohort

12 What we are looking for Commitment to social justice
Instructional knowledge/expertise Desire to lead hard-to-staff school Professional integrity Professional resilience Willingness/ability to be self-reflective Strong communication skills Commitment to continuous learning Relentless drive to execute goals

13 What we are looking for 5 years of work experience
3 years of experience teaching in grades K-12 Masters’ Degree 3.0 GPA 5 year commitment to CMSD Residency year counts as year 1 Commitment to obtain alternative certification if not currently certified

14 Details Rolling admissions- deadline for online applications April 1, 2015 Encourage early submission Individual and group interview dates TBD Seeking 10 APP Residents for Salary $75,000

15 FAQ We are preparing leaders for anticipated principal openings in 2016 The summer intensive and residency year are pass/fail Participants must attend the entire 5 week summer program CMSD is developing an APP contract and MOU that will address specifics such as seniority and right to return should a participant drop out or not meet the standards Participants must have teaching experinece

16 Information Sessions January 28 at 4:30 February 24 at 4:30
March 12 at 3:30 Sessions will be held at the East Professional Development Center For additional information feel free to contact Heather Grant, Director of the Aspiring Principal Program

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