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Bilingual Teaching Cohort

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1 Bilingual Teaching Cohort
HISD and UST Program Date: 04/13/2014 Presenter: Denise Hooker-Ware Sr. Mgr. Recruitment & Selection, Talent Acquisition

2 A Promising Partnership
HISD is partnering with University of St. Thomas to launch the HISD Bilingual Teaching Cohort program. 

3 Program Overview Full Program Components Include:
Complete 3 semesters coursework (Summer Spring 2016) Participate in Saturday test preparation sessions to prepare for exams Complete 30 hours of pre-service training (Summer 2015) Take and pass appropriate exams to become bilingual certified EC-6 Generalist exam (Required to be eligible to teach in August 2015) Bilingual Supplemental exam BTLPT certification exam PPR exam Interview with principals to secure teaching positions (not guaranteed)

4 Program Overview 3 Semester coursework consists of 15-hours
Summer 2015: July 6th – July 24th Theories of Language Acquisition (3 hours) Fall 2015: August 24th - December 7th Instructional Strategies in Bilingual Dual Language (3 hours) Dual Language Methodology (3 hours) Spring 2016: January 19th - May 7th Teaching the Spanish Language Arts / Bi-literacy Strategies (other languages) (3 hours) Exceptionality (3 hours)

5 Eligibility Requirements
Bilingual Teaching Cohort Participants Must: Must be an HISD employee Must have a 4-year degree with an overall 3.0 GPA (or 3.0 in the last 60 college hours) Demonstrate proficiency in a second language (Spanish preferred) Complete a language proficiency assessment and structured, in-person interview Employee must commit to teaching bilingual education as teacher of record on a TIF 3 or TIF 4 campus (see attachment) Employee must commit to teaching for 3 years minimum upon graduation from the program

6 Program Participants Participant Benefit: Participant Agreement:
HISD will pay for coursework tuition and general program materials Program stipend will be awarded in the amount of $3000 contingent on successful completion of program milestones Graduate coursework will count towards full Master’s of Education degree with University of St. Thomas (if pursued on voluntary basis)* *Courses taken through UST / HISD partnership could lead to a Master´s of Education degree in Dual Language, with a completion of 21 additional hours (7 courses) at the candidate’s expense Participant Agreement: Candidate must sign a participant agreement Candidate must work to secure a bilingual teaching position at a designated TIF 3/ TIF 4 campus This payment will be made directly to the university. The tuition payment does include incidental costs incurred such as University of St. Thomas (UST) fees, procurement of course materials, certification testing fees, certificate fees, and any additional fees not identified as tuition will be paid by the Employee.

7 Application and Selection Process
Deadline April 26, 2015 Step 1: Complete AppliTrack application Upload all official transcript(s) of all college / university level studies* Complete a 250 word essay expressing passion for teaching bilingual students. *(Official, sealed copies are required for the university contingent on acceptance into a cohort.) If candidate meets the minimum application requirements Step 2: Complete a language proficiency assessment Step 3: Complete a structured in-person interview final cohort participants will be selected

8 Key Dates for Summer Requirements
Attend four (4) EC-6 Generalist certification exam prep sessions on Saturdays May 9th May 16th May 30th June 6th Summer Observation Hours Dates during summer school Take EC-6 Generalist certification exam June 7th – 24th

9 Teaching in 2015-2016 School Year
In order to be eligible to teach in a designated classroom as a bilingual teacher of record, the following must be completed: Complete 30 hours of pre-service training Summer 2015 Participate in four (4) EC-6 Generalist certification prep sessions Pass EC-6 Generalist Certification Exam Apply for Probationary Certificate Apply online to bilingual teaching positions at any of the designated TIF campuses Candidate selects campus preferably TIF 3/4 campus

10 Mentorship and Induction
A series of supports will be provided throughout the program cohort experience including: Mentorship begins during Summer Coursework New Teacher Academy – 1st week in August Multilingual Support and Resources - ongoing Key Teacher (Bilingual) - ongoing Campus Mentor - ongoing

11 Questions

12 Thank you Date: 00/00/2014 Presenter: First and last name Title

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