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Appoquinimink School District Succession 2004-2007 Benefits the staff person, the school and the district A MIND THAT IS STRETCHED BY A NEW EXPERIENCE.

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1 Appoquinimink School District Succession Benefits the staff person, the school and the district A MIND THAT IS STRETCHED BY A NEW EXPERIENCE CAN NEVER GO BACK TO ITS OLD DIMENSIONS. Oliver Wendell Holmes

2 Increased enrollment increases the need for quality leaders The superintendent articulates the vision District leaders and teachers actualize the vision Effective teachers who are teacher leaders should be offered the opportunity to become building leaders and thereby the vision will continue

3 Getting Started Attend statewide RFP information session (you are here!) Put together a team of key administrators Develop and submit the plan Present the plan to the board---show the benefits especially from the instruction focus

4 Making the process work Assess the projected administrative needs over a five year period to 2011 What are the qualities and attributes necessary to succeed as a Leader in Appoquinimink School District? Advertise for potential candidates Develop a plan for each target group: Assistant principals preparing for principals…….. And High potential teachers preparing for Assistant principals…..Aspiring administrators preparing for high potentials.

5 Making the right choices Principal recommendations Self selection/ references. Review past evaluations. Assess their district wide commitment and involvement and then

6 Professional Development Goal setting conferences (The tragedy in life doesnt lie in not reaching your goal, instead it lies in having no goal to reach.) Benjamin Mays Analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the individuals to discern the path forward. Develop the yearly plan and request for Instructors.( district administrators)

7 Targeted Professional development most training is done by district administrators Teacher leaders-focus upon defining their leadership style and a comprehensive review of what an effective leader is and DOES. High PotentialsSelected from among the teacher leaders Assistant Principalssurvey those currently in the position to ascertain those aspiring to be principals

8 Sessions for Professional Development Developing relationships with your partners (Public relations administrator ) Understanding the unit count and staffing School climate and safety Interviewing techniques ( HR director) Legal issues in special education

9 Professional Development contd. Managing the budget Governance and ethics Working with AEA ( bargaining unit) Managing the facility

10 Professional Development contd Literary discussions example( What great principals do differently?) Individual Assessments Portfolio discussion

11 Summer Sessions/Projects Developing grading handbook Co-chair high school transition committees Assist with full day Kdgn. transition Scheduling Facilitate interview teams

12 Leadership Strands Establishing benchmarks using ISLLIC Identifying professional development topics Assigning coaches/ mentors Establishing individual conference /goal setting dates

13 Leadership characteristics Self assessment What is your Leadership Quotient? Are you Consistent Loyal sensitive Responsive Inclusive Decisive Open to change A manager of time Conferences will be held at least three times during the year or more if requested.

14 Support and sustain leadership capacity Encourage participants to apply for positions ( principals and assistant principals) Require attendance at pre- board meetings Schedule support conferences when participants move to new positions. Monthly meetings will address areas previously identified for leadership development. The pool of participants will be replenished as needed Succession process will be evaluated.

15 Why succession? A sound succession plan demonstrates that we respect and appreciate our people! and Creates a cadre of leaders that have documented instructional skills and knowledge, understands the system, internalizes the vision and works to achieve the mission------They can be first day productive!!!!!!!!

16 The numbers Nine Assistant principals Two administrative interns Ten high potentials

17 To fill the vacancies One new high school opening 2007 One new middle school opening 2008 PROJECTIONS A new elementary school and a New early childhood center

18 Succession What are the challenges? Time required of plan facilitators? Budgetary constraints Providing Mentoring experiences

19 But It is worth the time

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