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ExCEL Academic Liaison Meeting Supporting Quality After School Programs for Our Students Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

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1 ExCEL Academic Liaison Meeting Supporting Quality After School Programs for Our Students Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2  Warm Up Activity Welcome!

3 1) To become familiar with the ExCEL Quality Action Plan process 2) To gain understanding of how the Academic Liaison role can strengthen ExCEL After School Programs to better support students Objectives of Today’s Meeting:

4  SFUSD Six Strategic Initiatives  ExCEL Theory of Action  ExCEL Evaluation Highlights  ExCEL Program Supports: Cohorts for Restorative Practices and Physical Activity 2014-15 ExCEL Initiatives and Priorities

5 The DISTRICT’S SIX STRATEGIC INTIATIVES:How does ExCEL currently support this district initiative? What is a possible program change that could be implemented to better support this district initiative? Strategic Initiative # 1: Implement SFUSD Core curriculum and use student data to make informed decisions. Introduced 16 essential habits of minds and will provide professional development opportunities on how to incorporate into after school program design. Monthly meetings will include session on intentional program design to integrate one or more of HOM. Strategic Initiative #2: Provide tiered level of academic and behavioral support using a Response to Intervention model. Working more closely with School Health Programs Office and Pupil Services to provide professional development opportunities on RTI initiatives in the district. Will provide professional development opportunities on the Good Behavior Game and 16 essential proactive classroom management tools. Strategic Initiative #3: Build a clear vision, culture and conditions for college and career readiness. Overall frame of coherence between after school and school day. Collaboration with Office of Extended Learning to offer credit recovery in HS programs. Academic component in all of ExCEL programs. Work closely with Office of Extended learning and focus on HOM. Continue to develop Academic Liaison role. Strategic Initiative #4: Differentiate central office supports to schools through a multi- tiered system of support. Quality Action Plan support. Collaboration with Expanded Learning Collaborative Technical Assistance Project. QAP site visits and coaching Strategic Initiative #5: Recruit & develop highly qualified teachers, leaders, and staff First source hire Project, ExCEL monthly meetings, Expanded Learning Collaborative Technical Assistance Project. Strategic Initiative #6: Implement SFUSD’s Family Engagement Standards Rolling out in SY 14-15 SFUSD Six Strategic Initiatives


7 ExCEL Theory of Action

8 91% of youth report that adults in the program are happy to see them. 97% of high school youth report that adults are happy to see them! 90% of youth report that there is an adult who really cares about them in the program. 92% of high school youth report this. ExCEL participants continue to report caring adults.

9 Nearly three-fourths of all youth (73%) report participating in community circles. Of those for whom it was relevant, 78% report that an adult used the restorative questions with them when they had conflict. ExCEL programs are implementing restorative practices.

10 72% of youth report that they learn study skills in their ExCEL program; this is comparable to last year. Among older youth, 86% report they are more likely to finish their homework on time because of the program and 81% report being more prepared for the next grade level. ExCEL programs continue to build academic skills, but could do so more consistently.

11  Restorative Practices- All program sites  Physical Activity- Middle & High School sites ExCEL Cohort Support for Programs 2014-15

12  What is it?  Why is it important?  What is the timeline? ExCEL Quality Action Plan

13  Continuous Cycle of improvement  4 Goals Academic: developed in partnership with the Academic Liaison Site Defined Goal Restorative Practices Physical Activity  New CBO Support Section QAP

14  Year-long process that includes: planning, implementation, support, and reflection  Initial QAP was due in EMS on 8/29  QAP site meetings will take place during September/October  Final QAP including revisions is due in EMS on 11/7  Site Observations by ExCEL: November- February  Progress Meetings: January- March QAP Timeline: Important Dates



17  What expertise and experience do you bring to support your site’s QAP Academic goal?  What support can you provide to your site coordinator to strengthen the Academic Component of the program? Table Discussion

18  Under the direction of the Site Administrator (principal), and in collaboration with the after school program Site Coordinator, the Academic Liaison serves as the liaison between school day and after school staff. The Academic Liaison role provides leadership to guide and develop the academic component of the Quality Action Plan (QAP) for the ExCEL After School Program.  If the site opts to utilize more than one staff person, the time commitment and compensation will be divided among staff accordingly. Each staff person should have a separate work plan. Academic Liaison Workplan


20 Pair Share by Grade Level/Table Discussion/ Share out  Which activity/ies on the workplan will be easiest to implement? Which activity/ies will be most challenging and why?  Describe your site’s plans for this year that you are most excited about implementing.  What support would be helpful to ensure success? (post it notes) Activity: Burning Issues

21  Show me the money- How to get paid for your work Stipend hours and amount for STAFF:  Elementary and Middle School: 170 hours per school year total of: $5,000  High School Stipend Amount: 102 hours per school year for a total of: $3,000 Due dates: 12/12/14 and 5/13/15 Next Steps:

22  January 8 Elementary  January 15 Middle/High School  May 18 - ALL Upcoming Meetings:

23  Complete & Submit workplan  Meet with Site Coordinator to develop/finalize QAP Academic Goal  Sign up to request substitute for January meeting (due October 31) Immediate Follow Up Items

24  Karina Henriquez, Director ExCEL After School Programs Contact Information

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