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El subjuntivo con la emoción y con la duda (unidad 4-2) Sra. Ward.

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2 El subjuntivo con la emoción y con la duda (unidad 4-2) Sra. Ward

3 Subjunctive with Doubt 8You have used the subjunctive to say that one person tries to persuade another to do something. 8It is also used after verbs and expressions that include doubt or uncertainty.

4 Ejemplos 8Dudamos que puedan resolver todos los problemas. 8We doubt that they can solve all the problems.

5 Más ejemplos… 8No es cierto que protejan las selvas tropicales. 8It is not certain that they will protect rain forests.

6 Expressions of doubt 8Dudarto doubt 8No creer queto not believe 8No estar seguro, -a de queto be unsure 8Es dudosoit’s doubtful 8no es ciertoit’s not certain

7 Subjunctive v. Indicative 8When the verb or expression indicates certainty, use the indicative, not the subjunctive.

8 Expressions of certainty 8No dudarto not doubt 8No es dudosoit’s not doubtful 8No hay dudathere’s no doubt 8Estar seguro(a)to be sure 8Creerto believe 8Es ciertoit’s certain

9 Ejemplos… 8Estoy seguro de que destruyen los bosques. 8I’m sure that they are destroying the forests.

10 Más ejemplos… 8Creemos que es importante proteger la naturaleza. 8We believe that it is important to protect nature.

11 Subjunctive with doubt 8The subjunctive form of hay is haya, form of haber. 8Es posible que haya suficiente electricidad. 8It is possible that there is enough electricity.

12 Subjunctive with emotion 8The subjunctive is used in a clause that modifies a verb or expression conveying emotion 8This information can be factual 8Feelings can be positive or negative and vary from person to person

13 Ejemplos: 8Me alegro de que Teresa esté con nosotros. 8I’m happy that Teresa is with us. 8Estoy triste que Miguel no comprenda. 8I’m sad that Miguel does not understand.

14 Expressions of emotion 8Alegrarse deto be happy about 8Estar contento(a)to be glad 8Estar tristeto be sad 8Sorprenderto surprise 8Gustarto like 8Es una lástimait’s a pity 8Temerto fear 8Tener miedo deto be afraid 8Sentirto be sorry

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