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GE Measurement Solutions

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1 GE Measurement Solutions
Flow Measurement at GE MS Jan 2013

2 A Strong Heritage Joined GE in 2002 Joined GE in 2008
One of the first successful transit time USM manufacturers Highest pressure class Coriolis meters Innovator in ultrasonic flow meters Exotic materials Largest USM manufacturer Widest meter range Widest portfolio of products Compact Coriolis High temperature solutions Industrial OEM / skids Clamp-on and wetted Portable and flare leaders

3 Quick history of Flow at GE
2002: Panametrics becomes part of GE 2002: Launched Transit Time clamp-on gas 2003: Launched Tag Correlation clamp-on gas 2004: Focused on simplification and quality improvements 2005: Launched intrinsically safe, loop powered clamp-on meter. Continue work on simplification and quality. 2006: Started custody transfer for liquid program - major design initiative : Vortex and Coriolis products added to flow portfolio. Launched loop powered, wetted process meter. 2009: Launched Sentinel LCT for allocation and leak detection. Started developing platform for SIL applications to replace existing line of xx868 meters. 2010: Certified Sentinel LCT for OIML. Added high velocity capability to flare meters 2012: Released low flow flare capability and XGF868i, Panaflow HT and C-ET high temp transducers.

4 Technologies to fit the application
Clamp-on Ultrasonic Install on existing pipes Low over cost of ownership Focused on liquid but also for gas Wetted Ultrasonic Higher accuracy Difficult applications Very low operational costs Strong performance for liquid and gas Coriolis Direct mass measure High accuracy over wide range Majority liquid, but gas growing rapidly Pipes up to 12” Vortex Robust, multifunction alternative to DP Strong in small pipes less than 4” Very large pipes as insertion device

5 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow
Panametrics Clamp-on series Harsh environment Class 1, Div. 1 or Div. 2 Install on existing pipes Low overall cost of ownership Wide range of applications Repeatable performance Wetted series Cryogenic and high temp Low operational costs Zero maintenance costs High accuracy General purpose applications Target water applications Economical meter Very low overall cost to own Portable series General purpose (IP68) Full range of application Flow surveys Spot check existing meters Temporary flow meter PanaFlow Aquatrans Transport

6 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Flare Gas / Steam Clamp-on Transport
Best in class flare monitoring Hot tap and wetted solutions Large variety of solutions Specialty materials Very wide flow range Strong factory support team Low maintenance costs Inline meters Any gas, steam Biogas Extreme temperature options Wide range, low end resolution Low operational costs Zero maintenance costs High accuracy Clamp-on series Two technologies Wide applications range Natural gas pipelines Compressed air Install on existing pipes Low overall cost of ownership Wide range of applications Repeatable performance Portable series General purpose (IP68) Follows clamp-on capability Flow surveys Spot check existing meters Temporary flow meter Flare Gas / Steam Clamp-on Transport

7 Ultrasonic High Accuracy Meters
Normal liquid applications Crude Refined petroleum Water Custody transfer Leak detection Allocation Critical process OIML certified 0.15% uncertainty Viscosity independent Detailed diagnostics No pressure drop Temperature compensated Wide measurement range Excellent low end resolution Cryogenic applications Liquefied natural gas Liquefied petroleum gas OIML tested 0.25% uncertainty Measures down to -190ºC Proven BWT technology Sentinel LCT Sentinel LNG

8 Coriolis Flow OEM Line Process Line Small footprint Coolants
Additives Fuel consumption Fine flow control Mixing Batching Filling Small footprint Selection of process connections Control panel transmitter High pressure High accuracy OEM Line General process flows Loading/offloading Batching Custody transfer Allocation metering Liquids and gases Leak detection Mass balance High accuracy Multifunction outputs Field mount 14 different body sizes: 2 gram/min to 25 t/min ¼” to 12” line size Pressures to 13000psi Temperature to 662ºF Class 1, Div 1 or Div 2 Hastelloy and Tantalum options Process Line

9 Multivariable Vortex PanaFlow MV80 PanaFlow MV82 In-line series
Multivariable vortex technology Mass flow with built-in temperature and pressure variables Targeted for steam and gas Small pipes Wide flow range in gas and steam Low operational costs Little to no maintenance Good alternative to DP Only loop powered mass vortex Insertion style Hot tap and cold tap Target to larger pipes Lower accuracy to inline Same applications as inline Wide flow range Lower cost for large pipes Low cost installation Hot tap possible GE Difference: Offers both inline and insertion styles Only loop powered mass flow vortex Complimentary portfolio with USM on steam PanaFlow MV82

10 Global Manufacturing Shannon, Ireland Billerica, MA USA USM Liquid
USM Gas Billerica, MA USA USM Liquid USM Gas USM High Accuracy Odelzhausen, Germany Coriolis Longmont, CO USA Vortex India USM Liquid USM Gas

11 New Product Programs Liquid Ultrasonic
Panametrics C-ET extreme temperature clamp-on - Released PanaFlow HT SIL2 meter - Released PanaFlow Z3 process meter Gas Ultrasonic Low flow / cross flow accuracy for Flare - Released GOST certified flare and gas meters - Released Panaflow Z2G gas meter XGF868i flare transmitter - Released High Accuracy Liquid Ultrasonic Sentinel LCT v2 compact design- First Wave Released Coriolis RHE16 high performance embedded transmitter

12 C-ET Clamp-on Waveguide Transducer Systems
Clamp-on Extreme Temperature Liquid Flow Measurement

13 C-ET Transducer System Summary
C-ET (Clamp-on Extreme Temperature) transducer system is a replacement for the OKS liquid flow transducer system. Complete assembly includes: C-RS transducer and junction box Patented waveguide C-RS transducer holder Rugged solid stainless steel fixture No maintenance solid couplant Advantages to New Design: 0.5MHz frequency: Available in 0.5MHz to measure more difficult applications vs. OKS ATEX certification: C-ET has CSA & ATEX certification (IECEX in near future) while the OKS transducer only has CSA certification. Lead time: reduced delivery of 3 to 4 weeks vs. OKS system with 8 to 10 weeks delivery. More robust/easier installation 4 Top View 1 2 General Specifications Pipe sizes 3 inch to 24 in (80 mm to 600 mm) standard >24 inch (600mm) available upon request Temperature range –200ºC to 400ºC (-328ºF to 750ºF) Flow accuracy (velocity) Pipe ID < 6in (150mm): ±2% to 5% of reading Pipe ID > 6in (150mm): ±1% to 2% of reading 3 5

14 PanaFlow-HT Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter
SIL Rated, Extreme Temperature Liquid Flow Measurement

15 PanaFlow-HT Summary PanaFlow-HT is a SIL wetted ultrasonic flowmeter for the measurement of liquids of extremely high to extremely low temperatures. Complete assembly includes: XMT900 electronics BWT transducers FTPA buffers Meter body Advantages to New Design: SIL certification: IEC61508 certified design (TUV) SIL2 with single design SIL3 with redundant design Full Foundation Fieldbus (Fisco Compliant) capabilities Our fastest response liquid flow meter 1 General Specifications Pipe sizes: 3” to 16” standard (>16” upon request) Accuracy: +/- 0.5% (calibrated) SIL certification as standard Meter bodies: standard materials are CS, SS, 9Cr-1Mo Temperature Range: -190ºC to 600ºC Pressure Range: MAOP (150# to 600#) or 3480 psi Certification: CSA/FM, ATEX, and IECEX at launch 3 Meter Configurations: 1 path, tilted diameter, one meter 2 path, mid radius, one meter 2 Path, tilted diameter, two meter Typical Outputs: 4-20mA/HART/SIL, FF New PC Software package: Vitality 2 4 3

16 Single Part Number Strategy
PF9-X-BCDEFG-H-IJKLM-NO-Z Standard Configurations Z1H Single Path Z2H Dual Path R2H Redundant Transmitter

17 PanaFlow-Z3 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter
Process Liquid Flow Measurement

18 PanaFlow-Z3 Summary PanaFlow-Z3 is a wetted ultrasonic flow meter for measurement of liquids in process applications Complete assembly includes: XMT900 electronics Adapter Flange LCT v2 meter body LCT v2 type transducers Advantages to New Design: 40% lower price than current standard liquid flow meter product – highly competitive with other brands 3 path chordal design Field replaceable transducers Meets or exceeds equivalent turbine meter performance 1 General Specifications Pipe sizes: 3” to 24” Flange Rating: 150# or 300# (PN16 and PN25) Standard materials: CS or SS Accuracy: +/- 0.5% (calibrated) Temperature Range: -20 to 250ºC Velocity Range: 0.3 to 20 m/s Viscosity: Up to 400cSt Certification: CSA/FM, ATEX, and IECEX at launch 2 4 3

19 Flare Meters XGF868i transmitter T17 transducer

20 XGF868i/T17 Flare Meter Summary
XGF868i is an ultrasonic flow transmitter for measurement of gases in flare applications – T17 is a high power flare transducer Complete flare assembly includes: XGF868i electronics T5 or T17 transducers/preamps Isolation Valves Spoolpiece (optional) Advantages to New Transmitter Design: More compact than GF868 Fully explosionproof – no need for additional housings – lower cost Single part number scheme – easy to specify Advantages to New T17 Transducer Design: 3X power of standard T5 transducer Single path can cover 0.03 – 120 m/sec velocity Better handling of flow profile and cross flow issues 1 General Specifications 2 4 3 Pipe Sizes 14 in to 120 in NB ANSI (350 to 3000 mm) Flow Accuracy Velocity One Path Two path High Flow ±1.0 to ±394 ft/s (±0.3 to ±120 m/s) ±2.0% ±1.5% Low Flow ±0.1 to ±1.0 ft/s (±0.03 to ±0.3 m/s) ±0.008 f/s (±0.002 m/s) ± f/s (± m/s) Molecular Weight Accuracy 2 to 120 gr/gr mole ±1.8% of reading Mass Flow Accuracy ±2.7% ±1.9% Repeatability 1 to 394 ft/s (0.3 m/s to 120 m/s) ±0.5 to 1.0% ±0.35 to 0.75% Rangeability (Overall) 3940:1 

21 Low Flow Flare / Cross Flow Performance
CFD Model used to define issue and recommend path configuration 2 cross paths give best solution T17 High power transducer allows long path length in big pipes – increased tolerance to non-perfect flow profile 1 2 2’ 3 3’ 4 4’ A C B D D’ C’ A’ B’ Typical Convection Problem Simulation T17 Transducer

22 Sentinel LCT v2 High Accuracy Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter
Custody Transfer Standard Liquid Flow Measurement

23 Sentinel LCT v2 Summary Sentinel LCT v2 is a custody transfer standard wetted ultrasonic flow meter for measurement of liquids Complete assembly includes: Sentinel™ electronic unit Cast body with integral electrical housing LCT v2 type transducers Advantages to New Design: Cast body includes explosionproof housings for transducers – fully enclosed 4 path chordal design Field replaceable transducers Standard product – fast delivery Viscosity independent measurement General Specifications OIML R117-1 (class 0.3 M2/E2) approval Pipe sizes: 4” to 24” (larger possible) Flange rating: 150# or 300# (PN16 and PN25) Standard materials: CS or SS Accuracy: +/- 0.15% (calibrated) Temperature range: -40 to 120ºC Velocity range: 0.3 to 20 m/s Viscosity: 0.6 to 6600 mPa.s Hazardous area certifications: CSA/FM, ATEX, IECEX 1 2 3

24 RHE16 High Performance Embedded Coriolis Transmitter
High Accuracy Liquid Flow Measurement

25 RHE16 Summary The RHE16 is a high performance Coriolis flow meter transmitter for the accurate measurement of liquids and gases Transmitter includes: Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure Modbus output Status LED’s Advantages to New Design: DIN rail mount for embedded applications Dual temperature input for improved meter mechanism compensation Power consumption less than 1W Standard product – fast delivery Drives all standard GE Rheonik meter bodies Ideal for embedding in control panels/machinery systems 2 1 3 General Specifications 12 to 28Vdc power supply USB port for configuration/service 2 x Configurable frequency/pulse/status outputs 1 x Configurable analog output Zero cutoff configurable to 0% of range Front panel status LED’s PC Software provides access to diagnostics, setup parameters, trending and data-logging


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