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Competition Other types of flow meters Thermal Mass flow competition.

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1 Competition Other types of flow meters Thermal Mass flow competition


3 Flow Meters All of these technologies except Thermal and Coriolis measure flow based on density of the gas at the pressure and temperature when the measurement is made

4 Why measure Mass Flow  Not effected by process changes  Repeatability in flow measurements  Process Operations based on mass balance (mass is conserved)  Combustion is based on mass

5 Orifice Plate PP

6 Orifice Plates  Proven method of flow measurement  Well accepted  Often customer’s first choice

7 Venturi Advantage of a Venturi is much of the pressure loss is recoverable Disadvantage installed cost ΔPΔP

8 Averaging Pitot Tube AKA – Annubar Benefits of sampling velocity at different points. No permanent pressure loss.

9 Averaging Pitot Tube

10 DP vs. Flow Differential Pressure Flow Measurement - Measures flow at operating gas density (actual conditions) - Square root relationship between flow and pressure drop -Poor low flow sensitivity -Limited Turndown - May consumes pressure

11 Vortex Flow Meters  Number of vortices dependent upon Reynolds Number

12 Vortex Meters  In line instrument (few insertion style) –Price increases dramatically with pipe size  Require minimum velocity to generate vortices –Reynolds Number dependent –Poor low flow sensitivity  Measure higher flow rates than Thermal  Not Mass Flow

13 Turbine Flow Meter Pulse output that goes to electronics to calculate flow rate, total flow, or both

14 Turbine Flow Meter Issues: –Moving parts in the flow path  Clean gases only –Measure flow at actual operating conditions  Not mass flow (Need to adjust for gas density) –Pressure Drop

15 Ultrasonic Transit Time  Requires Pressure and Temperature correction  High rangeability  Clamp on design  Expensive

16 Ultrasonic Flare Flow Meter

17 Positive Displacement  Mechanical device – moving parts  Requires clean/dry gas  Pulse output  Totalized flow rather than flow rate  Requires pressure and temperature correction

18 Coriolis Mass Flow Direct Mass Flow –High Accuracy –Very high cost –Limitations on pipe sizes (12 inch maximum) –May not be suitable for low pressure gas flow applications

19 Advantages of Thermal  Mass Flow  Low flow capabilities  Low maintenance  High Turndown  Good accuracy  Excellent repeatability  Easy to install  Lowest cost of ownership


21 Competition  FCI  Sierra Instruments  Fox Thermal  E+H  Kurz Instruments  Magnetrol  Eldridge

22 Sierra Boiler Trak Sierra “Boiler Trak” Low cost flow meter for natural gas measurement. - No Hazardous Area Approvals - Standard Air Correlation calibration - Actual gas calibration extra - Fragile light duty epoxy, glass coated ceramic sensor

23 FCI  ST50/ST51 –Low cost low feature  ST98 –Workhorse for heavy process industry

24 FCI ST100  Many features –Graphic display –Optical touch keypad –Multiple sensor tips –4 conduit openings –2 mA + 1 pulse output –Multiple digital outputs –Optional alarms –4-20 mA input –5 gas calibration –Data logger –Markings on probe Expensive Lot of nice features that few customers need

25 FCI Veri Cal ST100 only

26 Fox FT3 Only checks electronics

27 Other  Calibration verification of other thermal flow meters: –Sierra 640S – connect to computer, only checks electronics –Eldridge – none –Magnetrol – two point – no flow and simulated high flow

28 Calibration Verification  Sage –Insitu calibration –No hardware required –Tests both sensor and electronics –Information on nameplate  No need to find documentation –Accepted by customers

29 Hazardous Area  Class 1 Div 1 Hazardous conditions occur during normal operation Requires rigid conduit and conduit seals

30 Hazardous Area Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous conditions only occur during upset Flexible conduit No seals

31 Hazardous Areas  Only have Class 1 Div 1 Approval –Fox FT3 –FCI ST100 –Sierra 640S –Eldridge Master-Touch

32 Advantage of Sage  In Situ calibration verification  Lowest power consumption  Graphic display  Compact enclosure  Competitive pricing  Real gas calibration  Excellent customer service  Competitive pricing  Good delivery

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