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AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 1 Multiservice Access Solutions Alex Grinshtein Head of the Pre-Sales group APAC,CIS and Africa.

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1 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 1 Multiservice Access Solutions Alex Grinshtein Head of the Pre-Sales group APAC,CIS and Africa

2 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 2 SDH/SONET infrastructure still widespread Ethernet transport and services becoming dominant A World in Transition  More Bandwidth  More Services  Higher Rate  QoS/QoE  Fiber

3 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 3 Challenges Long-Term Plans Manage Migration Economically Heavy Investments OpEx Increase Revenues

4 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 4 Challenges: Carriers and Service Providers Manage Migration Economically  Eliminate CapEx hikes related to increase in number of network devices  Avoid over-burdening network operations and management due to TDM/PSN transport co- existence  Reconcile required investment in SDH/SONET equipment with decommissioning plans  Minimize risk of customer churn when replacing legacy services with IP/Ethernet Increase Customer Base Economically  Extend service reach over diverse First Mile connections

5 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 5 Challenges: Private Network Operators Utilities Transportation Enterprises Manage Migration Economically  Benefit from packet technologies’ lower costs while ensuring service quality for mission-critical applications  Avoid management silos  Continue using legacy installed-base while introducing IP/Ethernet devices  Avoid forced investments in new technologies due to discontinued vendor products

6 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 6 How RAD Addresses the Challenges

7 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 7 Addressing the Challenges Future Ready Increase Service Base Reduce OpEx Eliminate CapEx hikes Manage Migration Economically

8 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 8 Addressing the Challenges: AXCESS + Portfolio E1 T1 FXS FXO E&M ETH V.35 X.21 RS-530 Customer Premises Airmux Broadband Wireless Radios Optimux Fiber Multiplexers ASMi SHDSL Multiplexers & Modems Megaplex Multiservice Access Nodes IPmux TDM Pseudowire Gateways Kilomux Subrate Multiservice Multiplexers Central Site Central Rack Grooming, Multiplexing & Aggregation Copper Wireless Fiber PSN TDM

9 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 9 AXCESS + Value Proposition

10 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 10 Market Presence Carriers, Service Providers and Mobile Operators Energy, Oil/Gas, Water, Mining Co. Transportation Organizations System Integrators & Financial Enterprises

11 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 11 Success Stories Northeast Power Cooperative of Missouri View the video online City of Augsburg View the video online Bezeq Israel Telecom View the video online

12 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 12 Success Stories Bezeq Israel Telecom View the video online For more RAD videos:

13 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 13 A Whole New World Low-speed Services Bandwidth Multiple vendors SDH/SONET commonly deployed ETH is spreading Bandwidth is booming ETH dominant technology PRESENTHybrid FUTURE All ETH PAST Core & Services PDH/SDH /SONET Infrastructure & Service

14 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 14 Applications

15 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 15 First Mile Connectivity and Service Extension Increase service coverage and customer reach over any access Flexible aggregation and grooming with high granularity from DS0 to STM-4/OC-12 Rich offering: Multiservice multiplexers and access nodes, ADMs, cross connects, DSL/fiber modems and wireless radios Cost-efficient migration path from legacy TDM to next-generation PSN Unified RADview management system for all CPE and central-site devices SDH/ SONET Megaplex-4100/ LRS-102 RICi PBX n x ETH Optimux-106/ Optimux-108/ Optimux-108L n x E1/T1 FO Airmux ETH Wireless ASMi-54L n x E1 FE SHDSL.bis GbE n x E1/T1 Megaplex-4100 FE 120 km/75 miles n x E1/T1 ETH SDH/ SONET STM-1/OC-3 STM-4/OC-12 PSN n x FE Optimux-106/ Optimux-108 n x E1/T1 FE FO SHDSL.bis ASMi-54 n x E1/T1 FE N MS

16 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 16 Physical View Compact 4U high, 19” modular chassis, 2 AC or DC power supply slots 2 Common Logic combined with SDH/SONET and Ethernet processors and uplinks Redundant common logic, power supply and IO modules. Separate Ethernet and TDM star topology backplane to all IO modules, DS1/DS0 Cross connect, up to 4*STM-1/STM-4 or OC-3/OC-12, Up to 4*GbE 10 IO hot-swappable modules slots, maximum configurations: *160 E1/T1 ports, *160 analog voice channels, *120 serial interfaces,*30 Fast Ethernet ports (SFP/UTP), *80 xDSL links, *20 fiber links (multiplexed TDM+Ethernet) 2 Power supplies 2 Common Logic Ethernet/TDM processing cards With SONET/SDH and GbE network ports 10x IO modules 10 IO modules 4U (6.8”)

17 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 17 MP-4100 – Feature Highlights Multiservice – Voice, Data, Ethernet Fiber and copper aggregation Bridges TDM and PSN networks (both directions!) Powerful T1/E1 DS0/DS1 cross-connect GbE and SDH/SONET (with VCAT support) Carrier grade resiliency –Common Logic (CPU) redundancy –Power supply redundancy –SDH/SONET and GbE uplink redundancy –DS1 and higher level hierarchy protection –Ring resiliency Optimized system latency Traffic protection switching within 50 ms MP-4100

18 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 18 Benefits and RAD’s Advantages Customer Benefits Reduce OPEX/CAPEX by using a single aggregation device for diverse services Increase service flexibility: –Single-box solution for copper and fiber optic –Multiservice support (Ethernet, E1, Serial) –High-density central solution for transparent traffic delivery and aggregation RAD Advantages Complete access solutions for both copper and fiber in the same rack –Seamless integration of PDH/SDH/SONET with PSN services and backbones (MP4100) Aggregate SHDSL.bis over any infrastructure (Ethernet/SDH/PDH) Maximize rack capacity with up to 96 E1 and/or 24 Ethernet ports (LRS-102) Alternative and Incumbent Service Providers Success Stories

19 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 19 Access SHDSLbis 2-8w PABX Router PABX E1-PRI FE Customer Premises E1’s FE/GbE LRS-102/4100 ASMi-54L ASMi54L-RT ASMi-52 ASMi-54L SHDSLbis 2-8w SHDSL Customer Benefits: Leverage exiting copper infrastructure to provide Managed High speed Eth services (up to 22 Mbps) in addition to the E1 PRI’s Reduce Opex/Cpax by supporting Ethernet aggregation functionality ( card level –LRS, or Chasis level –MP-4100) Reduce capex by having High speed Eth+E1 over the same DSL RAD Advantages: Cost effective CPE for Eth over SHDSL bis services with built in Router option Providing to solutions options for the Aggregation site : Transparent rack or Aggregation rack for Eth+TDM traffic. High SHDSLbis port capacity at the central rack India, AirTel NG Last Mile Solutions over DSL PSN SDH (PSTN) POP E1 PRI

20 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 20 TKL, Kenya – Ethernet and Leased line services DXC-100 ETX-1002 ASMI-52 E1 ETH Copper FE Fiber SDH Network STM-1 GbE MPLS Network TKL POP NMS Customer Benefits: Leased Line service over copper and Fiber Ethernet services on single device Single Aggregation box for TDM and Eth services Variety of interfaces for future expansion RAD Advantage: Scalable Aggregation platform (MP-4100) that support legacy services (Leased line) with built in NGN services (ETH/IP based) Powerful cross connect for Any to Any services Remote POPs GbE STM-1 MP-4100

21 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 21 UTL Uganda Telecom – Leased Line Services SDH Huawei MP-4100 ASMi-52 Modem New Bridge Existing SHDSLX.21 Cisco IP Backbone E1’s X.21 (n x 64 kbps 256 kbps) STM-1 E1 MP-4100 ASMi-52 X.21 MP-4100 ASMi-52 X.21 E1 ETH E1 SHDSL NMS (SC TDM) Customer Benefits: Maintain the legacy Leased line service with migration path to new services (over PSN) with the same platform Reduce the Opex by using End-to-End service center management, provides End-to-End provisioning and Monitoring up to the CPE level. Flexibility in ports, of the MP-4100. RAD Advantage: Scalable platform (MP-4100) that support legacy services (Leased line) with built in NGN services (ETH/IP based) for smooth migration to PSN Price advantage and support maintains vs Old Newbridge platform – ”Mainstreet” (discontinued) RV-SCTDM for End-to-End Management

22 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 22 E1s GbE SONATEL Senegal Ethernet and E1 over DSL Customer Benefits: E1 TDM and Ethernet over the same E1 Centralized solution with management Variety of access technologies and devices Same equipments for both fixed and cellular networks RAD Advantages: Single management Scalable solution Unique Solution: SHDSL concentrator with Gigabit Ethernet uplink Megaplex-4100 with M8SL Cards Large PoP IP/ETH Network STM-1 ETH ASMi-52 BTS E1 ASMi-52 BTS E1 ASMi-52 Router LAN PC Small PoP LRS-24 with ASMi-52 Cards TDM Network Cisco 7000 SHDSL ETH X.21 ASMi-52 BTS E1 ASMi-52 BTS E1 ASMi-52 Router LAN PC SHDSL ETH X.21 BSC E1s GSM Traffic Data Traffic

23 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 23 E1 2W SHDSL 2/4W SHDSL ETH Router ATM MP-4100 ASMi-52 Branch GbE GT-IP/MPLS VLANx VLANy VLANz POP ASMi-52 PDH ETH ASMi-52 Router GbE MP-4100 POP E1 ETH 2/4W SHDSL ETH Router ATM ASMi-52 Branches ASMi-52 PDH ETH ASMi-52 2W SHDSL Customer Benefits: Branches connectivity over any existing Last Mile infrastructure: Copper, PDH and Wireless Reduce CapEx/OpEx by leveraging existing infrastructure for providing ETH/IP connectivity for the branches over new IP-MPLS network, enabling fast delivery RAD Advantages: Support ETH services over any available access infrastructure Complete Access solution with Aggregation platform (MP-4100), Aggregate any ETH/IP traffic coming from DSL, PDH, Wireless towards IP/MPLS Network. Router ATM ETH Airmux Router PDH E1 RICi-E1Airmux E1 Branch Vodafone Ghana, Ethernet services Aggregation over variety of Access infrastructure

24 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 24 Market Presence Carriers, Service Providers and Mobile Operators

25 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 25 Substation Multiservice Connectivity Multiple service connectivity over any infrastructure Lower CapEx by using a single-box solution and lower OpEx by converging services and optimizing bandwidth utilization Migration of non-critical and mission-critical services to PSN, saving forklift costs and ensuring a future-proof solution Continued support for legacy services and obsolete vendor replacement Control Center STM-1/OC-3 MP-4100 Airmux-200 SCADA MP-2100 E1/T1 ETH Teleprotection SCADA Voice SHDSL MP-2100 SCADA PBX Voice STM-1 SCADA Voice OP-106/8 ASMi-54 PSN GbE MP-4100 SHDSL.Bis MP-4100 E1 Ring Teleprotection PBX Voice MP-2100 FCD-IP MP-4100 Fiber PBX MP-4100

26 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 26 Substation Multiservice Connectivity Multiple service connectivity over any infrastructure Lower CapEx by using a single-box solution and lower OpEx by converging services and optimizing bandwidth utilization Migration of non-critical and mission-critical services to PSN, saving forklift costs and ensuring a future-proof solution Continued support for legacy services and obsolete vendor replacement Increased SDH/SONET capacity !!! Control Center STM-4/OC-12 MP-4100 Airmux-200 SCADA MP-2100 E1/T1 ETH Teleprotection SCADA Voice SHDSL MP-2100 SCADA PBX Voice STM-1 SCADA Voice OP-106/8 ASMi-54 GbE MP-4100 SHDSL.Bis MP-4100 E1 Ring Teleprotection PBX Voice MP-2100 FCD-IP MP-4100 Fiber PBX MP-4100 PSN

27 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 27 352 x RTU 4w Distribution RTU Transmission RTU PowerGrid, Singapore Resilience SDH Network for SCADA Transmission Customer Benefits: Resilience SDH Network with no single point of failure for RTU/SCADA Transmission Two backup HQ sites (disaster recovery) with NMS Backup RAD Advantages: Single MUX for PDH and SDH solution NMS with E2E provisioning and backup capabilities, Redundant NMS MP-4100 Control Center Ayer Rajah MP-4100 Control Center Backup (Kallang) MP-4100 Active NMS RV-SC/TDM Backup NMS RV-SC/TDM MP-4100 Distribution RTU Transmission RTU Transmission Center 2 Transmission Center 1 STM-1 4w 160 x RTU 4w 160 x RTU 4w Distribution RTU Transmission RTU 4w Distribution Center STM-1

28 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 28 LS+Voice ML-IP Cisco Switches LS+Voice 4 Central Sites Customer Benefits: Reduce CAPEX/Opex by leveraging exiting infrastructure for providing ETH/IP connectivity for the Railway stations over new IP-MPLS network RAD Advantage: TDM multiplexing integrated with Ethernet switching for voice, fax and sync/async data transfer over Ethernet or IP networks Megaplex-2100 ML-IP LS+Voice Megaplex-2100 Total of 75 Stations Megaplex-4100 Megaplex-2100 ML-IP Megaplex-4100 Jernbaneverket, Norway – Data Traffic Aggregation over IP

29 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 29 Market Presence Energy, Oil/Gas, Water, Mining Co. Transportation Organizations System Integrators & Financial Enterprises

30 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 30 Extending TDM and Ethernet over Fiber, Copper and Wireless links Ethernet TDM Ethernet TDM Optimux ASMi-5x AirMux

31 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 31 ASMi Product Line Table

32 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 32 CPEs – Products Evolution

33 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 33 ASMi-52 Family Varied user interfaces: E1, V35, X.21, ETH Enable single or dual interface in the same product Several management options DTS, ETH out of band port, SNMP,ConfiguRAD Both AC and DC (48v) on the same power supply Saving inventory Alarm relay for major and minor alarms Optional port Repeaters Long distance for 2w option Answering market need : Matching features with our competitors cost effective solution

34 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 34 ASMi-54L – Product Overview Feature list: Low cost SHDSL.bis over 2W and 4W Fully compatible with ASMi-54 E1 port in addition to 4 ETH ports Mux capabilities over 2W and 4W up to 11.4Mbps Plastic box with wide range power supply Key selling points: Cost effective SHDSL.bis modem over 2W & 4W Efficient - dual services in one modem High bandwidth of ETH and E1 for multiservice applications Easily managed

35 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 35 ASMi-54/54L ETH Functionality WAN Protocol –HDLC mode – for E1 & ETH over SHDSL.bis by dual bearer mode VLAN Mode –Stacking/stripping based on 802.1D MAC,802.1Q VLAN –Quality of service (QOS)on the DSL egress direction Fault Propagation –From SHDSL to user interface and vice versa Estimated Distance –Estimated distance @ 5,696Kbit/s – 2.6Km - with noise free @26AWG cable

36 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 36 ASMi-54L Router – Product Overview Feature List: Bridging and integrated router – packet forwarding according to static routing table NAT/NAPT –Static/dynamic NAT, selective NAT –NAPT – LAN-to-WAN and LAN-to-DMZ Security – Firewall, stateful packet inspection IP Quality of Service – IP classification and priority VPN – Based on IP-Sec

37 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 37 MP-4100 PoP Diverse Application: Extending the Mobile Coverage ASMi Fiber extension IP Node B BTS Site Airmux BTS Site BTS Optimux/IPMux E1/T1 TDM Ethernet IP Node B BTS Site BTS BSC RNC IP Node B BTS E1/T1 TDM Ethernet E1/T1 TDM Ethernet STM-1/OC-3c SONET/ SDH Bonded Copper extension Sub-6 GHz Wireless extension n x E1/T1 ETH Customer Benefits: End-to-end RAD solution for any infrastructure Best cost per Mbps solution Winning Points: MP-4100 with dual uplink ASMi – 2.6km with up to 22Mbps Optimux – transparent TDM and independent clocking support

38 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 38 Diverse Application: ASMi-54 as Mini-DSLAM Feature list: Up to 4 x E1 & 4 x ETH ports with combined throughput of up to 22 Mbps Multipoint capabilities up to 4 modems at the remote site QoS, stacking and stripping Wide range of management options TDM ETH E1 Node B BTS 2w 4 ETH 5.7 Mbps 4 E1 ASMi-54 ASMi-54L ETH E1 Node B BTS ASMi-54L ETH E1 Node B BTS ASMi-54L ETH E1 Node B BTS ASMi-54L 2w 5.7 Mbps 2w 5.7 Mbps 2w 5.7 Mbps BSC RNC PSN

39 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 39 AIS Thailand – LAN Service Over DSL, Back-Up over Wire-Less Customer Needs: Extend Ethernet services via variety type of last mile media i.e. SDH, Copper and Wireless Cost-effective, high speed network service for LAN connection Datacenter connectivity over long distance Customer Benefits: Enable enterprise users to enjoy distance, high bandwidth and symmetric data transmission Get more network availability through redundant wireless link as backup End-to-end connectivity solutions Centralize Management IP MPLS Cloud SDH Cloud Data Center E1 to ETH converter RiCi-E1 G.Biz Modem Router Wireless Backup Link (Standby) 5.76 Mbps via Modem Airmux 620+ ASMi-54L units ASMi-54L Router ASMi-54L RiCi-E1 ASMi-54L RiCi-E1 ASMi-54L Airmux

40 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 40 Globe Telecom, Philippines E1 and V35 Leased Line Services over MSAN (Huawei UA5000) via PSN PSN MetroE GbE Huawei MSAN-UA5000 Get Clock from BITS Get Clock from PW module TDM PWE3 TDM SHDSLE1 ASMi-52 E1’s SDH Network Customer Benefits: Reduce OPEX&CAPEX by migration of Leased line service over NGN backbone (MSAN/PSN). Leveraging the MSAN architecture (normally used for ADSL,VDSL,VoIP) for Leased line services also. RAD Advantages: Remote management Configuration/Monitoring and Diagnostic from the Huawei NMS to the ASMi-52 Wide rang of interface (V35/E1) Vast install base : ASMi52 vs Huawei UA-5000 (Optus Australia, Digitel Philippines) Huawei NMS TDM SHDSLV.35 ASMi-52 Huawei MSAN-UA5000

41 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 41 SHDSL DTE configuration

42 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 42 Loopbacks diagnostics – From Huawei BMS to RAD CPE

43 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 43 Optimux Product Line Table

44 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 44 Uplink: Fiber optic Size: 1U high, half 19’’ wide Power supply: Wide range (AC/DC) / DC fixed -48VDC Tributaries Version1: 4 x E1( balanced/unbalanced ) channels Version 2: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet + MNG Management Version 1: Dip Switches for basic functionality, loops, MDIX Version 2: SNMP agent, Telnet, RADview Network Management System and remote management using in-band channel Optimux-108L – Product Overview Version 1: GA Released Version 2: Beta 11/09

45 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 45 Optimux-125/134 Uplink: Coax or fiber link Tributaries: 16 x E1 or T1, 10/100BaseT user Ethernet, single V.35 Size: 1U 19’’ chassis Power supply: Wide range (100-240VAC & –48VDC) System redundancy: Optional secondary power supply and SFP based main link Management: SNMP agent, ASCII terminal. RADview Network Management System. Remote management using in-band channel. Backward compatible to current OP-25/34 via Activation Key OP-125 Ethernet (Mbps) OP-25 Ethernet (Mbps) T1 Ports 100016 100612 100128 100184 100240 OP-134 Ethernet (Mbps) OP-34 Ethernet (Mbps) E1 Ports 100016 100812 100168 100244 100320 Q1 2010

46 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 46 Example application: 2G/3G Mobile over Leased Fibers Save Opex by converging TDM and Ethernet over shared fiber Simple, fast and easy to deploy 2G BTS Optimux-34 ETH n x E1 ETH Leased Fiber RADview EMS/PC n x E1 RNC BSC 3G NodeB

47 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 47 Aggregation Room E1’s Bezeq-SDH E1’s (With ISDN) V5.2 Alcatel-S12 E1’s Analog Voice (2w/4w/LB) E1’s E1 SHDSL 2W Analog POTS (2W/4W) ISDN (“U”) Aggregation Room STM-1 N.B DACS E1’s 6W 4W E&M Analog LB MP-4100 FXS/FXO ASMi-52 ISDN-NT PBX TADIMUX (Existing) N112 2W LB 4W E&M FXS/FXO 2W LB N.B DACS E1’s 6W TADIMUX (Existing) N112 4W E&M FXS/FXO 2W LB E1 SHDSL 2W Analog POTS (2W/4W) ISDN (“U”) 4W E&M Analog LB MP-2100 FXS/FXO ASMi-52 ISDN-NT PBX MP-2100 Router IP VPN Backup IP VPN Backup Router Customer Benefits: Maintaining the Legacy &Special services while moving to NGN networks Keep huge customer installed based RAD Advantages: Variety of legacy services (POTS,ISDN,DSL) in single chassis. Smooth migration to NGN Networks (PWE capabilities) Interoperability with the exiting old Muxes Bezeq, Israel – Megaplex Project Speical services-Bypass NGN

48 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 48 Emulated Legacy Services over PSN and/or DSL E1/T1 SHDSL (ATM) Customer Premises IPmux-L Fast Ethernet/GbE PBX Gateway Gmux-2000/155l GbE TDM STM-1/OC-3 CO/POP Emulated TDM Service (pseudowire) SHDSLbis EFM E1 PBX LA-110/PW ETH V.35/ X.21 E1 LA-210/PWE PBX ETH IP DSLAM PSN ETH

49 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 49 Emulated Legacy Services and Ethernet over Copper DSL Single access link for both Ethernet and E1/T1 services, utilizing DSLAM/MSAN infrastructure Ensure legacy service quality and transparent delivery with standards-based TDM pseudowire emulation End-to-end SLAs and service control by employing IEEE 802.1ag and Y.1731Ethernet OAM mechanisms Branch A PBX LAN LA-210 E1/T1 ETH Packet Switched Network DSLAM Headquarters PBX LAN LA-210 E1/T1 ETH VDSL2 4 x SHDSL.bis EFM Bonding SHDSL.bis EFM Branch B PBX LAN LA-210 E1/T1 ETH

50 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 50 VendorIPDSLAM/MSANVersion SHDSLbis/EFM Module TDM PWE IOT DeploymentPoC UA-5000 V100R017H603SHLB CX-600 MA-5600T V800R006C0 2SPC100 H802SHLB ISAM 7302 Form R3.3 and above NSLT-A 7750 SR / 7705 SAR Surpass hiX 5622/25/30/35 Ver. 2.8IU:SHDSL:48:E MileGate 2300 SHDSLbis SUSE1 LA-210 – DSLAM Interoperability

51 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 51 Circuit Emulation for Leased Line and LAN Services over Ethernet Use circuit emulation to seamlessly deliver Leased Line services (TDM and serial data) and LAN traffic over new Ethernet and packet transport. Quick, low-cost and non-disruptive migration of PSTN access and PBX backhaul to economical packet switched networks with RAD’s TDM pseudowire solutions. SDH/ SONET PSTN IPmux-155L RADview Service Center Telephony Switch Service POP Gmux-2000 n x E1/T1 n x Ch. T3 n x Ch. STM-1/OC-3 Ethernet/IP/ MPLS Network GbE IPmux-1E Fixed Wireless Analog FXS E1/T1 LAN FE Small/Medium Enterprise IPmux-24/ IPmux-216 LAN FE/GbE E1/T1 Large Enterprise GbE IPmux-2L/ IPmux-4L Serial E1/T1 LAN FE GbE IPmux-24/ IPmux-216 LAN FE/GbE E1/T1 GbE 4 x E1/T1 PBX LAN FE/GbE IPmux-24 Multi-tenant Office Building

52 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 52 IPmux-2L Customer Benefits: Reduce Opex/Capex, flexible CPE for Leased line services over Fiber and next generation PSN Migration of Leased line services (V35/E1) to PSN network by using the built in PWE technology RAD Advantages: Simple solution that fits the customer requirement Future proof, built in pseudo-wire technology for smooth migration to PSN. Wide range of interfaces (E1,V35,Eth) in a single box FO FE (Fiber) FE (Fiber) IPmux-2L E1 V.35 ETH E1 V.35 ETH HCMC Telecom, Vietnam – Leased Line Services over Dark Fiber Gmux-2000/ IPmux-155L GbE BD PTT TDM Network ADM Metro Ethernet FO Up to 128 x E1 RV-EMS FO Phse#1 IPmux-2L E1 V.35 ETH Phse#2 IPmux-2L E1 V.35 ETH

53 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 53 ETH PABX Router IPmux-2L Serial/V35 E1 FE Router IPmux-2L E1 FE StarHub, Singapore – Leased Line over NC PSN Network Customer Benefits: Extend Starhub Coverage/Customer reach for Leased line services ( E1/V35) via the new Newcluess connect network ( whole Singapore coverage) RAD Advantages: Variety of User/Network interfaces (E1, V35, STM-1,FE,GbE) with PWE support Advanced NMS with Traps notification/forwarding via E-Mail Supports AC/DC source in same unit Nucleus Connect Core Network ETH StarHub Access Network Management EMS PABX Router IPmux-2L n x E1 or Ch. STM-1 IPmux-155L Users in TARHUB CO Serial/V35 E1 FE GbE Router IPmux-2L E1 FE

54 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 54 Edatel: Ethernet Ring Topology for Ethernet and TDM – PoC Central Site GbE Ring G.8032 Cell Sites (Nodes B + BTS + LTE) and Corporate Sites IPmux-4L/A 4 x FE + 1 x GbE ETX-26 Cell Site 4 x E1 1+1 STM-1 GbE, FE SDH Cell + Corporate Site 4 x FE IPmux-155L ETX-26 Cell Site 4 x FE PBX and VoIP Note: Under Homologation Customer Benefits: Same provider for nodes with and without circuits OPEX savings by reducing the number of FO links but keeping protection RAD Advantage: Standard G.8032, allowing coexistence of ETX and IPMUX in the same ring Future proof solution for migration to full packet switching

55 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 55 BSC n x E1 VTI, Vietnam Mobile backhaul over IP VSAT Customer Benefits: Enabled VTI to provide excellent mobile backhaul service for mobile operators over IPSAT to rural areas, expanding their service reach and subscriber base Flexible solution when customer migrates existing aggregator to another location RAD Advantages: Advanced clock recovery maintains excellent voice quality which increases the cellular operator’s competitiveness, and reduces costs over IP sat compared to E1 sat links (Over VSAT) IPmux-24A FE E1 IPmux-24A RADview GE/FE 3 x IPmux-216 Remote Site #1 Remote Site #2 Remote Site #50 VTI1 (Hanoi) BSC n x E1 GE/FE VTI3 (Danang) IP 3 x IPmux-216

56 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 56 GPON Based Mobile Backhaul Solution for China Unicom BLM 1500 OLT n T202G ONT T063G ONT 2:8 Splitter 4 x E1 1 x FE+4xE1 申联大厦 3418/P7 山海天 3206/P7 1 x STM-1 GE SFP Sanya CO T202G ONT Cell Site Customer A T720G ONT Clock sync Internet and Voice Service Clock recovered from E1 x1 GE LX x1 GE Gmux-2000 Clock sync use E1 RBS SYRNC01 3810P7 RNC BRAS Customer Benefits: Leverage GPON infrastructure for cellular backhaul and leased line replacement Saving E1 lines by shifting mobile and LL traffic onto the hi capacity and low cost of operation PON RAD Advantage: Ultra low latency meets strict requirements of GPON Competitive price Scalable solution fit customer requirements Mature CO PWE GW for carrier grade svc requirements Local support from RAD China

57 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 57 Legacy and Ethernet co-existence New services over existing infrastructure Co-existence of network generation Future migration to an all packet network OC-12/ STM-4 SDH/SONET Substations NOC X.21 V.35 E1/T1 n x E1/T1 Analog RTU NMS VoIP Data ETH NMS VoIP Data GbE PDH Mux ETH OC-12/ STM-4 GbE PSN MP-4100 PDH Mux MP-4100

58 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 58 Example application ISDN over TDM and PSN ISDN as service terminated by carrier Migration was inevitable: first to E1 leased lines and later to a packet network SDH Network PSN TDM pseudowire MP-4100 MP-2104 ISDN FE FE/GbE E1 E1/STM-1 x x

59 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 59 Fiber and Copper Aggregation for Carriers & Service Providers -- Application Transport TDM and Ethernet from multiple branches over fiber and/or copper to a central site, and aggregate the traffic towards SDH/SONET and/or PSN Branch Router PBX OP-108 FE E1 Router Branch Router FCD-IP Branch SHDSL.bis FO E1 FE ASMi-54 MP-4100 NMS Central Office GbE SDH/ SONET STM-1/OC-3 STM-4 OC-12 PSN

60 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 60 FE E1 Customer A Example application: Ethernet and TDM Services over Copper or Fiber Business services over existing fiber and copper IP/MPLS GBE MP-4100 GBE GE NMS Internet FE Customer B OP-108 ASMi-54 FE Customer C ASMi-52 SHDSL GE FO Link SHDSL FE E1 Customer A FE Customer B OP-108 ASMi-54 FE Customer C ASMi-52 SHDSL FO Link MP-4100 SHDSL

61 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 61 RAD’s AXCESS + Skill Set Standards Support Carrier-Grade Redundancy Access Expertise Technologies: PDH, SDH/SONET, Ethernet, DSL Media: Fiber, Copper, MW Access Expertise Technologies: PDH, SDH/SONET, Ethernet, DSL Media: Fiber, Copper, MW

62 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 62 Why Choose RAD’s

63 AXCESS + PM2010 Slide 63 Thank You For Your Attention

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