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MP-4100 –Multiservice next Generation Platform Alex Grinshtein Senior Pre-Sales Manager

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1 MP-4100 –Multiservice next Generation Platform Alex Grinshtein Senior Pre-Sales Manager

2 Innove MSN Slide 2 MP-4100 NG Access Platform  Reduce number of access equipment types DXC + MP-2100 + Optimux to One Platform Re-use of the existing MP I/O modules  Enhanced capabilities of one integrated solution Large non-blocking matrix (4/1/0) Advanced Ethernet handling capabilities “Ng ADM” support (GFP, VCAT, LCAS…)  Maintain E1,SHDSL, DSL and n*64Kbps access capabilities ASMi-52, ASMi-31  Ensure migration path to future Packet switched network (Metro Eth, IP/MPLS) with GbE Uplink, Advanced VLAN support etc.

3 Innove MSN Slide 3 MP-4100 General Product Description  Integrated packet and circuit switched access node TDM and Ethernet data planes  Wide range of I/O modules High and low speed Data, Analog/Digital Voice and Video Use of existing I/O modules from MP-2100  TDM and Ethernet uplinks TDM: STM-1 and n*E1 Ethernet: Copper or Fiber FE and GbE  Enhanced Ethernet capabilities Per flow classification, policing, rate limiting and queuing  Efficient Ethernet traffic transmission over SDH GFP/LAPS, VCAT and LCAS

4 Innove MSN Slide 4 MP-4100 Modular I/O Architecture 4U, 19” unit rack 10 I/O slots 2 (fully redundant) CLX cards ( CLX card contains : CPU,Cross Connect matrix, STM-1 and GBE Uplink 2 (fully redundant) AC or DC power supplies

5 Innove MSN Slide 5 MP-4100 Winning points 4U (Small Foot print) Single chassis with Up to 80xSHDSL ports. Direct grooming of SHDSL to SDH/STM-1 and/or GBE Up links 4/1/0 Cross connect matrix with switching capacity of up to 240x E1’s With Inter-POP TDM and Ethernet traffic switching “Any port, any Channel, any service “ over SHDSL: E1, V35, ETH, Service : PPP,HDLC, FR,TDM Support STM-1 Uplink and/or GbE Up to 80  E1/T1 ports per chassis Up to 120 data ports per chassis (with n  64 or sub-DS0 rates) Up to 160 analog voice ports per chassis Ethernet over SHDSL/E1/T1 termination Ethernet access concentrator with GbE or VCAT uplink A/ μ Low conversion support Full hardware redundancy End to End Management, Up to the NTU Next Generation platform supports Legacy and new services (Ethernet/IP) over existing (SDH/ATM)backbones and new Ethernet/MPLS/IP backbones.

6 Innove MSN Slide 6 MP-4100 CLX Module CLX-1 - Cross connect matrix only CLX-1/GBE - Cross connect matrix and aggregator to GBE Uplink CLX-1/155 - Cross connect /aggregator with Channelized STM-1/OC-3 uplink CLX-1/155/GBE - Cross connect /aggregator with hybrid option GBE and STM-1/OC-3 uplink. CLX module contains : CPU,Cross connect Matrix, STM-1 and GBE interfaces

7 Innove MSN Slide 7 MP-4100 Supported I/O card ML-8 8 port T1/E1 (Frame/Unframed) MSL-8/4 4/8 port G.SHDSL (Opposite ASMi-52/FCD-IP) HS-6N/12N 6/12 port High speed nx64K (V35/X21/V36/V24) HSU-6/126/12 port IDSL-2B1Q (Opposite ASMi-31) HS-ETH/SW4 10/100 BaseT port Enhanced Eth module HS-R 4 ports low speed module (V24/V28,1.2-64Kbps) LS-12/6N 6/12 port low speed card (V24/V28,1.2-64Kbps) VC-16/8/4 16/8/4 Analog port voice FXS/FXO/E&M HS-703 4x 64k G703 Co directional. VF-60 24/30/48/60 ch. E1 Digital voice compression module VID 1/2 Video inputs per module MPEG-4 based

8 Innove MSN Slide 8 Legacy Traffic handling Support of various legacy traffic types like Analog and digital Voice, ISDN, low XDSL & high speed data Mapping of Legacy traffic to E1’s or/and SONET/SDH uplink 4/1/0 Cross connect matrix With Inter-POP TDM and Ethernet traffic switching Switching capacity of up to 240  32 DS0 between I/O cards and 84  32 DS0 toward an aggregate uplink VC3/VC12 Retiming, monitoring and cross connect TDM traffic convergence to packet switched network based on TDMoIP technology Mapping options - VC-4, VC-3, STS-1, VT-1.5

9 Innove MSN Slide 9 One/Two STM-1/OC3 uplinks Up to 63E1/84T1 PDH payload T1 PDH mapping on SDH Up to 63  VC12, 84  VT1.5, 3  VC-3, 1  VC-4 LAN payload Hot-swap and field-selectable optical interfaces (SFP). The fiber interfaces are based on standard field-replaceable modules VC-3/VC-12/VC11 cross-connect between the links Full redundancy – 1+1 APS SDH TM ADM/Ring Functionality SDH/SONET Up link

10 Innove MSN Slide 10 Ethernet Traffic Handling Ethernet tributary inputs can be via two options:  E1,SHDSL or IDSL port connected to CPE with ETH/IP support (FCD- E1L, FCD ‑ IP,ASMi-52)  Direct connection to the ETH modules, 10/100 Eth (copper and fiber interface). Ethernet switching, aggregation and classification Transmission of aggregated Ethernet flows over GbE (VLAN based) and/or SDH with GFP/VCAT

11 Innove MSN Slide 11 MP-4100 CLX – Traffic Flow SDH Mapper SDH Mapper L2/L3 ETH Switch L2/L3 ETH Switch ETH Mapper ETH Mapper SDH Cross Connect (VC-12) SDH Cross Connect (VC-12) SDH Framer SDH Framer DS0 Cross Connect STM-1 (SFP) GBE MSL-8 (SHDSL) Serial,ETH,E1 Over Nx64K Bundles) ASMi52 I/O CLX ETH E1/Serial (TDMoIP)

12 Innove MSN Slide 12 Per Flow Ethernet Traffic Handling Flow classification per Port and VLAN Traffic shaping/policing – according to color schemes, dual leaky bucket supporting CIR/PIR per flow (RFC- 2698) Traffic prioritization – 4 priorities per flow Ingress/Egress traffic rate limiting VLAN handling - add/remove/replace of tags, VLAN stacking (Q in Q)

13 Innove MSN Slide 13 L2 Switch (Built in the CLX) Capabilities MAC address self-learning, up to 12,000 MAC addresses using internal table Supports port-based VLAN, tagged-based VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q), and protocol-based VLAN (802.1v) Supports up to 4000 VLANs VLAN tag insertion and stripping selectable on a per port, per VLAN basis Supports multiple VLAN tags (VLAN stacking or Q-in-Q) Classifies packets based on multiple fields : Source and destination MAC addresses DSAP/SSAP VLAN Traffic flow based actions Forwarding to specified ports Filtering Metering and traffic policing Reassigning QoS fields (TOS/DS and/or 802.1p)

14 Innove MSN Slide 14 HW Redundancy and Protection Full hardware redundancy (CLX, PS, E1 modules) Traffic protection switching within 50 ms Full hot swap for ALL supported modules 1+1 APS Redundancy for OC3/STM1 links Chain and ring support by SONET/SDH interfaces STM-1/OC-3 ring support, including APS E1 Dual and “Y” cable redundancy

15 Innove MSN Slide 15 Road Map Version 1.5xx GBE Uplink Support - For ETH traffic grooming and concentration (ETH coming form the SHDSL/E1 modules or Direct connection via the HS-ETH/SW module) over GBE Uplink ( based on standard VLAN ID multiplexing. Version 2.xx E3/DS3 support, Tributary and Up link modules TDMoIP support (pseudowire ) over the GBE Uplink

16 Innove MSN Slide 16

17 Innove MSN Slide 17 SHDSL Access for SDH Networks NMS MP-4100 STM-1 ASMi-52 2W Up to 80 SHDSL Ports  Direct STM-1 connectivity to the SDH  Each MP-4100 box can support up to 80xE1 over SHDSL  Integrated Management over DCC via XDM based network MP-4100 ASMi-52 2W Up to 80 SHDSL Ports STM-1 SDH

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