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TIGERBOT MECHANICAL DESIGN Kyle Backer (EE), Jeremy Jensen (ME), Matthew DeCapua (EE), Eric Walkama (ME), Mike Thomas (EE), Jonathan Cormier (CE), John.

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1 TIGERBOT MECHANICAL DESIGN Kyle Backer (EE), Jeremy Jensen (ME), Matthew DeCapua (EE), Eric Walkama (ME), Mike Thomas (EE), Jonathan Cormier (CE), John Seybold (CE)

2 Overview 2 DOF in Head 4 DOF/Arm 1 DOF in Torso 6 DOF/ Leg

3 CHECKLIST Spec. #ImportanceSourceFunction Specification (metric) S13CN9F1-F4,F720"-36" tall S21CN10F1-F7Carry 25% of own weight S32CN11F5,F6DOF per arm S43CN11F1, F2, F3DOF per leg S52CN11F4, F1DOF Torso S63CN12F13Head turn up/down -45 degress to 90 degrees S73CN12F13Head turn 90 degrees left/right S82CN11F1torso bends 90 degrees down S92CN11F4Torso turns 45% S102CN11F1-F7Human proportionality S111CN13F1-F3, F5Servos from the market

4 BODY DIMENSIONS ~25.5” Tall (feet to shoulder) 10” Shoulder Width 2.5” Torso Width

5 Custom Servo Brackets 4 Simple brackets for multiple servo mounting orientations ◦Side mount ◦Bottom mount ◦Large “C” bracket  Single plane dual axis rotation ◦Shoulder Rotation Side Mount Bottom Mount Large “C” Shoulder Rotation

6 LINKS & BRACKET INTEGRATION Simple Aluminum rods, ¼” Cut to length  Height adjustability Very cheap (~$7 per 6ft) Integrates into standard servo brackets. Simple 6-32x1/2” machine screws for assembly Custom Brackets Store bought Brackets Arm Assembly

7 HIP DESIGN Ball Bearing ◦Axial and Radial Loads ◦Low rotation friction ◦Ball Bearings are cheap Reduce stress on servo horn ◦Increased hip Stiffness -Green Rotation -Gray Static

8 TORQUE REQUIREMENTS T1 T2 T3 Squat T3 F Leg Lift Push up F/2 Te

9 TORQUE RESULTS ROBOARD SERVO SPECS Standard size digital servo Torque @7.4V: 35.0 kg-cm/486.0 oz-in Speed: 0.11 sec/60º Voltage: 6 to 7.4V Weight: 70g leg lift (1 leg)Squat (2 leg) Torque at HipAnkleKnee MAX (lb-in)14.4440296118.7491118.73543 (oz-in)231.1044738299.9858299.7669 FS2.0769827261.6000761.601244 Elbow Torque F (lbs)5.118229269 in-lb16.53188054 oz-in264.5100886 FS1.837359031 weight (lbs) foot (ALL)1.4708 Lower Leg Links0.0415 Knee servo0.1543 Knee C-Bracket0.0300 Knee bottom Bracket0.0100 TOTAL KNEE JOINT0.1943 Upper leg Links0.0377 Hip C-bracket0.0300 Hip servos0.4630 Hip Brackets0.0522 TOTAL HIP JOINT (1 side)0.5451 TOTAL ABOVE HIP (2 sides)5.65748.2165 Hip plate0.1100 Hip components0.1500 Torso plate bottom0.1000 Torso plate top0.2100 Torso servo0.1543 Torso links0.6509 Other torso weight1.2000 Shoulder servos0.3086 shoulder brackets0.0522 upper arm C-bracket0.0300 Upper arm servo0.1543 upper arm links0.0188 upper arm brackets0.0500 elbow servo0.1543 lower arm C-bracket0.0300 lower arm links0.0377 lower arm bracket0.0100 Neck0.3000 TOTAL BODY10.23652.5591

10 Stress Analysis Bottom Bracket

11 Stress Hip/Shoulder Bracket

12 Stress Analysis Elbow Bracket

13 Stress Analysis Leg Assembly

14 Deformation Leg Assembly

15 Mechanical System Risks Breaking on fall ◦Easily and cheaply replaceable frame Insufficient torque ◦Adjustable height Wire routing ◦Open skeleton design, adjustable chest volume Boards shorting ◦Large board spacing, easy addition of insulation layer in chest

16 Mechanical BOM Part NameManufacturer Manufacturer Part # DistributorDistributor Part #Web Location Quantity Needed Unit PriceTotal PriceStatusComments Mechanical Roboard Rs-1270 servos RoboardRS-1270Robot ShopRB-Boa-12 x?pc=RB-Boa- 12&lang=en-US 21$73.60$1,545.60 already ordered 2 Lynxmotion Pan and Tilt Kit / Aluminium LynxmotionBPT-KTRobot ShopRB-Lyn-74 x?pc=RB-Lyn- 74&lang=en-US 1$35.99 Lynxmotion Aluminum "C" Servo Bracket with Ball Bearings Two Pack ASB-09 LynxmotionASB-09Robot ShopRB-Lyn-101 servo-bracket-asb- 09-3.html 10$12.90$64.50 2 per pack, already ordered 1 pack Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061) 1/4" Diameter X 6' Length McMaster8974K31McMaster8974K31 http://www.mcmaster. com/#standard- aluminum- rods/=g4e66o 1$6.08 6' lengths Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061) 1/2" Diameter X 6' Length McMaster8974K33McMaster8974K33 http://www.mcmaster. com/#standard- aluminum- rods/=g4e7wt 1$15.01 6' lengths Electric Panel Round Nut Zinc-Plated Steel, 5/8"-27 NS, 3/4" OD, 1/8" H McMaster91843A123McMaster91843A123 http://www.mcmaster. com/#electrical- panel-and-conduit- fittings-nuts/=g4e9p4 1$2.63 Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061).080" Thick, 6" X 48" McMaster89015K83McMaster89015K83 http://www.mcmaster. com/#standard- aluminum- sheets/=g4ehep 1$30.64 feet and brackets Steel Ball Bearing Flanged Open for 5/8" Shaft Dia, 1-1/2" OD, 31/64" W McMaster6383K247McMaster6383K247 http://www.mcmaster. com/#standard-ball- and-roller- bearings/=g4eoxi 1$7.84 Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061).125" Thick, 12" X 12" McMaster89015K18McMaster89015K18 http://www.mcmaster. com/#standard- aluminum- sheets/=g4ehep 1$28.02 top and bottom of torso Machine Screws (6- 32x1/2) McMaster91772A148McMaster91772A148 http://www.mcmaster. com/#machine- screw- fasteners/=g4eqg2 1$5.14 pack of 100 Ball Bearing with Flange - 3mm ID (pair) LynxmotionBB-03Robot ShopRB-Lyn-317 x?pc=RB-Lyn- 317&lang=en-US 3$4.95$14.85 2/pack, for custom brackets Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061).080" Thick, 12" X 24" McMaster89015K26McMaster89015K26 http://www.mcmaster. com/#standard- aluminum- sheets/=g4euow 1$33.36 chest plates Totals $1,789.66

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