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Team Uno 11/11/04 Bunker Curnes Product Assembly.

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1 Team Uno 11/11/04 Bunker Curnes Product Assembly

2 Motor shell at middle joint Threaded rod and collar Base Upper cap and triangle Components Requiring Assembly

3 Motor Shell Assembly ● Components: – L-brackets – 24 V DC motor – 1/8” rivets – ¼” bolts – Fiberglass pole – Delrin bearing ● Assembly: – L-brackets are cut to fit around motor and then bolted to the motor shell. More L-brackets are cut into smaller strips and then placed perpendicularly to the motor shell to provide reinforcement. An aluminum plate is placed behind the L- brackets to provide height and a connection to the fiberglass pole. The aluminum plates are then bolted into the fiberglass pole by connecting to the delrin bearing on the interior.

4 Motor Shell Assembly

5 Threaded Rod and Collar Assembly ● Components: – ¾” - 10 aluminum threaded rod – Delrin bearing (2) – Thrust bearing with washer (2) – Delrin collar – Shoulder screw (2) – Fiberglass pole – Steel collar ● Assembly: – The aluminum rod is milled down in the lathe and connected to the motor by the steel collar secured with set screws. Then, a delrin bearing is placed between the collar and the threaded part of the rod with a thrust bearing for support. A similar bearing is placed at the top of the threaded rod. A delrin collar is drilled and tapped to be able to move up and down the rod until it hits the two bearings. Finally, set screws are placed in the side of the collar that allow an aluminum rod to be securely connected to the collar.

6 Threaded Rod and Collar Assembly

7 Base Assembly ● Components: – Plywood sheets – Fiberglass pole – Delrin rod – Sprockets – Aluminum collar – Delrin bearing ● Assembly: – The base assembly is comprised of three layers of plywood that hold the other components. The top layer has a delrin bearing that holds the fiberglass pole in place. The bottom of the second layer has the bearing for the bottom of the fiberglass pole. In the bottom of the pole, a derlin rod is placed inside and bolted in place. The delrin is then milled down to be attached to a sprocket that is below the bottom of the pole in between the first and second layers. The sprocket is then connected to the motor.

8 Base Assembly

9 Upper Cap and Triangle Assembly ● Components: – 2” diameter aluminum cylinder – 1/8” sheet of aluminum – ¼” bolts – Umbrella ● Assembly: – The aluminum cylinder is milled down to allow a circular cap to go over the fiberglass pole and a straight slot for the aluminum triangle. Then, the sheet of aluminum is cut into a triangle with a strip attached going vertically. The umbrella is placed so that the umbrella shaft goes over the strip until it touches the top of the triangle. The umbrella is then bolted in place. A bolt is placed through the slot of the cap that allows the cap and triangle to be attached but still allows the triangle to rotate.

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