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Cockpit Design - Kit Car 2008 Axel ERWAST – Glyn GRIFFITHS.

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1 Cockpit Design - Kit Car 2008 Axel ERWAST – Glyn GRIFFITHS

2 Tasks Completed 1)Seat Assembly 2) Safety Equipment 2) Selection of brake / throttle pedal

3 Seat Assembly Sparco Sprint Seat TRS Magnum 6 OMP Seat Brackets

4 Specification / FIA Rules Project Requirements : Space fort two seats. Drivers seat on the left hand side. 6 point harness with 3 shoulder and leg straps Drivers head protection integrated in the seat. (HANS Compatible) FIA Requirements : Harness must be equipped with a turnbuckle quick release system Minimal thickness of steel mounts is 3mm

5 Selection Process Seat : Bucket or Reclining seat ? VS Cheaper Greater support and strength Greater variety to choose from Final Choice : Bucket Seat Strenght and weaknesses of the bucket seat : No tilting mechanism No adjustable position Hard to lower center of gravity

6 Selection Process Mounts : Side or Base mounts? VS Final Choice : Side mount Allows the center of gravity to be lowered Safer in the incident of a crash Cost Effective Can be manufactured as a bespoke component Easily adaptable to all vehicles

7 Safety equipment Selection Process : Buy Bundle or independent parts? What type of Extinguishant to use? FIA Regulations : 1.Min of 2,4L AFFF liquid 2.Must be situated within cockpit 3.Inside and outside triggering system 4.The pipe work has to be fire-proof Fire extinguisher:

8 Safety equipment Cage Padding : FIA : - Flame retardant padding must be supplied Electrical Cut off System : FIA : - Must cut all electrical circuits/stop the engine - Must be easily accessible Air ventilation : FIA : - All closed cockpits must be equipped with an air outlet and inlet vent. Other Parts

9 Pedal Assembly Brake Pedal - Hand operated clutch system Only 2 pedals needed - Throttle pedal is bespoke component Need a 2 cylinder single brake pedal Component Selected : Tilton single break pedal. Accepts 2 master cylinders Includes Balance Bar and fasteners Price : 220

10 Cad Files Seat Bracket: Fire Extinguisher: Cut Off Switch: Brake Pedal: Seat Assembly:

11 Bespoke Component Why? Easy to design Not a lot of stress involved Does not involve a lot of parts Easy to manufacture What is its function? Retract the throttle cable Be ergonomically designed for comfort Item Chosen : The Throttle Pedal

12 Issues encountered Throttle Cable Attachment : Idea 1 : Cable attached to shaft. Not Viable : Shaft too small Idea 2 : Use a lever arm system Viable System Other Issues not detailed here : - Location of pedals - Return Mechanism

13 DFM / DFA Design for Assembly :

14 DFM / DFA Cost effective design for Manufacture : From expensive part machining to cheap metal bending.

15 Ergonomics Ergonomic Placement: From Ergonomic Charts : 50° Max Angle Pedal inclined at 56° for Max Comfort Optimal spacing of 18cm between pedals

16 Final Drawing Assembly:Top Mounted position:

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