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"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink" - Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, by Coleridge.

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1 "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink" - Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, by Coleridge.

2 Chanderiya Lead Zinc Smelter, Chittorgarh Hindustan Zinc Ltd

3 World Class Smelting and Power Assets Note: Map not to scale Chanderiya Smelting Complex Pyrometallurgical Lead Zinc Smelter: 105,000 tpa Zinc 35,000 tpa Lead 150 tpa Silver Hydrometallurgical Zinc Smelter: 420,000 tpa Zinc Ausmelt T M Lead Smelter: 50,000 tpa Lead Captive Power Plant: 234 MW Rajasthan Chittorgarh

4 Safety Induction CSC is IMS certified 4 Certifications 1.ISO 9001:2000 2.ISO 14001:2004 3.OHSAS 18001:2007

5 VISION Be the world's largest and most admired Zinc-Lead & Silver Company.MISSION ■ Enhance stakeholders value through exploration, innovation, operational ■ excellence and sustainability. ■ Be a globally lowest cost producer. ■ Maintain market leadership and customer delight. HZL Vision & Mission

6 Milestones 20072008 Chanderiya CPP 2 x 77 MW Delivered Note: The year mentioned is Calendar Year 20102006200520042003 Chanderiya & Debari Zinc De- bottlenecking 88 ktpa Chanderiya Hydro I I Smelter 170 ktpa Dariba Smelter Zinc – 210 ktpa Lead – 100 ktpa Chanderiya & Zawar CPP expansion 2 x 80 MW Chanderiya Ausmelt lead Smelter 50 ktpa Chanderiya Hydro I Smelter 170 ktpa Chanderiya Zinc Debottle- necking 35 ktpa Debari & Vizag Zinc De- bottleneckin g32 ktpa


8 Water Management at CLZS



11 Accolades& Recognition S.No. Name of Award / Rating / Certification Name of Awarding / Rating / Certifying Organisation Year Theme of the Award* 1 CII GBC National award for Excellence in water Confederation of Indian Industries.(CII-GBC), Hyderabad 2008 Water conservation excellence 2Water efficient Unit Award Confederation of Indian Industries.(CII) 2010 Water conservation 3 Green Manufacturing excellence award Frost & sullivan 2012 Eco-sustainability

12 Source of Water We have got a captive source of water i.e. Gosunda dam Process water28900 (m3/day) City supply2500 (m3/day) Zinc Colony600 (m3/day)

13 WATER BALANCE GOSUNDA DAM 4900 5800650015100600 To CLZS 32000 300 Gardening Evap Pyro & Aushmelt Hydro-I]Hydro-IICPPPotable Water Evap ETP-II 1700 14002300 800 SWPSTP [Plant+TS] 200 RO -II 2100 [Dust suppr.+Evapor.] For CPP 200 100 Net Reject=900 ALL FIGURES ARE AVERAGE & IN M3/D Plant, TS ETP-I RO-I 2300 1900 [Sinter, F.Washing, Moisture etc.] 1700 [Prod.] 1600 [Prod.] RO-III 200 [Prod.] RO Prod. 3200 1700 1600 3200 4400 4200 14300 100 600700 STP Prod.100 490041004900150003100 To City 2500 Lime Prep. +Moist. 300

14 Treatment technologies Zero Discharge is maintained Effluent generation ~ 6000 m 3 /day 8400 m 3 /day and 4200 m 3 /day Effluent Treatment Plants. 2 Reverse Osmosis Plant of ~ 7000 m 3 /day capacity to treat ETP treated water III stage Reverse Osmosis Plant of 1000 m 3 /day capacity to treat the reject generated from 2 Reverse Osmosis Plants. Generating ~ 5000 m 3 /day of reusable water, thereby reducing fresh water consumption. 100% recycling of water Sewage treatment plant (1000 m3/day) at Plant & colony and treated water used for plantation purpose

15 Effluent treatment Plant- For process effluent

16 16 Effluent Collection Tank Primary Reaction Tank Thickener-I Secondary Reaction Tank Thickener- II Final Reaction Tank Fluoride Reaction Tank Magnesium Bleed Gas Cleaning SLF Filter Press U/F Lime Soda Ash SLF ETP cake U/F ETP cake Filtrate ETP: Flow Sheet RO Feed Recycle Dilute acid Lime Filtrate DM Regeneration Softening Unit Regeneration Cathode Wash Anode Wash

17 Reverse Osmosis- For ETP treated water

18 18 Flash Mixer Clarifier Multi Grade Filter Ultra Filtration RO - I RO -II RO: Flow Sheet ETP Treated Water NaOCl Coagulant Polyelectrolyte Filter Press Sodium Meta bi Sulphite Antiscalant RO Product Tank Internal Use & Evaporation Pond Back wash Permeate reject HCl Micro Cartridge Filter Permeate reject

19 Specific water Consumption YearM3/MT 2007-0813.15 2008-0910.33 2009-108.98 2010-118.27 2011-128.11 WATER CONSUMPTION AND CONSERVATION


21 For Sustainable Business-Water For CSC Water Policy formulated and widely circulated. Target are taken every year along with BP for specific water consumption Every morning discussion on last day water consumption An executive designated to work as a Water police to control water consumption, arresting & highlighting leakages and wastage of water. Water conservation projects are identified by – 6-sigma – Brain storming – Suggestions

22 For optimum utilization of Water Utilization of ETP treated water instead of fresh water – Conditioning tank[Leaching] instead of fresh water – RMH (to maintain moisture) – For preparation of lime and Soda. – For ISF slag & Ausmelt slag granulation – In Packed Gas cooling tower. Utilization of CPP/Pond water instead of fresh water – Sinter plant & GCP – For Pumps Gland cooling in Acid &ETP Utilization of CPP/Pond water instead of treated water – For Wet Gas precipitator in pyro plant. – For fluorine tower make up. – In Tail Gas treatment plant for pump priming – In sinter venturi system Recycling – ACF(Activated carbon filter) backwash water recycling in system in DM plant. – PSF(Pressurised sand filter) backwash water recycling in system in DM plant. – Leaching condensate water recycling in DM plant. – Recycling of Seal cooling water from CH area to CT-4 – Ultra filtration backwash, Ro flushing & PSF backwash are recycled in RO plant itself

23 Water Conservation drives in Plant & colony like water conservation week For creating awareness in all for water conservation Brain storming Suggestions are appreciated by prize distribution Integrated Effluent treatment plant along with RO to maximize recycle of waste water Spray of chemicals over Gosunda Dam to reduce the water loss through evaporation Installation of Drip/Sprinkler system in plantation to save 60% water STP treated water is used for irrigation purpose Increase in Cycle of Concentration to reduce cooling tower blow down by Chemical addition Changes in Blade angle of CT fans to reduce airflow and evaporation losses. 3D Trasar Project For Water Reduction by online monitoring of Cooling Water parameters Filter Press in CPP bottom ash system to recover water Water Conservation Initiatives

24 Future plans for Water conservation Focus on effluent reduction through in-situ recycling. Improve house keeping, Spills and Leaks through automation, operational control and supervision Construction of adequate sheds for raw material and HW storage area so as to avoid contaminating rain water with pollutants Isolation of process drains from storm water – wherever possible Installation of Multiple Effect Evaporator Installation of 3 rd stage RO for treating RO reject Additional rainwater holding ponds – capacity to hold and treat rainwater

25 Thank You

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