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THE WORLD OF EUREKA FORBES. EUREKA FORBES LIMITED Eureka Forbes a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, are the pioneers of water purification in India.

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2 EUREKA FORBES LIMITED Eureka Forbes a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, are the pioneers of water purification in India Undisputed leaders in Water Purification Systems, Vacuum Cleaners & Air Purifiers Eureka Forbes is a 12 Billion INR, multi product and multi channel corporation Presence in over 450 Indian cities and towns and trusted by over 20 million people Over 1500 service centers and 4500 company trained technicians Our group manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant, adhering to stringent Indian and International standards of Manufacturing and Quality


4 To Build Sustainable Relationships With Customers As Their Friends For Life By Satisfying Their Evolving Health, Hygiene, Safety And Lifestyle Through Our People whose entrepreneurial spirit and ambition is fuelled by a culture of pride, learning, earning and fun Our Products and Services that reflect innovation, become quality benchmarks and provide real value for money Our Policies and Practices which are fair, transparent and constantly improved to maximize stakeholder satisfaction and achieve market leadership OUR MISSION

5 TECHNOLOGIES FOR INTEGRATION Point of Entry Solutions (POE) Pretreatment (Disinfection & Filtration) Water Softening Plants Filtration/Ultra Filtration Plants Demineralization Plants Large Capacity Reverse Osmosis Plants Point of Use Solutions (POE) UV based purifiers UV/RO based cooler cum purifies UV/RO based storage cooler cum purifies Waste Water Treatment –Sewage Treatment Plants –Effluent Treatment Plants

6 TOTAL WATER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS From Point of Entry To Point Of Use Solutions

7 Right Selection of Water Purifier for Efficient Water Use

8 Water Scenario

9 Tap water is laden with disease causing bacteria & viruses Salinity Organic matter Pesticides Harmful natural chemicals Heavy metals Acute shortage Depleting groundwater levels


11 Water Treatment Market The water purifier segment in India is expected to record Rs 7000 crore in the next three years from the current level of about Rs 3200 crore, thanks to erratic and poor quality of water supplied to people by civic authorities across the country. The sales of water purifiers across India are likely to cross 1.5 crore units by 2015 from the current level of over 78 lakh units, according to the ASSOCHAM study titled, Water-Purifier Industry in India: An Overview

12 WATER SOURCES DIFFER AND SO DOES QUALITY Physical Inorganic Chemical Microbiological TDS Heavy metals Toxic chemicals Organic chemicals Turbidity

13 Water Treatment Technology 1.UV Technology - This process removes biological contaminants from water. UV technology is best for surface water or corporation water ( Chemically potable but microbiologically unsafe). 2.Reverse Osmosis technology (RO) - is mainly to remove excess minerals in water – about 90% removal. This is suitable for ground water (Chemically unsafe). 3.Chemical purifiers – These use chemicals for water purification. They are effective in surface water with less particulate matter. Not completely effective against viruses 3.Customized solutions like heavy metal remover, Arsenic remover, Iron remover, Fluoride remover assembly are available in the market.

14 MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY Membrane Technology is a Separation process Membrane is an advanced filter that will let water flow through, while it catches suspended solids and other substances. Membranes are Selective in their Separation and thus there are different kinds of Membrane Technology Reverse Osmosis Membrane Nano Filtration Membrane Ultra Filtration Membrane

15 Membrane Technology PARAMETERUFNFGreen RORO Removal of particulates 0.01 micron 0.001 micron 0.0001 micron Removal of Microorganisms Yes Removal of TDSNil30 – 50%70 - 80% 90% Permeate recovery100 %40 - 50%30 - 40%25% Input water condition (TDS, mg/l) <100100 - 200200 - 500500 - 2000

16 RO Technology 1.Growing tendencies of reverse osmosis based filters 2.This is suitable for ground water (Chemically unsafe). 3.RO is a slow process that wastes lot of water – 75% min. 4.RO in corporation supply water – a criminal waste 5.Why you need a purifier in corporation supply water? To kill micro organisms 2.UV is the right technology

17 UV (Ultra Violet) Disinfection Sun Rays have been traditionally used to disinfect homes. Its the Ultra Violet Rays which Kill – but whats UV UV Rays are part of the Light Spectrum which can be natural or produced

18 1.The UV-A range causes sun tanning in the human skin 2.The UV-B range causes sun burning 3.The UV-C range is most effective germicidal rays There Are Different Types of UV radiation RangeWavelength Range (nm) UV-A315-400 UV-B280-315 UV-C200-280 … And they have different impacts

19 UV Technology Totally physical energy disinfection Effective against bacteria, virus, protozoan cysts No by-product / residual effect in water Fast disinfection process Does not use chemicals Does not change the taste of the water Does not create odour in the water Right technology for corporation supply water

20 Right Selection of Technology to manage water wastage Modern water treatment technology products for domestic use are available in the market. Buy a water purifier based on needs and the quality of water in your area. Right technology and right product gives healthy water. Need of the hour: Customer education, awareness and regulation is required for the right selection of water purifier


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