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RHONALPENERGIE -ENVIRONNEMENT Regional energy and environment agency www.

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1 RHONALPENERGIE -ENVIRONNEMENT Regional energy and environment agency www.

2 RHONE-ALPES REGION 5 650 000 inhabitants 44 000 km2 2 879 communes 8 Départements 3 urban areas : Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble

3 OBJECT Promotion of the rational use of energies and renewable energies Conservation of resources and protection of the environnement STATUTE Non-profit association created in 1977 ~ 40 members (Regional Council, counties, local authorities, energy supplier, associations etc.)

4 TARGETS Local authorities and associated bodies : towns, gathering of communes, of urban areas, associations of communes Social housing Health sector : hospital, old people’s homes, etc… Intermediary consultants bodies : architects, consultants Firms, in the framework of a territorial approach (ex. : Regional Nature Park)

5 LEVELS OF SERVICES 1. Exchanges and resources centre – Regional observatory, – Information, training, – Actions of collective development monitoring (technological, organisational, European orientations,…) – Member of national and European networks (RARE et FEDARENE) – Support to regional networks of actors, creation of tools for these networks and support for professionnalisation. 2. Accompagnying contracting authorities – Accompagnying contracting authorities for the setting up of operations and the follow-up, – Follow-up of pilot or experimental operations in emerging departments or sectors, – Evaluation of projects. 3. Accompagnying programmes or collective actions at the territory level – Participation to the implementation of national or European policies at the territory level; – Participation to the implementation of regional programmes; – Participation to the setting up and the implementation of local innovative programmes; – Evaluation of programmes and policies.

6 INTERVENTION FIELDS ENERGY Management and energy conservation at the territory level – Local policies (town, territories, regional nature parks) : energy planning, development of energy departments ; – Assessment of investment policies for works in energy savings ; – Role of actors (contractual relations, local authorities, licensors and law aspects) Rational use of energy (energy efficiency) – Energy savings and demand approach (studies, global energy audits) ; – Electricity Demand Side Management ; – Efficient technologies : District Heating, CHP ; – Support to energy management : technical management, maintenance contracts, energy accounting – High environmental quality buildings (local authorities, hospital, secondary schools, housing,…) – Cluster and Effinergie Label

7 ...ENERGY Renewable energies – Wood energy (large wood energy plants, regional promotion plan) – Methanisation and biogas – Wind energy – Solar thermal energy (bioclimatic architecture, direct solar floor heating, solar water heating) – Photovoltaic – Micro hydropower

8 ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Global approach at the territory level – Local Agenda 21 –Integration of sustainable development or role of territory integration in sectorial policies (Energy, Environnement) in local policies (structural funds, town policies, territories, regional nature parks, planners) – High environmental quality for development areas – Environmental attestation. Air quality and ex post treatment – Fight against greenhouse effect, – Treatment of urban pollution (alternative fuels) – Collect and waste recycling Transport – Voluntary Urban Transport Plan, – Alternative solutions.

9 EUROPEAN DIMENSION Network – FEDARENE (European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies) Projects in the framework of European programmes ä DG TREN (Directorate General for Energy and Transport), – Energy Intelligent for Europe (EIE) –SAVE : specific actions for a vigorous energy efficiency –ALTENER : specific actions for the promotion of renewable energies – 6th P.C.R.D. : Framework Programme for Research and Development ä Other General Directorate – DG ENVIRO : expert (climatic change, environment programme) – DG REGIO : regional policies - INTERREG A (France-Italy) and B(Alpine Space) Direct setting up of projects or assistance to partners of the Rhône-Alpes region (social housing companies, associations in Départements, etc…).

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