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Leaders Have Vision™ 1 MIMIX ® RecoverNow 5.1 Technical Overview Last Updated: February 3 rd 2012 for Business.

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1 Leaders Have Vision™ 1 MIMIX ® RecoverNow 5.1 Technical Overview Last Updated: February 3 rd 2012 for Business

2 Leaders Have Vision™ 2 Customer Story - TMHE Hot Backup with CDP Production System i Hot Backup System i Lawson M3 Production Lawson M3 Hot Backup Movex Production Movex Hot Backup CDP System i iTERA AVAILABILITY TM MIMIX RECOVERNOW TM iTERA AVAILABILITY TM Linköping Stockholm Mjölby TMHE (part of Toyota Industries Corp) provides a complete range of Toyota counterbalanced forklift trucks and BT warehouse equipment, supported by services and added value solutions. TMHE employs 4,000 service technicians and is active in more than 30 countries across Europe. iTERA AVAILABILITY is used to maintain remote real-time HA/DR environments for the mission critical Lawson M3 and Movex environments. 24X7 operation is maintained by eliminating down time during tape backups and planned maintenance and ensuring fast recovery with no data loss after any unplanned outage. Industry leading autonomic capabilities help ensure this is a low maintenance and flexible solution. MIMIX RECOVERNOW is used to provide an additional level of protection for the mission critical Lawson M3 environment. Data changes are replicated from the M3 hot backup system to another remote location where they are stored in a disk vault for roll-forward recovery after a tape restore. This allows recovery of objects and libraries to a specific historical point in time and also provides DR for the hot backup system during planned maintenance operations. Nightly tape backup (SAVLIB) Data changes Nightly tape backup (SAVLIB)

3 Leaders Have Vision™ 3 MIMIX ® RecoverNow 5.1 Recover More Data Than With Tape Alone *(1) Recover Objects To Any Historical Point In Time System i DR & CDP Now used by over 150 customers *(1) Typical RPO with tape alone backups is 24 hours. Typical RPO with RecoverNow is 15-30 minutes Nightly backups to a local/remote disk *(2) Users remain on-line during nightly backups Data changes saved to disk between backups *(3) Allows recovery potentially right up to point of failure Or recover data to any historical point in time (CDP) Uses any TCP/IP disk storage platform (e.g. Windows) Data compressed on disk typically by 60% Automates journaling for data capture Easy to set up and manage Easy to restore data to a new system/LPAR Used also for data migration / test environments Use stand alone or to add CDP to Vision HA *(2) Optionally nightly backups can be to tape, compatible with BRMS *(3) Typically every 15-30 mins. User configurabl interval

4 Leaders Have Vision™ 4 Standard Tape Backup Typically Gives 24 Hour RPO There is typically a 24 hour interval between tape backups This means there is typically a potential for 24 hours of data loss! Lost data must be re-keyed after the tape backup is restored 24 hours of lost data can take days or sometimes weeks to re-key! Nightly backups typically introduce down time Tip: Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with tape is the number of hours between tape backups Backup to Tape

5 Leaders Have Vision™ 5 MIMIX ® RecoverNow Backup Typically Gives 15-30 Minute RPO There is typically a 24 hour interval between disk *(1) backups Data changes are captured and pushed-to-disk between backups *(2) Users can remain on-line during the disk backups Recovery possible potential right up to point of failure Recovery also possible to any historical point in time (CDP) *(3) Tip: Recovery Point Objective (RPO) with RecoverNow is the number of minutes between ‘push-to-disk’ Backup to Disk Data changes are captured and ‘pushed-to-vault’ frequently between backups *(1) Backups can be to disk vault or optionally to tape, its compatible with BRMS *(2) Push-to-vault is always to vault at user configurable intervals *(3) CDP is continuous data protection

6 Leaders Have Vision™ 6 MIMIX ® RecoverNow Architecture RecoverNow Storage Platform / Vault Tip: RecoverNow is compatible with BRMS so nightly tape backups can still be done to tape using BRMS commands… RecoverNow adds ability to save changed data to disk vault in between backups

7 Leaders Have Vision™ 7 Flexible Configuration Topologies Some Examples: Tip: A single RecoverNow vault can support multiple sources Local Vault Remote Vault Same building Frequent transfer of data changes Any TCP/IP Storage Platform Production System i RecoverNow Platform External TCP/IP communications Any distance Frequent transfer of data changes Any TCP/IP Storage Platform RecoverNow Platform Production System i Hosted Vault Any TCP/IP Storage Platform RecoverNow Platform Production System i or LPAR

8 Leaders Have Vision™ 8 Combining MIMIX ® RecoverNow With Vision HA Vision HA provides: Last transaction recovery High levels of availability RecoverNow adds: Data recovery to historical point-in-time (CDP) Option to do hot backups from local production system Tip: HA environments let you recover only to last transaction Adding RecoverNow adds recovery to a historical point-in-time Tip: HA environments allow hot backups only from the recovery system Adding RecoverNow allows hot backups also from the production system Vision HA (MIMIX, OMS/ODS, iTERA) Any TCP/IP Storage Platform Production System i Recovery System i RecoverNow Platform

9 Leaders Have Vision™ 9 Main Menu & System Controls All options accessible from a single menu Before starting RecoverNow define connection details to your remote storage platform (vault) and how journal receivers will be managed

10 Leaders Have Vision™ 10 Active Monitoring RecoverNow runs automatically so typically no user actions are needed. The monitor shows all activity in the RecoverNow subsystem (saves and journal receiver pushed to the vault). The monitor also verifies that all libraries and objects are being saved correctly. Tip: Some compliance regulations require that backups are actively checked (unlike tape). The monitor helps address that requirement because it’s proactive.

11 Leaders Have Vision™ 11 Saving With MIMIX ® RecoverNow The standard IBM SAVLIB, SAVOBJ, SAV, SAVSECDTA, SAVDLO, SAVCHGOBJ or SAVCFG are embedded as parameters of RecoverNow IVSAV command which pushes the save to the vault and starts journaling (if it has not yet been started) Typically libraries and objects are saved while active because the journal ensures recovery to a specific point in time.. Tip: Set this up on the IBM job scheduler to perform Daily saves. RecoverNow allows saves to be rotated and recycled depending on the capacity of the vault.

12 Leaders Have Vision™ 12 Restoring Libraries & Objects With MIMIX ® RecoverNow From the Work with Save History screen, select option 12=Work saved libraries/objects to display all the libraries of a save. Select option 15=Restore to perform the restore. If you select option 15 on more than one library, the saves will be processed one after the other. Tip: Similar process if you wish to restore individual objects

13 Leaders Have Vision™ 13 Applying Journal History With MIMIX ® RecoverNow Apply the associated journal receivers. A message will display indicating that the apply process has been submitted. You are informed when the journal apply process is finished, transactions are ‘rolled forward’ as if users and jobs had been updating the data. Tip: If you want to restore to a historical point in time, select only the receivers that were pushed to vault before that point.

14 Leaders Have Vision™ 14 Other Considerations Data areas and data queues currently not journaled SAVCHGOBJ *ALL *ALLUSR, SAVSYSINF, SAVOBJ & SAVCHGOBJ using multiple libraries currently not supported For remote vaults a T1 line supports approx 1Gb/hour transfer rate Bandwidth calculator: SAVSYS is performed outside of RecoverNow to tape as recommended by IBM In the event of total system failure…do the following: 1. IBM repair or replace the production system 2. Restore SAVSYS from tape 3. Connect to vault manually with TCPIP 4. Restore RecoverNow from vault to new system 5. RecoverNow now guides you to retrieve the save history and guides you to restore the application libraries to the most recent journal receiver pushed to vault Tip: No license key required for the restore…but you will need one to start saving again to a new system. Contact CustomerCare.

15 Leaders Have Vision™ 15 New Features In 5.1? Support for data area and data queue changes – real time capture Recovery assistant – helps automate and simplify restore Journal filter changes – accelerates recovery of individual objects Object monitor history screen – further simplifies recovery Installation wizard – simplifies installation Vision auto validate – simplifies licensing

16 Leaders Have Vision™ 16 Customer Story – Boone County, Missouri, USA “A great advantage of using RecoverNow is the ability to know we can go back to specific points-in-time on our critical systems” Jeff Winters, Supervisor of Systems Analysis Finance applications Sheriffs applications Development TCP/IP System i LPAR #2 System i LPAR #1 System i LPAR #3 TCP/IP In late 2008 systems were used for voter information and election tracking. RecoverNow safeguarded the data for the presidential election 2008. Local Government RecoverNow pushing 1Tb of disk to the vault RecoverNow also used to restore application environments on other systems. RecoverNow Platform

17 Leaders Have Vision™ 17 Thank you

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