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Khaled Na3im Dermatomal Supply of The Lower Limb Khaled Na3im.

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1 Khaled Na3im Dermatomal Supply of The Lower Limb Khaled Na3im

2 Introduction Definition of dermatome Dermatome chart Lower limb dermatomes Dermatomes test Purpose of dermatomes test References

3 Skin (sensation) is innervated by a single nerve roots called the dermatomes  Nerve Roots branch out off the spinal cord (31)  The nerve roots branch out to form a plexus which is a network of intersecting nerves which travel to different parts of the body, they are both motor and sensory

4 Dermatomes Dermatome is a skin area. Dermatomal supply is the segmental sensory supply of the skin. The specific areas on the skin that represent sensory innervations from a specific root innervations from a specific root Level.

5 The word dermatome refers to a correspondence between the skin and the nervous system. Sensory dermatome maps-charts- used to help localize the level of neurologic deficit.




9 L5 L3 L4 L2 L1 S1 S2

10 Spinal Nerves Posterior View


12 (L1) hip and groin- suprapubic region-

13 (L2) Anterior superior thigh, medial thigh above knee

14 (L3) Back, anterior thigh and medial knee

15 (L4) Lateral thigh/knee, anterior medial lower leg to medial aspect of big toe

16 (L5) Lateral knee and lateral lower leg and top of foot

17 (S1) Buttocks, posterior lateral thigh and lateral plantar surface of foot

18 (S2) Buttocks, posterior medial thigh and medial plantar surface of foot

19 Test for abnormalities in sensitivity by using: a paper clip a pinwheel finger nail


21 Purpose of dermatome test  To evaluation nerve root damage.  Test for abnormalities in sensitivity.

22 All tests should be compared bilaterally. Nerves and nerve roots are typically injured by compression or stretching forces. When a nerve root is damaged a deficit may occur in the corresponding limb. The athlete should close his/her eyes and give the therapist feedback with regards to various stimuli. Note !

23 Lower dermatomes vid.

24 Dermatome comarision vid.

25 Clemente, C. 1997 Anatomy: A Regional Atlas of the Human Body, 4th edition. Lippincogtt Williams & Wilkins. Rinabesm C,H, 1972. Cunningham’s Textbook of Anatomy, 11th edition. Oxford University Press. Rosse, C & Gaddum-Rosse, P. 1997. Hollinshead’s Textbook of Anatomy 5th edition. Lippincott-Raven Schuenke, M et al, 2006 Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: Musculoskeletal System. Thieme. Slaby, F., et al. 1994. Gross Anatomy in the Practice of Medicine. Lea & Febiger.

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