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1 services Demonstrating a spirit of progress

2 Your brief High level  To update and enhance the services section  To become a better showcase  To highlight how the organisation delivers on its vision  To better position Telefónica  To shout innovation Specific  To direct users to local sites where appropriate

3 Our thoughts  To invest in a richer interface  To engage and entice users into the content areas  To demonstrate that there is ongoing activity and news  To impress with the commitment and ambition  To celebrate a customer centric vision

4 Creating an O2 world … Some possible approaches…

5 Nokia – Non-stop Living Showcase application of technology in everyday activities through personas - Makes it relevant to the user Treatment: Photomontage of a real environment to create an imaginary world

6 Toshiba – What next Creating an imaginary world with surreal characters - Has warmth, humour & a level of intrigue to encourage further exploration Treatment: Illustration of an environment to create an imaginary world

7 Shell – Real Energy World Treatment: Navigating around an island of information In this example: -The island aids the user in navigating through a body of information - The individual information consists of bright colourful graphics & video.

8 Muji – Video Calendar This can be adapted to: -Featuring one individual of the company everyday or; -- A interesting statistical fact per day or; - A record of the volunteering blog Treatment: A daily video/image

9 We’re better, connected. … through a community…

10 Nokia – Vine Users are encouraged to use their Nokia N-series phone to upload content (music, video, pictures etc. taken on their phone) on both the Vine and N-series Workshop site to be shared with other users. O2 could use this idea to allow users to offer feedback on what they think of O2’s vision & their services. Treatment: Encourage user participation to create a community Nokia – N-series Workshop

11 We Feel Fine Shows the idea of connected-ness between remote strangers in the world Treatment: Collating existing public data to be shared with a community

12 Positioning Telefonica … In a global context…

13 Uniqlo – Uniqlock In this example: - The map data indicates how many people have used the uniqlock application - It even shows the stats for individual nations Treatment: A statistical map view

14 Twittervision In this example: - Demonstrates the ongoing activity - Creates a natural browseable environment Treatment: A dynamic scrolling map view

15 GE – Innovation: Water Treatment: A 3-D global world with interactive points and zooms in

16 Content  Investing in the interface  Structure the content to entice  Create a framework which can expand as content demands

17 Philips – Global innovation This means: - Design directed at impactful home and landing pages - Minimal effort required to freshen existing content Treatment: Simple clean content

18 Shell – Real Energy World In this example: - Direct HTML translation of the interactive site - More images and succinct copy allows static content to appear more engaging Treatment: Using colourful graphics to bring content alive

19 Vodafone Journey In this example: - All content is presented as a video as an immersive experience Treatment: Fully interactive video

20 Structure Some key concepts to exploit and explore  The vision  Technology  Europe  People  Connections

21 Considering structure Our vision Enhancing people’s lives Turning customers into fans Innovating Collaboration and partnership Communities Bringing fixed and mobile together Our Technology Voice and mobile DSL and broadband TV and IPTV Data and connectivity The digital home The network Data and connectivity Business services

22 Next steps  Design concepts  Structure


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