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3  create simple web pages containing text, images and links  consider the design of web pages  improve the layout of web pages by using tables  test web pages work successfully  transfer web pages to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Intranet or disk OUTCOMES As a result of viewing this module, participants :

4 use basic computer and friendly software that is usually free to education for this demonstration

5 USEFULNESS Some of the many possibilities :  share information (dynamic/static)  key part of collaborative projects  publishing for a real audience  develop student literacy & design skills  enhance student self esteem  cost/time effective

6  have a purpose for publishing  identify your audience  plan (site structure, identify roles, …)  use friendly web authoring software  collect content (text, images, sounds, …)  have access to a computer/modem/ISDN  develop skills (digital imaging, design, …)  have an Internet account or web server REQUIREMENTS You will need to :

7 create a new web page - add or import text, edit, save and preview

8 The most common web page file format is: html - hyper text markup language (eg. home.htm, index.html) The most common image file formats for use on web pages are: jpeg - joint photographic expert group (eg. photo.jpg) gif - graphics interchange format (eg. logo.gif) WEB PAGE STANDARDS

9 add or import images (file.jpg or file.gif), edit, save and preview

10 use digital camera (e.g. Sony Mavica) to add image

11 Some sample digital images for making a simple web page are available at :- http://www.ozemail. module8.htm

12 view hyper text markup language source code (file.htm or file.html )

13 SOURCE CODE (HTML) It is possible to view “raw code”:  note - it is only text  ordinary people never need to “learn it”  images are referenced (stay separate)  modern software produces html code automatically

14 add links edit, save and preview (or test)

15 LINKS Main points :  web pages must be saved first  highlight words/image used for link  insert hyper link (menu, toolbar, …)  can link to web pages, WWW or email  save modified page (now linked)  test new link in WWW browser

16 consider the design and layout of your web page

17 DESIGN Some points :  be creative  maintain contrast  adjust layout, navigation,...  allow for the visually impaired  avoid “web-pages-that-suck”  avoid maximum resolutions

18 add tables to improve web page layout

19 TABLES Main points :  html has restricted formatting features  tables can have invisible borders  insert/copy/drag text or images into cells  align text or images (centred, right,...)  adjust cells (size, backgrounds, …)  for other features consider frames

20 test all web pages

21 TESTING Main points :  try in both Explorer and Netscape  allow for people with small screens  watch other people using your pages  allow for older browser versions  test on Windows XP/2000/98, Mac,...  avoid shifting files (breaks the link)

22 upload web pages to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or local web server

23 UPLOADING Main points :  find instructions (ISP, school server)  print a copy for reference  load software to transfer all files  enter user ID, password, location,...  upload all files (web pages, images, …)  test with both Explorer and Netscape

24 ISSUES  who has authority to update?  security of server access?  who is responsible for content?  parent/student permissions?  policy - use, contentious material,...  site - quality control, consistency,...  dynamic sites require maintenance!

25 Everyone can create web pages:  offers professional advantage  assists global collaboration SUMMARY but  use friendly equipment  start with simple pages  seek easy training

26 Thanks to :- Majella Stevens John Maiorana Steve Dans Mike Nicholls Glenys Lightbody


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