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Launching January 2012. "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Connecting Across the Fourth-Largest City in America SOLVED!

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1 Launching January 2012

2 "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Connecting Across the Fourth-Largest City in America SOLVED!

3 HOUSTONS ROAD TO POV Houstons large population and diversity were attractive attributes landing its selection as one of six test markets for Comcasts pilot program, Project Open Voice (POV) POV is a complement to Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels designed to strengthen and highlight PEG programming, and other local content POV seeks to strengthen programming through two platforms: Dynamic video-centric, socially connected website Television-based, video-on-demand outlet The other five POV pilot markets are: Fresno, CA Hialeah, FL Medford, MA Peterborough, NH Philadelphia, PA

4 HOUSTONS VOICE In Houston, the web platform is called Houston's Voice, a free online environment available to anyone interested in connections and local contact, which inspires, educates and enlightens Houstons Voice is an online fusion of Houstons Super Neighborhoods, video and social networks, that will spotlight the people, events and spirit of living in Houston Houstons Voice will complement, highlight and build awareness of the rich programming developed locally As of October 28, the OnDemand portion of Houstons Voice is offered under the Get Local folder through Comcast digital cable The OnDemand and web platforms will grow to complement each other with content best suited to each outlet

5 HOUSTONS VOICE OBJECTIVES Highlight and strengthen local content, including PEG programming Provide an easy way for the public to discover relevant, intriguing, thought-provoking and entertaining video content and to connect with an extended Houston community Help content owners discover and engage new audiences Interact with existing viewers and visitors in new ways Support an open, social environment that complements existing local media and PEG efforts Excite Houstonians so they share their love for Houston and its rich diversity

6 HOUSTON'S VOICE HIGHLIGHTS Delivers content in two primary layers: "My Houston" and "My Neighborhood" My Houston = macro view of Houston's people, places and perspectives My Neighborhood = micro view of Houston's neighborhoods as seen through the eyes of local content providers My Houston My Neighborhood

7 HOUSTON'S VOICE HIGHLIGHTS Provides an opportunity for PEG providers, independent, and local video contributors to showcase their programming to a broader online audience Offers ability to add Content Providers name, organization/company, website address and keyword tags to programming Content Partners & Contributors Content Provider page

8 HOUSTON'S VOICE HIGHLIGHTS Offers an open, social environment and Houston-centric web experience Reactions, Comments & Activity Neighborhood Browsing

9 HOUSTON'S VOICE HIGHLIGHTS Helps Houstonians converge at local events through an Events Calendar Events Calendar

10 HOUSTON'S VOICE SUCCESS MEASURES Steady flow of rich, diverse content from providers representing the diversity of Houston Positive feedback from the PEG community, City of Houston officials and local content providers Continuous and growing public engagement YOU!


12 TIMELINE Content Collection and Content Partner Onboarding – Ongoing Content Provider Introductions and Communications – Ongoing Houston's Voice Alpha Demo – November or December 2011 Partner User Interface Training – December 2011 and Ongoing Houstons Voice Public Beta Launch – January 2012 Marketing and Publicity – Ongoing

13 INFORMATION AND SUPPORT General Information MWH Public Relations O. 281.213.9554 E. Interested in Being a Content Contributor to Houstons Voice? Carlos Calbillo Houstons Voice Content Coordinator O. 832.758.8640 E. PROJECT OPEN VOICE

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