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Ufuk Erenoglu, Djinn-MotorPower ® Michael-Huber-Weg 26 D-81667 München Tel: +49 (0)89 / 44109253 Vertrieb: +49 (0)89 / 51875136 Fax: +49 (0)89 / 44109496.

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1 Ufuk Erenoglu, Djinn-MotorPower ® Michael-Huber-Weg 26 D-81667 München Tel: +49 (0)89 / 44109253 Vertrieb: +49 (0)89 / 51875136 Fax: +49 (0)89 / 44109496 eMail:

2  The environment of to please, your register to the joy Sparing environment, saving energy Djinn-MotorPower®

3 Renewable energy, an important source Our immediately solution "Energy sparing economizing environment“ To react to the climate change and its consequences and are no longer only voluntary measures also to check these asked. One, it more adequately also requires solution trial to adapt developments to it in accordance with himself. The Federal Government should therefore work out the development of a strategy under top view of the environmental ministry together with gutter margin and countries for the adaptation to the climate change. This strategy shall become the base for further measures to prevent the risks for the population, enterprise and communes. Surely is it is such as hydrogen to develop more important an effective energy economy programme to develop necessarily innovative energies. We have the solution:

4 Our contribution To the active environmental protection

5 push shipping unit of 2 x 1700 kW consumption fuel approx. 500 litres/hrs. operation of the ships approx. 20 hour daily, 7 days/week, 365 days in the year. costs average per ship monthly € 300,000 fuel monthly € 6,000 Oil loost

6  The within shipping journey has already increased her efficiency enormously within the last few years. She can be increased still further. We need a well fully developed infrastructure for it, however, with sufficient lock basin measurements, bridge passage heights and unloading deeps. BDB president Dr. Gunther Jaegers declared. Regarding the question of the environmental kindness of the traffic carriers he referred to a current examination of Planco Consulting GmbH, to what the within shipping journey already today produces substantially lower CO2 emissions than the railway. The till now unpublished study can be obtained in Magdeburg over the water and Shipping-department east as of now. 

7 Energy usage: The interior ship has opposite the other ones Means of transport the lowest friction resistances handling. Therefore it consumes for the transport set of goods determined considerably less a Energy as train and lorry: 1 lorry hp moves a burden of 150 kg 1 train hp moves a burden of 500 kg 1 ship hp moves a burden of 4,000 kg Air pollution: Lorry: 164.0 g Train: 48.1 g specific CO2 emission in g/tkm Interior ship: 33.4 g Din-, ground, water load: The interior ship shows by far the least values here. (Cf. to this: "External costs )"

8 Anz. Fahrz. Verbr. ltr. 100 km monatl. km Verbrauch Treibstoff Kosten 1,48/ltr. Jahres kosten Kosten Djinn MotorPower Einsparung bei nur 10% Gewinn jährlich 1.8003010.0005.400.0007.992.000 €95.904.000 €538.920 €9.590.400 €9.051.480 €  Kraftfahrzeugbestand in Deutschland Personenkraftwagen 46.569.657 Krafträder 3.969.103 Lastkraftwagen (LKW) 2.604.060 Zugmaschinen einschl. Sattelzüge 2.000.844 Kraftomnibusse 83.549 Sonstige 284.160 Gesamte Kraftfahrzeuge 55.511.373

9 At the present toll duty the traffic emerge becomes the forwarding agency area will still more greatly judge and expand his main emphasis on vehicles to 12 t here, then.

10  The rail continued the positive development of the previous years in the year 2007. Her amount of promotion increased by 4.3% to about 361.1 m. t in comparison with the year 2006. Her traffic performance still more considerably grew. She reached a value in the amount of 114.6 bn tkm in the year 2007 and lay by 7.1% over the result of the previous year with that. Of the recent demand increase after rail goods traffic performances railway traffic could both the Federal-owned and the active in Germany, not Federal-owned do profit. Furthermore high proportional increases in the rail goods traffic

11  In the within shipping journey on German waterways 2007 about 249.0 m. t of goods were transported in the year. These were about 5.5 m. t or 2.3% more than in the year 2006. The within shipping journey obtained the highest amount of promotion last year since the re-union of Germany with that. The traffic performance increased by 1.2% in the same time period and reached a value of 64.7 bn tkm. Unlike the previous year weather conditional impairments of the within shipping journey could not be recorded in a considerable extent in the year 2007.

12  All of us feel the results of this development: Waste gases fling carcinogenic soot particles into the air, heavy lorry natural landscapes are destroyed by far roads open to traffic and motorways new repairs always make necessary to streets. The ejection to klimaschädlichem carbon dioxide (CO2) by the traffic is enormous. 170 m. tons of CO2 of the complete traffic sector blow the cars in Germany 100 m. into the air of this one every year, this is almost 60 per cent!  The motor traffic causes immense health and environmental costs and an end of the growth is not in view. It could be so simple: The CO2 emission of the complete car sector could alone with thrifty car models in Germany to 2020 by 40% -- this corresponds to 40 million tons of CO2 per annum -- be reduced. The same applies to the NoX values. We show how it can work!  Must cars slim down, we have the solution Djinn-MotorPower ®

13  The European Council has decided on a package of obligatory measures and aims at his spring meeting with the "action project for climate protection and energy policy" in Brussels on 08./09 March 2007 up to the year 2020:  Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions by 20% (related to the base year 1990) or by 30%, provided that other industrial countries to comparable emission reductions and the developing countries further progressed economically commit themselves to doing a contribution adequate to her responsibilities and respective abilities.  The car industry had promised to lower the CO2 emissions from new cars by 25% by the end of 2008  Rise of the quota of renewable energies of the total energy mix of the EU to 20%  Improvement on the energy efficiency by 20% (related to a development without additional measures)

14  Technical reduction potentials already available  Of course the car manufacturers have also thrifty and climate wholesome small cars in the assortment, technology finally has been existing for a CO2 reduction for a long time. So the Smart of Daimler issues 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre, this one, polo Blue motion issued 104 grams of CO2 per kilometre. Audi and VW however have discontinued the production of her thriftiest models (Audi A2 and VW Lupo, two 3 litre cars) in 2005 again.  In the long run 50 million tons of CO2 could saved to 2020 and through this per annum the CO2 emission of the entire car fleet be halved. This can e.g. use of performance weaker engines and lighter vehicles, reduction of friction losses and rolling resistance, happen for example (by means of technical measures.

15  A proposal for solution brings Djinn engine energy ® and ESM the connection here to reconsider this one is worthwhile according to the environment and the energy economy  It is known that the aerospace industry, the motorcar industry, the aeronautics industry like also the mechanical industry, have generally been on the search for new lubricants for long time which is able the extremely severe uses which is put to her to hold.  In each of these sectors the materials have proved that those which achieves the best results are up on ceramic basis. Today, for this reason the car already is in and many parts made of ceramic used in the motor industry, too. The ceramic is light, she has less friction strengths, resists highest temperatures and resists the thermal conditions, if e.g. she is used in cylinder heads or on the piston grounds, without problems.

16  Djinn engine energy® is a revolutionizing lubricant. The advantages of this product can in all areas into the lubrication is necessary, be started. The greatest advantages have let themselves be seen in the area of engine technology, however, till now because the results are most simply measurable here.  The result of a long-standing research and series of experiments is different high performance oils Djinn engine energy® in it with various, technical, ceramic particles be mixed. In a special, very effortful process it turned out well here, these give way to ceramic particle (specific weight approx. 1.5) in a very easy (specific weight approx. 0.78) Vollsynthetiköl into floats to hold. This connection made newly can with everybody on the market, available engine oil be mixed at present.

17  Djinn engine energy® is the this one that the greatest advantage it has a quite special smearing ability and but especially under the great heat of friction conditions.  Djinn engine energy® oxidizes less than for example products which are enriched with graphite or Molideen. In addition, Djinn engine energy has ® ceramic particles (0.2 Micromillimeter) with his microscopically small one a considerably less friction factor than other lubricants.  Before we put the product on the market, we have carried out long and detailed test tests. It was made sure in this way that the lubricant from the beginning developed by us was a complete success. All tests carried out by us arrived at the same conclusion. After Djinn engine energy® is caused to the engine oil, the friction strength immediately reduces herself. For this reason the engine shifts better and large portions of the strength which he needed to the overcoming of the inner friction till now can in addition be passed on to the propeller shafts now.

18  Djinn engine energy® is not conventional additive since changed into which it is mixed, it not the monokulare structure the oil.  The surface this one with Djinn engine energy® is treated, get much more slippery than before and unevennesses and grooves get covered. Djinn engine energy® is a unique surface treatment which can be attached on all metal surfaces which stand under permanent friction. The ceramic particles which are contained in the product to 98% are transported by the Basisöl to the decisive places where they weld themselves together for a firm resistant film. The superfluous ceramic particles furthermore remain in the circulation and are with the next oil change from washed.  The temperature inside the engine and special on the surfaces, himself this one permanently is under friction (in connection with other chemical particles) this one suffices around the microscopically small ceramic particles for melting to take. This way it is guaranteed that the ceramic coating of great duration is and is not from washed at the next oil change.

19  The surface produced so newly could be described as perfect and has a very little friction factor. For this reason the work temperature is reduced in the engine up to 10 degrees. Lead reduced friction and temperature to the following advantages.  Lower Öltemperatur = greater Ölviskosität; the oil keeps better smearing qualities over a longer time period.  A less oil consumption = less exhaust fumes strain  The positive effects of the friction reduction have an effect on the engine, the transmission and Differenzialgetriebe. Particularly on the following parts: Crankshaft stores, cylinders, pistons, piston rings, camshaft, valve seats, stores generally, gear wheels and waves, as well as all other parts being under friction.  At all parts listed above the friction is reduced up to 80%, conditionally by this drastic friction reduction the engine increases his strength ejection and at the same way of driving be able to favourable if up to 20% fuel economize. These effects also have to be considerably checked on engine test beds.

20  One can all in all say that a treatment with Djinn engine energy ® brings about the following advantages for the driver.  A wear reduction of the mechanical parts in engine and transmission up to 50%  Friction reduction up to 70%  More engine output primarily in the lower engine speed range  Reduction of the development of the noise of the engine  Considerable reduction of the ejection CO2, Soot particle and NOx  Better cold start also at very low outside temperatures  The coating with the ceramic protection film protects the engine and has need run qualities Advantages of the coating Djinn-MotorPower ®

21  Summary:  We can state with an absolute safety, Djinn engine energy ® is not good for the environment but only contributes to it also, that this driving a car gets more economical and to be more precise in a measure, that product can be reached with no-one different one today. This conviction is based on the experiences and references of thousands of content customers. Certainly, today, we nevertheless try to improve our product line further to, that way, offer the respectively best possible product in future in this sector, too, too. Provable reasons for a use are this of Djinn engine energy ®

22 Opposite positionP.T.F.E.CERAMIC Friction factorca.0,040,02 Heat dissipation degreeca. 0,020,03 Burning temperature max. ca.273°C1300°C Dissolving temperature ca.280°C3300°C Average. Particle size bei 20° ca.0,2 micron0,2 micron bei 100° fino a 20 micron0,2 micron Fusion with metal surfacesnosi smearing capable until ca.260°C1100°C harmful delaysdiverse Gase +Dioxynnot available

23 Our E S P energy-economizing project  The actual state: approx. 4,200 interior ships  approx.. 47,000,000 motor vehicles  approx.. 4,000,000 motorcycles  approx.. 2,600,000 lorry  approx.. 2,000,000 tractors  approx. 90,000 busses  approx. 285,000 other (making vehicles, Construction sets )  CO2 output approx. 900 million tons  Fine dust fine dust cause in cities  Cause per cent motor vehicle traffic 45%  Industry38%  Buildingheating17%  Result for fine dust, soot particle and CO2 at the burning of dervs, fuel oil and tyre abrasion. A concept, a complete solution For motor vehicle, industry, heatings

24  Soot particle reduced up to 50%  Nox values reduced up to 25%  CO2reduces emissions up to 15%  Gas consumption reduced up to 15%  Engine output increased up to 9%  Engine oil life time increased more than 100%  Öltemperatur reduced up to 30%  Engine wear reduced by abrasion up to 70%  Service prolongs inter embankment  Engine life time increases  Anti-corrosion protectionincreases  Noise emissions lowered  Engine temperaturelowered The solution Djinn engine energy ®

25 Our E S P energy-economizing project E S M energy-economizing module An interplay of several innovative products of all sorts of technologies, micro ceramic and nano-technology Micro ceramic to the oil micro ceramic programmed Djinn engine energy ® Addition to the engine oil in the fuel circulation

26  The engines of fish cutters, boats and cargo ships play an important role, if it is about a rise of the total costs of the system and are responsible for a high expenditure for service costs.  The technology still has not found a satisfactory solution through this one, the lifetime, and performance could be increased of engines, that is the heart of a ship. If one makes clear to himself that mostly old and even antiquated technologies come in the voyage to the application, serious problems get obvious, that the sailors of our country are confronted with.  Since most of our sailors are seasonally active, the expenses for engine oil and fuel represent an important additional factor in the field of reduction of the takings. Our sailors who deliver a race at her seasonal work toward the time drive between departure and Anlegehafen on maximum speed to be able to fulfil her promises. Of course these framework conditions lead to unintentional engine troubles and an increased fuel and lubricant need.  Djinn engine energy will provide ® with not only a break but the product will do both the sea journey sector and the economy of the country an important service for the sailors.

27 Qualities  The incomparable ceramic coating provides that the engine and himself remains really clean Minimum of residues on the piston matures.  Friction and through this resulting Become wear in considerable Dimension reduces the components this one Operating system protected, exaggerated heat is avoided and the oil remains longer use ready.  Friction losses are minimised and Energy saved.  The service period becomes by high Thermal and oxidation stability prolongs.  Owe the high Thermal and Oxidation stability the nano-boron particle becomes sub-heat in the piston prevented and so a degradation of the lubricant prevented.  Rust and corrosion are prevented.  Becoming thanks to the high alkalinity Acids which arise from burnings neutralized.  Under all working conditions the Formulation is protected and prevents a reduction of the performance.  Use relationship  1 becomes ® on 30 according to oil according to Djinn engine energy used

28 Economic profits and advantages for the machine Gratitude results for a coating with Djinn engine energy ® on all mobile parts and gear wheels of an engine:  A prolongation of the lifetime of mobile parts and gear wheels.  No losses appear a reduction of friction and wear inside the engine by 70% and it from friction energy. Increase of the engine performance of 9% and more.  The fuel costs' exaggerated engine heating is prevented a reduction, this one consumption of lubricants is reduced.  One API CD diesel performance is desired, there is a new generation of nano- lubricants for places, at which together this one with fuels to ISO 8217 of the type DMA/DMB/DMC work and as a lubricant you conceived for modern piston machines of the voyage. These are suitable for diminution gear wheels and the general lubrication.


30 He is the central element and takes care that burnings can go off completely. It is ensured only in such a way that the harmful by- products like Russ, carbon monoxide or coal hydrogen only are made on a very small scale and reach the environment. At various vehicles it has that the AU tester had shown nothing more for these pollutants turned out well by means of the E S M technology on the whole to minimise these values.

31  Your vehicle develops whether with the E-S-M (energy-economizing module) petrol engine, diesel or gas his full one potential!  As E S m of dealers we can assure you of the competent consultation and the professional installation of the system.  What do you get out of it?  5 -10 % performance increase: sure and permanent  Engine transmission guarantee remains unchanged  Up to 11% reduced fuel consumption  Improve exhaust fumes values, simple moving armour possibly  No rise of the motor vehicle tax; perhaps favourable (individual check)  The fuel (energy carrier) is enriched "suitably, there autocatalytically" for all models.

32  The interplay of Djinn engine energy® and E-S-M provides a better burning of the fuel mixture in the engine. The exhaust fumes values can be reduced up to 90% !!!. The Russpartikel are reduced strongly (till against zero )

33  By use of E-S-M and this friction decreasing An environmentally harmless and energy-saving application is here ensured to Djinn engine energy® also into all BHKW (block thermal power stations), oil and gas heating systems, aggregates and USV (independent current supply

34 74 GJ/a = 2,3 [kW]

35  If we can reach an essential reduction with this E-S-P (energy-economizing project) of the environment and the energy consumption, himself should all persons responsible put institutions, enterprises and state departments together around with this system unite, for the fighting environmental damage and the reduction of fuels put constituent.  We have the solution: E-S-M (energy-economizing module) + Djinn engine energy ® Ufuk Erenoglu, Djinn-MotorPower ® Michael-Huber-Weg 26 81667 München Tel: +49 (0)89 / 44109253 Vertrieb: +49 (0)89 / 51875136 Fax: +49 (0)89 / 44109496 eMail:

36 With the E-S-M his full one develops potential for no matter to ship engines and vehicles whether petrol engine, diesel or gas! What do you get out of it?  5 -10 % performance increase: sure and permanent  Engine transmission guarantee remains unchanged  Up to11% reduced fuel consumption  Improve exhaust fumes values

37 From the point of view of time the E-S-M can seem unlimited in all burning processes Use into engines and car moveable property, no wear, „autocatalytic" Reduce the consumption of the system (engine/car/lorry) Extend the life time this one „machines" Reducing the pollutant ejection to an extreme minimum Ejection: Nitrogen and pure CO2 and steam - nitric oxides (NOx) by 70%, CO2 by 30% and particle fine dust by 50% Simple moving armour possible. No rise of the motor vehicle tax; perhaps favourable (individual check ) Suitable for all models, there the fuel (energy carrier) you enrich autocatalytically. How does Abgasaustoß change? The E-S-M provides a better burning of the fuel in the engine. The exhaust fumes values can be reduced up to 90% !!!. The Russpartikel are reduced strongly (till against zero )

38 10 years guarantee We trust you, they trust us! 30 days repurchase guarantee! Buy, pay within 30 days today!

39 Exit situation engines The energy costs increasing further manufacturer's prices coupled directly to it in the area of the fuels and this one virtually explosively. It is our aim to optimize available systems to conserve valuable resources which get scarcer and scarcer. This means technologically to increase the degrees of effectiveness (illus. 1 more complete burning) and to reduce the ecological damage.

40  The high petrol or diesel prices burden the industry and consumer considerably particularly in the within shipping drive and in the automotive area (car or commercial vehicles). The prices are € 1.15 for diesels, € 1.34 for petrol and € 1.34 for super at the moment. If 5%-15 % and more technological could be saved, then an investment already calculates herself after 10,000 to 30,000 km. Improvements concentrate in the energy technique on filter technologies (soot particle filter etc.), change of the injection systems -- installation of electronics for the optimization of the burning etc. till now. It can be granted to these systems generally that they bring about improvements, however also unfortunately been able to be very expensive, servicing intensive and susceptible.  There is backlog demand also in the cooling circuit. Our burning engines use up up to 35% of the primary energy available around themselves to cool. In the course of the time it comes to depositions, Verschlammungen and oxidation, in the cooling system. The consumption increases and the life time of the materials is shortened. 

41  Functional principle  Fuel optimization:  A burning engine is a warmth prime mover which carries out mechanical work by an inner burning of fuel. A ceramic chip for burning processes and a part of a building are the E S M that functioned as a catalyst. It is treated ceramic elements or ceramic micro hollow spheres in sizes of 10 microns to 35 mm from standard products. The principles in addition were taken into account to Viktor Schauberger for the case construction. While the fuel is flowing, the principle of the undertow and the strength is of use for the implosion which makes the normal molecular movement the kinetic energy available in a directional flow. The fuel learns a clockwise natural sequence of movements again, what positively supports the later pulverization and burning.

42  Why is this so interesting now?  At the burning the fuel is oxidized and the oxygen reduces. The oxygen needs 8 electrons to be stable. He has, however, only 6. If the oxygen lacks the two electrons, then he must go to thieve. He reacts with all chemically weaker substances. The burning process lives to say by the hand in the mouth so. The air has firm parameters and the fuel also. The qualities of the fuels are determined by the manufacturer extensively, the active oxygen (reaction joyful state) can, however, be converted into an inactive oxygen (enrichment with free electrons -- not aggressive state). The E S M creates an enriched state in the fuel at free electrons. This state has optimally to be formed without soot and carbon monoxide for engines and BHKW so that the oxygen can react in his activated "performance state" to 99% with the fuel to carbon dioxide and water. The titanium oxide works as high temperature simulator (catalyst) and keeps the additional energy in the system. The E S M overcomes the problem on the fuel page. The products shown into illus. 2 are after treated in addition with titanium oxide (fine meal of 70 nm) and biological substances.

43  After heating up the ceramic elements once more the elements are deterred in a prepared solution. These new end products have catalytic and magnetic qualities. The titanium oxide functions as an electron donator with approx.-300 mVs Redoxpotential depending on initial value of the fuel. The ceramic with the enzymatic active agents breaks rough molecular structures open and leads her into her original pure molecular structure back. This creates a larger surface and supports the complete oxidation  The E-S-M creates conditions improved in the cubic capacity over the fuel in addition, since the activation energy marks down becomes and he autocatalytically works. This means that certain reactions take place at high temperature and/or at low temperature. So pollutants can be neutralized or converted early and react no longer negatively in the individual case. It less soot particles, dioxin, arise sulphur, NOx, CO. The increase at a better burning reduces the issues and increases the degree of effectiveness.

44  seem from the point of view of time unlimited  usable at new+old engines (diesel, petrol engine, natural gas, vegetable oil, gas)  are not subject to any wear since the catalyst seems autocatalytic in the system  reduce the consumption by approx. 5-15 % in the system (e.g. car/lorry/BHKW)  noises extend the life time of the systems and reduce  reduces the pollutant ejection to an extreme minimum (here: Soot particle dioxin, sulphur, NOx – etc.) > ejection: Nitrogen + pure CO2 and steam  old residues burst gently + gently (it can initially come in the system for lower performance values+higher emissions )  asynchronous material vibrations are reduced

45  The production is carried out in accordance with MOT Zert. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Zert.: 09 100 80 205  The HTB (high temperature resistance) is filled. (The seals are not A2 adapter in accordance with EN 1254 from VITON (Dow -- Dupont) -- combustible in accordance with DIN 4102)  The E S M brass case corresponds to the DIN EN 1652 CU Zn 39 Pb 2 = (early: MS 58 )  The E S M corresponds to the recognized rules of technology  The E S m of nickel 35/22 (item no. 27009/19) is for for heatings (fuel oil+gas) and you can start until a performance of 300 kW (larger plants are also optimizing cash). Caution: The E S M shall, has to be installed as Bypass at supplies the greater than ¾ ".

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