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MOLY BLACK GOLD 10 Times the Lubricity of Oil.

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1 MOLY BLACK GOLD 10 Times the Lubricity of Oil.
Withstands Temperatures from -100° below zero - to 750° Fahrenheit. Withstands pressures up to 500,000 PSI. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has stated - “there is no other known substitute.”

2 MOLY BLACK GOLD Secretly used in WWII in American ships and tanks.
Currently used by U.S. Government, Navy and Air Force. Currently used by NASA in the Lunar module. Treats both gas & diesel engines. Mixes with regular or synthetic oils. Used by major Oil & Industrial companies, and Automobile manufacturers.

3 COLD DRY STARTS – The Problem
MOLY BLACK GOLD COLD DRY STARTS – The Problem Studies have determined that “Cold Dry Starts” – each time an engine is started, accounts for more than 80% of wear & tear on the engine. Cold Dry Starts inflict wear on the engine equal to driving your car 500 miles. The reason for this is the oil has cooled and thickened and does not pump immediately into the engine when the car is started. Ultimately, your engine is running BEFORE the oil heats-up and works its way back into the engine to lubricate it and protect it - subjecting your engine to dry - bare metal rubbing together.

4 MOLY BLACK GOLD – The Solution
Extends the service life and reduces maintenance on: Aircraft Diesel Trucks Tractors Compressors Marine & Industrial Engines Air Cooled Engines Motorcycles All Types of Boats, Buses & Automobiles

5 MOLY BLACK GOLD MOLY: Molybdenum (MoS2) - Commercially available Molybdenum disulphide comes from the natural mineral “Molybdenite.” MoS2 is a hexagon crystal composed of a lattice of layers of sulphur and molybdenum atoms. These atoms retain their laminar structure no matter how finely they are pulverized. Molybdenum has an extraordinary affinity to stick to metal and a very low coefficient of friction even in heat ranges over 750° Fahrenheit. Moly does not dissolve in oil or grease. Moly may be ground to .35 microns and the particles will remain suspended in liquids, such as oil, grease, glycal water and alcohol.

MOLY BLACK GOLD HYDRODYNAMIC LUBRICATION Hydrodynamic lubrication exists when all the microscopic hills and valleys of the engine parts being lubricated are separated by a layer of film or fluid (oil or grease). The ideal situation is no metal-to-metal contact and therefore no engine wear. However, under sufficient pressure and heat the oil film is squeezed out and the metal surfaces begin to rub together. Resulting in lubrication failure, the galling and scoring of bearings and piston rings - which cause high oil consumption or complete failure of the engine parts effected.

7 MOLY BLACK GOLD When Moly is added to oil or grease in small amounts it becomes an extreme pressure treatment. When Moly is added to crankcase oil, temperature and pressure cause instantaneous reaction between Moly and bearing metal, and a low friction solid film is formed to keep the bearing surfaces from actually touching. This plating is formed by thermo-chemical reaction and it is continuously supplied to the friction surfaces of the engine or equipment parts by being suspended in the fluid lubricant. The Moly solid film friction plating is extremely durable – and the only method of removal is to grind it off.

8 MOLY BLACK GOLD Because Moly Black Gold is a lubricant, it is possible for two Moly plated parts such as a bearing and a shaft to run for an indefinite period of time without fluid or oil. Properly used, Moly Black Gold can double the operating life of equipment and reduce maintenance as much as 60%. Engines treated with Moly Black Gold usually obtain 15% to 25% increased fuel mileage. Moly Black Gold has been proven to reduce engine friction up to 60%. Also called the “Pollution Solution,” Moly significantly reduces exhaust emissions.

9 Moly Black Gold – Engine Treatments
Lower Engine Treatment (add to motor oil) Upper Engine Treatment (add to gas), to inhibit formation of gum, varnish carbon & acids Automatic Transmission Treatment (add to transmission oil), reduces heat load and bearing wear and prevents oxidation. Manual Transmission Treatment (add to gear box) for stick shift cars.

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