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Alien Technology Portal Solution – ALX-9000 Series Featuring the ALR-9800 and ALR-9780 EPC Gen 2 RFID Readers.

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1 Alien Technology Portal Solution – ALX-9000 Series Featuring the ALR-9800 and ALR-9780 EPC Gen 2 RFID Readers

2 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 2 Alien Technology Portal Solution Quick, low cost installation No antenna placement issues No coax cabling over/around dock door Swap-out capability avoids risk of down time Complete dock door requirements in one package Reader and antennas LAN, or WLAN option Support for light stack and electric eye presence detection Rugged, steel design Dust and splash-resistant

3 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 3 Rugged Design Rugged steel construction IP54 moisture and dust protection UHF-transparent, heavy-duty plastic facing LAN and power inputs enter via standard electrical conduit on top of unit Optional, 7”replaceable fence around base protects tower from equipment bumps at floor level (not shown)

4 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 4 Complete RFID Feature Set Industry-leading RFID performance options ALR-9800 Enterprise RFID Reader – expandable, scalable ALR-9780 C1-Gen 2 Reader – excellent C1 performance ALR-9800 Protocol agile: EPC C0/0+, C1, Gen 2; future expandability Exceptional mixed-population performance Enterprise ready; manageable, configurable, reliable Multiple dense reader management tools including DRM Low initial cost: Multistatic antennas & enhanced GPIO Expandable platform for enhanced edge intelligence ALR-9780 Most popular, highly interoperable, EPC Class 1 reader; C1G2 upgradeable Network-ready, plug and play design Extensive, configurable autonomous mode options

5 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 5 ALR-9xxx-PRT Portal Base Models ALX-9000 Cabinet only ALR-9800 models ALR-9802-PRTL ALR-9802-PRTC ALR-9804-PRTL ALR-9804-PRTC ALR-9782-PRTL ALR-9782-PRTC ALR-9784-PRTL ALR-9784-PRTC Single-Sided Dual-Sided ALR-9780 models

6 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 6 Portal Option Description 802.11 g Wireless Bridge Linksys WET54 v.2 Mounts behind reader; antenna on top of unit Plugs into reader RJ45 LAN jack Light Stack Allen Bradley 855T Series 3 lights plus base, bayonet mount controlled by GPIO Ordered with horn Requires 4 ALX-9010 relays when used with ALR-9780 Horn Mallory Sonalert Mounted to side of unit Controlled by GPIO Ordered with light stack Requires 4 ALX-9010 Relays when ordered with ALR-9780 Electric Eye Presence Detector Allen-Bradley MiniSight Retroflective 5m With reflector Input connects to reader GPIO signal Protective Fence 7” high steel fence offering protection from glancing blows at floor level Uses same mounting holes as base plate (not pictured) ALX-9001-PRT ALX-9004-PRT ALX-9002-PRT ALX-9003-PRT ALX-9010-PRT Relay Kit Four of these are required when the ALR-9002-PRT is ordered with the ALR-9780. Not required with the ALR-9800.

7 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 7 Portal Option Ordering Information ALX-9001-PRT Protective fence. 7-inch tall steel barrier that protects the ALX-9000 from floor-level impacts. ALX-9002-PRT Lightstack and horn. 3-color light stack mounts on top of portal unit. Horn emits audible signal. Light stack and horn triggered by reader I/O signals. Power supply included. ALX-9003-PRT Photo eye presence detector. Detects presence of pallet or other object in front of the portal and provides digital signal to reader via GPIO input. Uses included reflector mounted opposite portal. ALX-9004-PRT 802.11b/g Wireless LAN. Wireless LAN Bridge mounts inside of portal tower and connects to reader RJ45 Ethernet connector. Antenna mounts on top of tower. ALX-9010-PRT Relay kit. Required to implement light stack or horn with ALR-978x-PRT portals. Includes one relay.

8 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 8 Support Training in industry-leading Alien RFID Academy After-sale service plan options Extended warranty available Repair/replacement service level options avoid downtime Firmware upgrade license Alien on-site, expert RFID design services RFID lab services Testing on portal, conveyor or palletizer systems Optimal product tagging

9 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 9 Specifications Protocol supportEPC Class 1, Class 1 Gen 2, EPC Class 0, 0+* TemperatureOperation.: -20* to 50 C; Storage: -20 to 70 C RF Output902-928 MHz, 1 Watt LANEthernet, Internet Protocol, optional 802.11g Construction150 mil steel; plastic faceplate Dust and MoistureIP54 Power110VAC, 50-60 Hz SafetyUL 69050*, CSA 22.2/60950* (pending) EmissionsFCC 47 CFR Part 15, Canada RS210 Dimensions84’ x 11” x 18”; baseplate: 12” x 24” *ALR-9800 only; see reader data sheets

10 ALIEN TECHNOLOGY CONFIDENTIAL 10 IP54 – Water and Dust Protection Definition:Water splashes on to the enclosure from any direction must not have any harmful effects. Test conditions:The enclosure is tested by means of a spray head or a flushing pipe which is aimed at it from all sides according to the standardized testing time / volume flow. Conditions for acceptance:Should water have penetrated, it must not - be present in quantities which impair the good working order of the operating material or represent a safety hazard; - deposit on non-conducting parts where it could lead to creep currents; - come in contact with live parts or coils which are unsuitable for operating in wet conditions; - collect near the wire end or possibly penetrate the wire. Definition:Dust penetration is not prevented altogether, but dust must not enter in sufficient quantities to prevent the equipment from operating satisfactorily, or to impair safety. Test conditions:The test is carried out in a dust chamber in which talcum powder is being kept suspended in the air by means of a dust distributor or similar device. The enclosure which is being tested is placed in the test chamber while a vacuum pump keeps the pressure in the enclosure below the atmospheric pressure of the environment according to the standard. Conditions for acceptance:The protection is satisfactory if the inspection shows that talcum powder has not accumulated in places or in quantities in a way that could impair the good working order of the operating material or represent a safety hazard, regardless of the type of dust concerned. Water Dust

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