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Pipes Single Wall Pipes Double Wall Pipes

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1 Pipes Single Wall Pipes Double Wall Pipes
Enkla, dubbla, konduktiva, icke-konduktiva

2 Enkla, dubbla, konduktiva, icke-konduktiva

3 Single Wall Pipe Conductive layer Polyethylene Permeation barrier
KPS pipes have a liner that prevents petrol from permeating through the pipe wall The liner is chemically bonded to the inside of the pipe, no risk of delamination Conductive layer dissipates static electricity Diameters 25, 32, 54, 63, 90 and 110 mm Conductive layer The special chemically bonded permeation barrier is a KPS unique innovation. Competitors glue their liner to the polyethylene pipe. The liner is often made of nylon. Since it is very hard to get any substance to bond with polyethylene the glued liners often peel off. This is called delamination. The KPS permeation is chemically bonded to the polyethylene and it is impossible for it to separate from the pipe. Delamination can be a problem with competing products, especially in suction systems. Conductive plastic pipes are also a KPS unique product. Polyethylene Permeation barrier

4 Double Wall Pipe With the double wall pipe an interstitial space is created between the pipes that can be monitored for leaks. Diameters 40/32, 75/63 and 125/110 mm

5 Bends and Tees Single Wall Double Wall
Formed bend give better flow characteristics.

6 Sockets and Fittings – Plastic
KP CC conductive connector For conductive pipes, diameters mm KP 2 For pipe diameters 25, 32, 54, 63, 90 and 110 mm KP 2 SC integrated For pipe diameters 75/63 and 125/110 mm KP 2 SC ”anaconda” For pipe diameters 75/63 and 125/110 mm

7 Termination fittings KP T KP TM
For pipe diameters 75/63 and 125/110 mm KP T black KP T75/63B and KP T125/110B KP TM For pipe diameters 75/63 and 125/110 mm

8 Entry seals For tight entry of tubes, pipes and electrical wiring into sumps KP TM125/ / /15 KP TM75/63SC KP TM125/110SC KP TM125/90W 75/54W /15W

9 Transition fittings plastic-to-steel
KP C13 male and female, pipe diameters 90 to 110 mm Conductive KP C13 male and female for product lines, pipe diameters 54 to 63 mm Conductive KP 5 stub flange, KP 6 DIN flange, KP 7 gasket, pipe diameters 54 to 110 mm Conductive


11 Transition fittings plastic-to-steel
KP C15 male and female, pipe diameters mm Conductive KP C14, for pipe diameters mm Conductive


13 Steel fittings and valves

14 Tank chambers and covers
Glass fibre tank chambers Covers and skirts KP MC984D 40 ton KP MC977CFC 25 ton KP TC1400R Conductive throughout KP TC1520RF KP TC1520SQ Conductive inside KP MC928 KP MC9946


16 Dispenser chambers Glass fiber and polyethylene dispenser chambers
KP DC1000C Conductive glass fiber throughout KP DC1000 Polyethylene KP DC1000F

17 Electrical conduits With permeation barrier Diameters 32 and 75 mm

18 Leak Detection – KP 315 A liquid sensor that is placed in the tank sump Works without pressure or vacuum Connected to the test ports of the pipe work Any liquid in the interstitial space will flow into the sensor unit and trigger the alarm Alarm is visual, audible or connected to additional remote alarm output/display

19 Further features: -> 25 bar operation pressure -> 40 bar test pressure -> over 100 bar burst pressure -> no welding -> no isolation neccessary (pipe PE, fitting SS) -> no inside corrossion -> 0 permeation -> conductive -> short installation time -> easier to install than any pipe -> cheaper than any other pipe system -> CE marked and approved

20 LPG

21 Installation Equipment

22 Test Equipment Pressure test gauge with tubes
Tank sump pressure test kit Conductivity tester

23 30 years warranty - on plastic pipes and plastic fittings Conditions:
Handling, storage and installation must be done according to the installation manual Installation must be done by certified installers Installation Checklist Do not mix KPS with products of other manufacturer


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