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Unit 4 The World on a Plate Extension Activities.

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1 Unit 4 The World on a Plate Extension Activities

2 Spices of the South Asia Special Dishes Around Taiwan

3 Spices of the South Asia

4 After reading the article, you’ve known that the world are full of surprises. People have different customs in eating.

5 Despite of the differences in eating customs, putting some spices to make food tasty seems to be a general rule around the world.

6 What kind of spices do you usually taste when you have a meal?

7 In Taiwan, green onion, gingers or garlic are the commonest spices people will use when they cook.

8 Do you know what are the essential spices that south Asian people use in cooking?

9 Lemongrass 檸檬香茅

10 Kaffir lime leaves 檸檬葉

11 Basil 羅勒

12 Hot chilly pepper 辣椒

13 Galangal (blue ginger) 南薑

14 Turmeric 薑黃粉

15 Tamarind 羅望子

16 Pepper 胡椒

17 Lime 萊姆

18 Curry 咖哩

19 Shallot 紅蔥頭

20 Coconut milk 椰漿

21 Garlic 蒜頭

22 Coriander 元芫荽

23 Now you know the basic elements of South Asian spices. Please try to design a recipe which has the spirit of south Asian food.

24 Example: Thai Coconut Rice INGREDIENTS: SERVES 4 2 cups Thai jasmine-scented rice 2 cups thin coconut milk 1 3/4 cups water 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. canola or other vegetable oil Optional: 1 tsp. brown sugar Optional: 1 tsp. coconut flavoring Optional Garnish: 2 Tbsp. dry shredded coconut

25 PREPARATION: Rub oil over the bottom of a deep-sided pot. Place rice, coconut milk, water, and salt in the pot. Place pot on the stove over medium to high heat and stir well. Add the sugar and flavoring, if using. Continue to stir occasionally until the coconut milk & water come to a bubbling boil. Once the rice has begun to bubble, stop stirring. Turn down the heat to medium-low (around 2.5 on the dial). Place lid askew on the pot, so that it is at least 3/4 covered.

26 Allow to simmer in this way for 15-20 minutes, or until rice has absorbed most of the coconut-water. Now turn off the heat, but leave the pot on the burner. Cover the pot tightly with the lid and allow to sit 5-10 minutes, or until the rest of your dinner is ready. When ready to eat, remove the lid and “fluff” rice with a fork or chopsticks, gently loosening it in the pot. The rice is now ready to eat.

27 End of Activity One

28 Special Dishes Around Taiwan

29 If you have a chance to introduce to your foreign friends about Taiwanese local food, what comes up to your mind first?

30 Now, based on the following 5 pictures, please discuss with your classmates about how to introduce theses five local dishes to your foreign friends. Your goal is to evoke your foreign friends’ curiosity and want to try it very much!

31 1. 臭豆腐 Stinky tofu

32 2. 蚵仔煎 Oyster omelet

33 3. Pearl milk tea 珍珠奶茶 http://

34 4. Fried Salty Chicken 鹽酥雞

35 5. Soya-mixed meat 滷味

36 End of Activity Two

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