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Open Book Exam.

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1 Open Book Exam

2 Head Contact

3 Head Contact Which penalty may NOT be assessed for illegal contact to an opponent’s head ? (a) Minor Penalty plus Misconduct (b) Double Minor Penalty (c) Major Penalty plus Game Misconduct Rule 620 (a)

4 Equipment

5 Equipment A Midget player whose helmet is dislodged during play may put his helmet back on and continue play? True False Rule 304 (e)

6 EQUIPMENT It is REQUIRED that all goalkeepers wear a hanging throat/neck laceration protector True False Rule 303 (b)

7 Icing During a potential icing situation, icing shall NOT be called if the puck goes through the goal crease before crossing the goal line (no goal is scored) True False Rule 624 (a)

8 Off-sides If there is an attacking player off-side the instant the puck is carried across the determining edge of the blue line: (a) The official shall signal for a delayed off-sides. (b) The official shall stop play for an immediate off-sides. (c) Wash out the off-sides and allow play to continue. Rule 630 (c)

9 Signals The penalty for body checking in a Non-Body Checking game is the same as the Roughing penalty signal. True False Official Signals (page 325)

10 Signals Body Checking Roughing

11 Basic Officiating Manual
In a two-official system, following a stoppage of play for an off-side, which official conducts the face-off? (a) The official who made the call (b) The official who did NOT make the call (c) The official who was on the side of the ice where the face- off will occur. Page 30 Retrieving The Puck

12 Calling of Penalties Team B scores during a delayed minor penalty to Team A (even strength). The penalty to theTeam A player must be recorded on the score sheet but the player does not serve the penalty. True False 409 (b)

13 Team Officials (Coach)
If at any time during the game there are no Team Officials left on the player’s bench, a responsible adult may come to the bench and supervise the players for the remainder of the game. True False 201 (b)

14 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, interference should be called when the following occurs: (a) A player maintains foot speed and body position between the opponent and the puck without changing his skating lane (b) Players are competing for body position using strength and balance. (c) A player uses the body to establish a “pick” that prevents an opponent from being able to chase the puck carrier. Pre-Face page xiii (INTERFERENCE)

15 Spearing

16 Spearing The minimum penalty for Spearing an opponent is a minor plus misconduct penalty. True False 635 (a)

17 Abuse of Officials Shooting the puck after a whistle results in a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct if the player had sufficient time to refrain from taking the shot. True False 601 (a)(4)

18 Delayed Penalties If three players from the same team are on the penalty bench serving non-coincident minor penalties assessed at different times when the first penalty expires: (a) The player whose penalty has expired returns to the game immediately (b) Nobody returns to the game and the third penalty time begins. (c) All players must remain on the penalty bench until the next stoppage of play. 408 (a)

19 Two Official System In a two-official system, both officials have equal authority regarding game management, penalties, and goals. True False Basic Officiating Manual

20 Face-Off Locations An attacking player deflects the puck out of play in the attacking zone. The resulting face-off is conducted at the attacking team’s end zone face-off spot. True False 631 (d) and Summary of Face-Off Locations (page 321)

21 Two-Official Positioning
In a two-official system, after Team A advances the puck into its attacking zone, the official making the call at the blue line: (a) Continues into the attacking zone. (b) Holds the blue line while the other official skates into the zone. (c) Retreats back towards the center ice. Basic Officiating Manual (page 27) Positioning During Play

22 Face-Off Locations Team A commits a penalty infraction in their defending zone. Before play can be stopped, the puck enters the attacking zone of Team A. After play is stopped in Team A’s attacking zone, where is the ensuing face-off? (a) Team A’s defending zone (b) Team A’s attacking zone (c) At the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot where play was stopped 612 (c)

23 Time Outs During a timeout, which of the following is NOT true:
(a) Either team may warm up their goalkeeper using four pucks (b) Penalized players must remain in the penalty box. (c) Penalized players may leave the penalty box to participate in the time-out and listen to their coach. 636 (f)

24 Protective Equipment

25 Protective Equipment Mouthpieces are NOT required in which youth age classification (a) 12 & Under (Peewee) (b) 14 & Under (Bantam) (c) 10 & Under (Squirt) 304 (f)

26 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, the stick may be placed against the body. However, once the stick is used to gain a positional advantage, a penalty must be called. True False Preface xii and xiii

27 Double Minor Penalty A player receives a double minor penalty for roughing under Rule 640(a). This penalty is recorded on the score sheet as one four–minute penalty True False 640 (a)

28 Calling Off-Sides The puck is located in the neutral zone. The blue line is part of: (a) Only the neutral zone (b) Only the attacking zone (c) Both the neutral zone and attacking zone 630 (a) (note)

29 Face-Off Locations Which of the following would (generally) result in a face-off at the center ice spot? (a) Premature goalkeeper substitution when offending team is in the attacking zone. (b) Icing error by an official (c) Unsuccessful penalty shot 612 (a)

30 Two-Official System In a two officiating system, after the opening face-off, what determines the direction in which the official not conducting the face-off moves: (a) The officials determined ends before the game (b) Signal from the face-off official (c) The direction of the puck and the ensuing flow of play. Basic Officiating Manual (page 27)

31 Standard of Play Under the Body Checking Standard of Play initiative, a player is entitled to use proper body position and body contact in all age classifications in order to gain a competitive advantage. True False Preface ix

32 Calling of Penalties During a delayed penalty, play shall be stopped whenever a member of the offending team gains “possession and control” of the puck. True False 409 (a) and (note 1)

33 Abuse of Officials

34 Abuse of Officials and Other Misconcuct
Which of the following would NOT result in a game misconduct to a player? (a) Obscene gesture (b) Profane language (c) Racial/ethnic slur 601 (c) (2) 601 (e) (2)

35 Delayed Off-Sides In a Youth 14 & Under game, an official is signaling a delayed off- side situation as there are players offside when the puck enters the attacking zone: (a) The play becomes legal if all the attacking are simultaneously clear of the end zone. (b) The play becomes legal as soon as the originally off-side player(s) clear the end zone. (c) The delayed off-side remains in effect until the puck leaves the zone. 630 (d)

36 Face-Off Locations Face-offs in the neutral zone may take place (not a goal, premature goalie substitution, or start of a period situation): (a) At any location within the four face-off spots (b) Only at one of the neutral zone face-off spots or center ice location (c) Only along the parallel lines on each side of the ice connecting the neutral zone and end zone face-off spots. 612 (b)

37 Slashing

38 Slashing If an opponent is injured from a slashing infraction, the minimum penalty is a: (a) Minor plus Misconduct (b) Major plus Misconduct (c) Major plus Game Misconduct 634 (b)

39 Charging The MINIMUM penalty for charging is: Minor
Minor plus Misconduct Major Rule 607 (a)

40 Boarding The MINIMUM penalty for Boarding is: Minor
Minor plus Misconduct Major 603 (a)

41 Delayed Off-Sides Delayed (tag-up) off-sides is NOT allowed in what level: (a) Adult (male & female) (b) 12 & Under (Youth and Girls) (c) 14 & Under (Youth and Girls) 630 (d)

42 Match Penalty

43 Match Penalty Which of the following results in a match penalty?
(a) Obscene gesture (b) Profane language (c) Attempting to injure a team official (coach) 601 (f) (2)

44 Face-Off Locations With the play in the attacking zone, the attacking team shoots the puck. The puck deflects off the defending team near the top of the face-off circle and goes out of the rink. The face- shall be conducted? (a) At the attacking team’s defensive zone face-off spot (b) In the attacking team’s attacking end zone along the line connecting the face-off spots (c) At the nearest neutral zone face-off spot 612 (b)

45 Match Penalty

46 Match Penalty Whenever a match penalty is assessed for attempted physical harm to an official, a written report to the District Referee- in-Chief is required: (a) Within 12 hours of the occurrence (b) Within 48 hours of the occurrence (c) Within 72 hours of the occurrence 601 (f) (1) (note)


48 Communication Which of the following is a good example of when it is important for the official to verbally communicate with players/coaches? (a) Close plays at the blue line or icings (b) Multiple penalty situations (c) Both (a) and (b) Basic Officiating Manual (page 66)

49 Face-Offs A player not taking a face-off may be in motion as long as that player is outside the face-off circle and is on-side. True False 613 (b) and Casebook (Rule 613 Situation 7)

50 Game Misconduct and Match Penalties

51 Match Pentalty A match penalty shall be assessed to any player who deliberately removes his (or his opponent’s) helmet/facemask prior to or during an altercation. In addition, a game misconduct shall be assessed to any player whose helmet comes off during an altercation. True False 615 (c)

52 Penalty Shot

53 Penalty Shot A team may change goalkeepers to defend against a penalty shot. True False 406 (b) Casebook (page 125) Situation 4

54 Match Penalty Who may be assessed a match penalty? (a) Only Players
(b) Only Team Officials (coaches) (c) Players and Team Officials 405 (a)

55 Two Official System

56 Two-Official System In a two-official system, the puck is frozen in the corner and the Front Official blows the whistle to stop. Players immediately separate. The Back Official should: (a) Move into the end zone and retrieve the puck (b) Remain at the blue line and allow the Front Official to retrieve the puck and conduct the face-off. (c) Go directly to the location of the ensuing face-off. Basic Officiating Manual (page 30) Retrieving the Puck

57 Delay of Game

58 Delay of Game Deliberately shooting the puck out of the playing area results in a minor penalty to the player or goalkeeper shooting it. True False 610 (c)

59 Spearing

60 Spearing Which statement regarding spearing is correct?
(a) Contact must be made for this penalty. (b) Penalty options are a major plus game misconduct or a match penalty. (c) If the referee feels that only a minor penalty applies, the infraction must be indicated as Slashing. 635 (a) (b)

61 Off-Sides An attacking player (non-puck carrier) is off-sides when the puck crosses the determining edge of the blue line if: (a) The player has skate contact with the neutral zone and the blue line. (b) The player has skate contact with the neutral zone and attacking zone. (c) The player does not have skate contact with the neutral zone or the attacking zone blue line. 630 (a)

62 Goals If the puck is directed into the goal by the skate of an attacking player, the goal shall be allowed. True False 617 (c) (1) (2)

63 No Goal!

64 Goalkeepers Penalties

65 Goalkeepers Penalties
Who would serve the penalty if Team A’s goalkeeper receives a misconduct penalty? (a) The substitute goalkeeper (b) An player on Team A (c) Any player on Team A who was on the ice at the time of the offense. 407 (a)

66 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, which of the following shall NOT be penalized (a) Competing for the puck using strength and balance (b) Acts of intimidating or dangerous nature (c) Excessively hard body checks on the puck carrier that are intimidating in nature Preface ix, x, and xi

67 Players in Uniform

68 Players in Uniform The players and coaches from a team’s roster who may be listed on the score sheet and considered “eligible” for a youth game include: (a) All players and coaches (b) Only those players and coaches who are present for the start of the game (c) Only players and coaches who are not suspended 203 (a)

69 Butt-Ending and Spearing

70 Butt-Ending and Spearing
A player who receives a penalty for Spearing or Butt-Ending shall be assessed, at a minimum, a five-minute major and game misconduct penalty. True False 606 (a) and 635 (a)

71 Sticks

72 Sticks During play, Player #3 carries a replacement stick to his teammate. No penalty shall be called provided Player #3 does not participate in play with more than one stick. True False 301 (e)

73 Delay of Game

74 Delay of Game For a Delay of Game minor penalty to apply for goal post displacement: (a) The goalkeeper must be out of the crease (b) A scoring opportunity must be lost (c) The action must be deliberate 610 (e)

75 Checking From Behind

76 Checking From Behind Player A5 is standing along the board with his back to center ice. Player B12 checks player A5 head first into the boards from behind. The correct penalty call is: (a) Minor penalty for Charging (b) Major penalty for Boarding (c) Major plus Game Misconduct for Checking From Behind 608 (b)

77 Helmets and Facemasks

78 Helmets and Facemasks In Youth and Girls divisions, helmets and facemasks must be worn on the team benches and penalty benches. True False 304 (c)

79 Face-Off Locations The face-off location for an intentional off-side is at a defensive end-zone face-off spot of the offending team. True False 630 (c)

80 Face-Off Locations All face-offs in the end zones are conducted along the imaginary parallel lines connecting the end zone face-off spots with the neutral zone face-off spots. True False 612 (b) and Basic Officiating Manual (page 40)

81 Face-Off Procedures

82 Face-Offs Procedures If a false face-off occurs, either team may change players before the second attempt. True False 613 (d), 610 (h), and Casebook (page 226) Situation 13

83 Face-Off Procedures When should the official conducting the face-off blow the whistle? At the conclusion of the line change procedure Immediately before dropping the puck Only if he thinks the players aren’t getting into position quickly enough. Page 11 Basic Officiating Manual

84 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, a player who is in possession and control of the puck, and who has established body position on an opponent, may use their free arm to fend off an opponent as long as they: (a) Push off with the forearm allowing them to increase the space between themselves and the opponent (b) Use their arm to maintain the favorable body position that they have attained (c) Grab the opponent’s stick to prevent them from getting the puck Preface xiii

85 Face-Off Location Which of the following does NOT result in a neutral zone face-off? (a) Goal crease violation (b) Intentional off-side (c) Attacking team shoots puck out of playing area from the attacking zone Summary of Face-Off Locations (page 321)

86 Tripping

87 Tripping Penalty options for Tripping include a minor, major, or major plus game misconduct penalty True False 639 (a) (b)

88 Delayed Penalties

89 Delayed Penalties With teams at full strength, a delayed penalty for Checking From Behind (minor plus misconduct) is being signaled and the non-offending team scores during the delayed penalty. The penalized player only serves the misconduct penalty. True False 409 (b)

90 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, a defensive player in front of the net may use his body position and strength to gain an advantageous body position on his opponent. This is allowed as long as he does NOT use his arms or stick to create space between him and his opponent or use his stick to impede his opponent’s ability to move in a desired location. True False Preface

91 Major plus Game Misconduct
In all Youth, High School, and Girls age classifications, if a player receives a non-coincidental major plus game misconduct, the team must place a substitute player in the penalty box immediately. True False 403 (d)

92 Team Officials-Game Misconducts
A Bantam team has a head coach and one assistant coach on the bench. During the first period, the head coach receives a game misconduct penalty and leaves the bench area. During the third period, the team receives its 15th penalty. As a result, the head coach is suspended for the next two games. True False 401 (b), 404 (b) & Casebook (Rule 401 Situation 6)

93 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, stick lifts or stick presses are allowed as long as they are on the lower portion of the opponent’s stick and don’t slide up onto the upper portion of the stick and hands. True False Preface xii

94 Body Checking

95 Body Checking Body Checking is prohibited in the Youth 12 & Under, all Girls/Women, and Non-Check Adult age classifications. True False 604 (a)

96 Standard of Play Under the Standard of Play initiative, which action warrants a minor or major penalty for slashing? (a) Contact is made on the glove of an opponent, causing the player to lose control of the puck (b) Slight contact to feel the opponent’s location is made on the body but no competitive advantage is gained. (c) Contact is made on the lower portion of the opponent’s stick for the purpose of dislodging the puck Preface xiii and xiv

97 Linesman’s Responsibilities

98 Linesman’s Responsibilities
A Linesman is permitted to stop play for an injury potential minor penalty that is NOT observed by the referee. True False 503 (e)

99 Coincidental Penalties
A team’s on-ice strength does NOT change when coincidental minor penalties are assessed to each team. True False 402 (f)

100 Referee’s Responsibilities

101 Referee’s Responsibilities
At the completion of the game, the Referee determines he accidentally assessed a major plus misconduct (instead of game misconduct) for checking from behind, the correct course of action is: (a) Change the misconduct to a game misconduct on the score sheet. (b) Let the penalty stand as assessed (no action taken) (c) File a game report to the local governing body (through Local Supervisor) Rule 502 (a & e) (Rule 502 Casebook Situation 6)

102 Injured Players

103 Injured Players If play is stopped because of an apparent player injury, the player, other than the goalkeeper, is required to leave the playing area until play has resumed. True False Rule 206 (a)

104 Refusing to Start Play After a disputed call, Team A’s Head Coach refuses to put the correct number of players on the ice. The proper sequence is: (a) Bench Minor penalty, then forfiet (b) Bench Minor, then Match penalty to head coach (c) Bench Minor, suspended game and Match penalty to head coach 633 (a)

105 The End !

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