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2013-17 Playing Rule Changes Youth, Girls, Adult, & High School.

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1 2013-17 Playing Rule Changes Youth, Girls, Adult, & High School

2 2013-17 RULE CHANGES USA Hockey has moved to a four-year rule change cycle.

3 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 201(b) Defines and clarifies who may occupy a Team Bench Restricted to players and coaches on the roster Non-participating players may still occupy if they follow the guidelines listed under “Team Official” in the Glossary.

4 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 304(c)Note Focuses attention to HECC Sticker and expiration date on all helmets. All players are responsible for wearing properly certified equipment.

5 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 308(b) A coach may not use an electronic device to challenge the ruling of an official Use of tablet computers on the bench is allowed First Offence = Bench Minor If protest continues = Game Misconduct Coach may continue to use device, but if he repeats the offence the official starts with another Bench Minor

6 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 404 & 601(e) Requires a Game Misconduct to be assessed in lieu of any second Misconduct penalty to one player during the same game. Applies to all Misconduct penalties (abuse and aggressive play infractions) The Game Misconduct replaces the Misconduct and is listed on the score-sheet in place of the Misconduct.

7 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 501 Moves the description of officials’ uniform from Rule 502 Mandates all officials must properly wear a half-shield visor attached to their helmets Visor must be non-tinted Visor does not need to be HECC approved

8 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 503 Removes language that allows a referee to make linesmen drop pucks for him The rule was not necessary in the Playing Rules instead of the Manuals Procedure can still be used during three-official system games when necessary

9 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 507(c) Identifies who may occupy the Penalty Bench during a game. Restricted to penalized players and Off-Ice Officials

10 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 602 Clarifies rule difference between attempting to injure Players/Team Officials and Officials All “Attempt to Injure” any Official infractions must be penalized under Rule 601(f)1 Same penalty and procedure guidelines are followed –Match Penalty assessed –Game Report filed to District RIC in 48 hours

11 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULES 603, 607, & 620 Penalty options for Boarding, Charging, and Head Contact have been made more strict. Three options: –Minor plus Misconduct –Major plus Game Misconduct –Match The objective is to eliminate punishing and intimidating hits that are detrimental to the game

12 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 604 Changes language to establish “Body Contact” category of hockey Makes language consistent with ADM and Player Development “Learn to Check” materials

13 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 612 Clarifies where face-off is located if a puck directly enters the goal after striking an official anywhere on the ice Regardless of point of contact, the face-off is located at one of the end-zone faceoff spots near the goal the puck entered

14 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 615 Modifies fighting rule at the ADULT LEVEL ONLY Any player who removes his own or his opponent’s helmet during an altercation can be assessed a Game Misconduct

15 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 632 Removes outdated rule preventing a player from retreating back into defensive end-zone with puck if not pursued by an opponent to delay the game Rule was ignored by officials and coaches for years, therefore it was removed

16 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 637 Removes the “deliberately” requirement that allows an official to assess a Game Misconduct to a player who throws stick into occupied spectator area This places the onus and accountability entirely on the player instead of the official

17 2013-17 RULE CHANGES RULE 639 Adds the term “Slew-foot” to tripping rule to clarify penalty options

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